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[V] Tong(e) Marriages (1837-1930) : Index of all Tong(e) entries compiled and kindly contributed by Bill Tong of West Sussex (J. W. Tong). A - Z Marriages Index Page

Name Year Quarter District Spouse Surname Ref1 Ref2
Valentine James Tong 1860 September Faversham   2a 897
Vera Tonge 1921 December Barton on Irwell Edge 8c 1156
Vera Tonge 1929 December Grimsby Harlow 7a 1590
Victor Tonge 1927 September Bolton Young 8c 715
Victor C Tong 1928 June Camberwell French 1d 1584
Vida L Tong 1915 September Nottingham Smith 7b 1010
Violet B Tong 1927 September Woolwich Hawkins 1d 2717
Violet F Tong 1926 September Llanelly Morley 11a 1781
Violet H Tong 1929 December Thanet Spratt 2a 2787
Violet M Tong 1920 December Ruthin Crews 11b 659
Violet W Tong 1927 June Faversham Beal 2a 2488