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Extracts from various wills proved at Chester

at Lancashire Record Office, Preston.


Richard ALLEN of Spen Moor, Radcliffe, yeoman, 1791

Henry ASHWORTH of Turton, yeoman, 1790

John ASPINWALL of Darcy Lever, gentleman, 1797

James BOOTH of Ainsworth, weaver, 1799

Ann BRADSHAW of Darcy Lever, 1781

John BRANDWOOD of Bolton, innholder, 1728 (admon)

John BROOKS of Harwood, yeoman, 1756

John BROWNE of Bolton-le-Moors, yeoman, 1802

John BURY of Sharples, yeoman, 1714

Thomas BURY, of Worsley, Agent of Trustees of late Duke of Bridgewater, Oct 6th 1813

James CHANTLER of Ainsworth, warehouseman, 1837

James CHANTLER of Eccles, cotton weaver, 1801

Samuel CHANTLER of  Pendleton, gent.,  Jul 1826 ; Jan 1827

Samuel CHANTLER  of Elton, innkeeper, 1837

Thomas CHANTLER of Pendleton, malt & hops dealer, 1829

Thomas CHANTLER of Elton, yeoman, 1837

John COOPER of Halliwell, yeoman, 1818

John FOGG of Darcy Lever, shopkeeper, 1797

Jeremiah FRANCE of Rumworth, yeoman, 1808


John FRANCE of Rumworth, yeoman, 1822

Mary FRANCE of Deane, admon, 1792

William FRANCE of Lostock, weaver, 1829

James GREEN of Farnworth, 1803, admon

Thomas GREEN of Farnworth, 1834, admon

James HARDMAN of Ainsworth, chapman, 1718 (admon)

John HARDMAN of Ainsworth, chapman,  1715 (admon)

James HEATON the elder of Heaton, 1793

John HEATON of Heaton, yeoman, 1819

Lambert HEATON the elder of Heaton, yeoman, 1793

John HOKER of Darcy Lever, yeoman 1834

Peter HOWCROFT of Radcliffe, 1805, admon

James ISHERWOOD of Little Bolton, chapman, 1781

James ISHERWOOD of Little Bolton, fustian manufacturer, 1784 (admon)

Richard KAY of Baldenston, yeoman, 1696

Thomas KENT, of Worsley, Bookkeeper, Agent to his Grace the Duke of Bridgewater, 1796

John KINDER, of Breightmet, yeoman, 1801

Jane KNOWLES of Little Bolton, widow, 1783

Robert KNOWLES of Little Bolton, 1783

James LEVER of Darcy Lever, yeoman, 1778

Lawrence LIVESEY of Halliwell (admon), 1737

Richard LOMAX of Harwood, 1779

LONGWORTH (various) see Extracts from Longworth Wills

Robert LORD of Bolton-le-Moors, 1824, liquor merchant

Elizabeth MARKLAND of Bolton-le-Moors, 1823, widow

Thomas MARKLAND of Heaton, yeoman, 1800

William MARKLAND of Heaton, yeoman, 1803

William MARKLAND of Heaton, yeoman, 1832

Thomas MATHER of Darcy Lever, weaver, 1823

John NORRIS of Farnworth, husbandman, 1768

James PENDLEBURY of Halliwell, yeoman, 1794

Jeremiah PENDLEBURY of Heaton, 1741

William PLATT of Rumworth, farmer, 1806

William POLLITT of Darcy Lever, 1819 (admon)

Edmund RISHTON of Great Lever, Yeoman, 1742

James RUSSELL of Darcy Lever, gentleman, 1774

Mary SANDIFORD alias SANDFORD of Ratcliffe, minor, 1735

John SCOWCROFT of Darcy Lever, yeoman, 1819

John SHARROCKS of Dove Bank, Darcy Lever, cotton-spinner, 1813

James SHUTTLEWORTH of Unsworth, weaver, 1800

John SHUTTLEWORTH of Poppy Thorn, Prestwich, manufacturer, 1823

Robert SHUTTLEWORTH of Hardmans Fold, Prestwich, farmer, 1824

Henry STONES of Horrocksfold, Sharples, yeoman, 1729

John STONES of Horrocks Fold, Sharples, husbandman, 1681

John STONES of Sharples, 1702, infra / admon

Margaret STONES of Bolton, widow, 1588

Mary STONES of Little Bolton, 1766

William STONES of Horroxfold, husbandman, 1724

John STREET of Pilkingtons, Radcliffe, 1814

Samuel TAYLOR of Moston, yeoman, 1664

Samuel TAYLOR of Moston, gentleman, 1775

Samuel TAYLOR of Moston, merchant, 1802

Zachariah TAYLOR of Moston, linen-weaver, 1662

Peter THORNLEY of Bolton, weaver, 1831

James THWEAT of Bolton, cotton manufacturer, 1782

TONGE (various) see Lancashire Wills Proved at Chester 1545 - 1837

John VAREY, of Worsley, Agent to the Trustees of his Grace the late Duke of Bridgewater, 7th May 1819

John WARR of Great Bolton, shopkeeper, 1806

William WARTON of Little Hulton, husbandman, 1631

Elias WHITTAKER of Ringley, Innkeeper, 1806

James WHITTAKER of Outwood, manufacturer, 1806

John WHITTAKER of Ringle Bridge, Prestwich, blacksmith, 1802

Thomas WHITTAKER of Ringley, blacksmith, 1819 (admon)

Adam WHITTEL (Whittle) of Darcy Lever, yeoman, 1724

Edmund WHITTEL (Whittle) of Darcy Lever, yeoman, 1786

Note: Henry Ashworth died in 1790, and left property in Darcy Lever under the tenure of Widow Tonge and Thomas Mather to his son Edmund Ashworth, and property in Darcy Lever under the tenure of Robert Openshaw to his daughter Alice. In 1860, Benjamin Ashworth and his sister Esther Ashworth, executors of the late Edmund Ashworth, entered into an agreement with John Seddon of Breightmet, allowing him to mine coal from under Top o'th Meadow Farm (also known as "Barlows")

William WHITTLE of Ainsworth, 1804