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  Lancashire Record Office : Various references to Tong(e)'s in documents at LRO, taken from the A2A index.   
  1. Deeds of bargain and sale FILE - ROLL 51 - ref. QDD/51 [n.d.]
    item: Richard Medoworoft of Brieghmett, gent., & William Hardie of Harwood, yeoman, to George Tonge of Breightmet, yeoman. -- Breightmet - ref. QDD/51/F7 - date: 23 March 1654/5

  2. Manchester, Michaelmas, 1695. - ref. QSP/771
    FILE - Westhoughton -- erection of cottage on waste by Abraham Tong. - ref. QSP/771/6 - date: c1695

  3. Manchester, Midsummer, 1698. - ref. QSP/816 - Little Hulton -- swearing by James Tong of Farnworth, husbandman. - ref. QSP/816/28 - date: c1698

  4. Manchester, Midsummer, 1653. - ref. QSP/84, Bolton -- relief for Robert Tong. - ref. QSP/84/3 - date: c1653

  5. Manchester: Epiphany 1757 - ref. QSP/1742 - Farnworth to Harwood. Order for removal of Ann Tong - ref. QSP/1742/7 - date: 1757 11 Jan

  6. Recognizance Roll: Manchester, Michaelmas, 1636 - ref. QSB/1/175 - date: 1636 item: FARNWORTH & CLIFTON -- order for maintenance of bastard of Thomas Tong, shoemaker, and Joan Grundie - ref. QSB/1/175/53 - date: 1636

  7. Manchester, Easter, 1681. - ref. QSP/535 - Westhoughton -- habitation for William Tong. - ref. QSP/535/4 - date: c1681

  8. Manchester, Midsummer, 1685. - ref. QSP/604 Farnworth and Worsley -- maintenance by Ann Tong of child of Georg Seedall. - ref. QSP/604/15 - date: c1685

  9. Ince-in-Makerfield and Farnworth - bastardy of Jane Whitle and James Tong, fustianweaver. - ref. QSP/1163/6 - date: c1720

  10. Darcy Lever. Notice of intention to apply for order against Abraham Boardman, of Little Lever, wheelwright, for maintenance of his bastard son by Alice Tong, singlewoman - ref. QSP/3051/31 - date: 1836 4 Oct

  11. DDKE/2/5/6 - date: 15 Feb. 1682/3 Ralf Carlile alias Greenhalgh of Rumworth fustian weaver - clipping of coins by Edward Holme of Bolton, alehousekeeper, Ralf Holme and Abram Tong both of Westhoughton, alehousekeepers, and John Lee of Rumworth, also Thomas Grundy of Rumworth, fustian weaver

  12. ref. DDP 99 - date: 3 May 1731 Deed to declare Uses of Fine: John Whittle of Chorley, yeoman, Anne his wife, William Gradwell of Little Bolton, tobacconist, (son and heir of David Gradwell of Bolton-in-le-Moores, grocer, decd.,) and Mary his wife to John Nabbs of Heath Charnock, yeoman -- as DDP 97; and two messuages in Bolton-in-the-Moores, at the corner of Bradshawgate near the Market Cross adjoining the Swan, in the tenure of Jane Walker, William Tong...

  13. DX 548 - date: 29 Jun. 1739 Lease for 3 lives at 1d. per year: for £6.6.0: William Hulton to James Tonge of Farnworth, husbandman -- croft (1r) in Farnworth with stackyard & fold in the tenure of Jennet mother of J.T., also newly erected shippon -- for lives of Elizabeth, Margaret, & Esther, daughters of J.T. Witn: Henry Moreton, Robert Hasleden. Heraldic seal.

  14. 1635 - ref. QSB/1/159 - date: 1635 BOLTON & ASPULL -- Alexander Rothwell, "mingerater", and John Tonge, webster, bound to produce Margret Rothwell, wife of Alexander Rothwell, at next Quarter Sessions, she to keep the peace meantime to Richard Bradley and Margrett his wife - ref. QSB/1/159/37 - date: 1635

  15. Recognizance Roll: Manchester, Midsummer, 1636 - ref. QSB/1/171 - date: 1636 FARNWORTH -- Thomas Tonge, shoemaker, bastardy on Joan Grundy, midwife - ref. QSB/1/171/35 - date: 1636

  16. Farnworth -- over-assessment of Mary Tonge, widow, for windows. - ref. QSP/837/42 - date: c1699

  17. Breightmet -- bastardy of Margaret Greenhaugh and Thomas Tonge. - ref. QSP/857/23 - date: c1700/1

  18. Breightmet -- bastardy of Margret Greenhalgh and Thomas Tonge, yeoman. - ref. QSP/861/16 - date: c1701

  19. Bolton -- bastardy of Alice Parkinson and James Tonge, carpenter. - ref. QSP/865/15 - date: c1701

  20. Bolton -- bastardy of Alice Parkinson and James Tonge, carpenter. - ref. QSP/865/16 - date: c1701

  21. Farnworth -- relief for Thomas Tonge, labourer, hurt in cannel pits. - ref. QSP/893/28 - date: c1703

  22. Ainsworth and Breightmet -- bastardy of Mary Bromley and Georg Tonge, yeoman. - ref. QSP/897/26 - date: c1703

  23. Bastardy order for Elizabeth child of Mary Eaves, singlewoman, and Thomas Tonge of Great Bolton,whittawer. - ref. QSP/1541/8 - date: c1744

  24. Kearsley and Farnworth - settlement of Mary Tonge. - ref. QSP/1242/5 - date: c1725

  25. Tyldesley with Shakerley to Farnworth. Order of removal of Mary Tonge, widow, and Joseph her child - ref. QSP/2602/75 - date: 1810 22 Aug

  26. Worsley to Farnworth. Order of removal of Theophelus Tonge and Sarah and Mary his children - ref. QSP/2611/36 - date: 1811 3 Apr

  27. Worsley and Farnworth. Notice of intention of overseers of Farnworth that they do not intend to prosecute appeal against order of removal of Theophilus Tonge and his two children - ref. QSP/2615/36 - date: 1811 8 Jul

  28. BOLTON -- Robert Tonge, junior, shoemaker, to prosecute for removing battlement stones from Little Boulton bridge½ - ref. QSB/1/55/32 - date: 1629

  29. Lease for 2 lives at 2/- rent George Rigbye of the Peele, gent. to George Tonge of Hulton, collier - cottage with garden and lane, and liberty of the pasture on the Milne Hill in Little Hulton alias Lower Hulton and Worsley - for lives of Ellin wife of Thomas Rycrofte of Overhulton, husbandman, and John their eldest son. (not executed), 28 Apr. 1629 (Used as wrapper for the roll) - ref. QSB/1/59/97 - date: 1629

  30. Middle Hulton and Farnworth -- settlement of Peeter Tonge. - ref. QSP/316/19 - date: c1667/8

  31. Breightmet and Worsley -- bastardy of Alice Tonge and William Warburton, whitster. - ref. QSP/695/3 - date: c1690/1

  32. Farnworth -- relief for Raph Tonge, husbandman. - ref. QSP/796/4 - date: c1697

  33. Haulgh -- habitation for James Tonge. - ref. QSP/804/8 - date: c1697

  34. Farnworth -- locking of gate of fold of Mary Tonge, widow, to prevent cattle straying from Halshaw Moor and Walkden Moor. - ref. QSP/816/16 - date: c1698

  35. Breightmet -- habitation for George son of Robert Tonge. - ref. QSP/417/43 - date: c1674

  36. BREIGHTMET -- Robert Tonge, to keep the peace to Joseph Tonge of Boulton - ref. QSB/1/19/46 - date: 1626/7

  37. Account of payment to Samuel Tonge, Constable of Farnworth, of his expenses for attendance as witness - ref. QSP/2912/361 - date: c1829

  38. Over Hulton -- habitation for Richard Tonge. - ref. QSP/212/7 - date: c1661

  39. Little Bolton to Kearsley. Order of removal of Martha Tonge, wife of Samuel Tonge and Phebe, Robert and Betty their children - ref. QSP/2527/31 - date: 1805 4 Oct

  40. Debtors' Insolvency Papers - ref. QJB/35 FILE - Richard Tonge of Over Hulton, weaver & farmer (see QJB/35/13 below) - ref. QJB/35/4 - date: 1761

  41. OVER HULTON & BOULTON -- petition of Mary Aspinall against Robert Tonge the younger, shoemaker, father of her bastard - ref. QSB/1/139/94 - date: 1634

  42. Bolton -- conversion by Robert Tonge of money for maintenance of bastard of Ellen Ridley and John Taylior. - ref. QSP/140/16 - date: c1656/7

  43. FARNWORTH & DARCY LEVER -- James Tonge, husbandman, to keep the peace to William Scoulcroft - ref. QSB/1/235/18 - date: 1640

  44. FARNWORTH & HAULGH -- James Tonge, husbandman, bastardy on Obedience Scoulcroft - ref. QSB/1/235/30 - date: 1640

  45. ref. DDHK 5/2/39 - date: 1771 1) Alexander Tonge of Westhoughton, fustian manufacturer; James Tonge of Dublin, Kingdom of Ireland, fustian manufacturer

  46. Acknowledgment by Thomas Smith and Robert Tonge that they have committed "trespass on Halshaw Moor by cuting up the land to make Brick." Witn. T. Leigh. - ref. DDHU 13/27 - date: 27 Jun. 1782

  47. ref. DDHU 37/35 - date: 1722 Informations of David Woodward of Westhaughton, fustian-weaver (79) and Adam Hilton of Over Hilton, husbandman, (80) concerning a close held by John Tonge at Chequerbent being a bowling-green.

  48. ref. DDB 73/8 - date: 17 Dec. 1624 Marriage Agreement for £200: Richard Greene of Hyndley, nailor, and Henry Tonge of Little Hulton, chapman: for marriage of John son and heir of H.T. and Jane daughter of R.G. R.G. to convey to Henry Hampson of Hindley, yeoman, and Richard Tonge of Worsley, weaver -- messuage in Hindley.

  49. ref. DDB 73/22 - date: 13 May 1701 Acquittance: for £265: Richard Tonge the younger of Midle Hulton, blacksmith, to William Hindley of Over Hulton, innkeeper -- for messuage in Hindley (10ac) -- Heraldic seal.

  50. Pilkington and Farnworth -- settlement of Richard Tonge alias Turner, Elizabeth his wife, Richard and Edward his sons, and James Smethurst his apprentice. - ref. QSP/973/5 - date: c1708

  51. Tyldesley with Shakerley to Farnworth. Order of removal of Fanny Tonge, singlewoman - ref. QSP/2751/102 - date: 1819 20 Feb

  52. ref. DDKE/9/25/19 - date: 12 Oct. 1643 Hen. Tonge, Hulton Lane - thinks he can sell the white horse, bought by the town from Thomas Smith

  53. ref. DDKE/9/58/15 - date: 24 Jan. 1683/4 Tho. Lever, Chambre - sending James Tonge's title deed to his patch of land at Blyndshil, also some recognizances, and he is expecting bad news of his daughter in Yorkshire

  54. ref. DDL 105 - date: 10 Feb. 1661/2 Assignment of Lease: Peter Williamson of Hindley, yeoman to Henry Hulton of Hindley, yeoman and Gilbert Hulton of Hindley, yeoman, James Rigby of Westhaughton, yeoman and William Tonge of Hilton, yearnewhitter -- a cottage and a close in Hindley late in the tenure of Gilbert Hulton, decd -- leased by Thomas Culcheth of Culcheth, esq., to P.W., for lives of Gilbert, Ellizabeth and Anna, children of James Hulton of Hindley, yeoman, decd., at 2/- rent. Witn. Richard Sedden, Adam Hindley, Peter Watson. Seal.