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  Index of Lancashire Wills 1836-1856 :  Obtained by phone from the Lancashire Record Office 29 January 2004. Kindly contributed by Bill Tong of West Sussex.

Tong(e), Ann, Manchester, widow, admon Apr 1847
Tong(e), Ann, Kearsley, wife of John, admon Apr 1853
Tong(e), Elizabeth, Wallington, , admon 1831
Tong(e), Elizabeth, Salford, spinster, will Feb 1854
Tong(e), Elizabeth, Pendleton, spinster, will Sept 1855
Tong(e), Giles, Farnworth, shopkeeper, will Sept 1857
Tong(e), James, Pennington, shopkeeper, will Jan 1855
Tong(e), John, Kearsley, innkeeper, will Nov 1854
Tong(e), John, Manchester, warehouseman, will Jan 1847
Tong(e), John, Staleybridge, cotton rover, admon Jul 1848
Tong(e), John, Broughton, Registrar BMD, admon Aug 1852
Tong(e), John , Farnworth, lic.vict., will Dec 1857
Tong(e), Joseph, Bury, joiner, admon Jan 1838
Tong(e), Nancy, Barton, widow, admon Mar 1854
Tong(e), Richard, Chorlton, gentleman, will Jan 1855
Tong(e), Robert, Heaton, farmer, will Apr 1832
Tong(e), Robert, Manchester, gentleman, admon Feb 1853
Tong(e), Robert, Liverpool, portrait painter, will Jan 1857
Tong(e), Samuel, Farnworth, yeoman, will Jul 1851
Tong(e), Samuel, Bury, gentleman, will Jan 1853
Tong(e), Samuel, Manchester, grocer, will Jul 1856
Tong(e), Thomas, Salford, pawnbroker, admon Jun1832
Tong(e), Thomas, Kearsley, innkeeper, will Feb 1833
Tong(e), Thomas, Swinton, gardner, admon Feb 1834
Tong(e), Thomas, Manchester, cotton spinner, will Mar 1839
Tong(e), Thomas, Farnworth, weaver, will May 1839
Tong(e), Thomas , Bolton, weaver, admon Jul 1848
Tong(e), Thomas, Great Bolton, gentleman, will Sept 1850
Tong(e), Thomas, Farnworth, innkeeper, admon Jan 1855
Tong(e), William, Bolton, clogger, will Apr 1848
Tongue, Edward, Liverpool, labourer, admon May 1851

Tongue, George, Manchester, book keeper, admon Apr 1842
Tongue, John, Blackley, weaver, admon Feb 1833
Tongue, John, Liverpool, furniture broker, will Mar 1839
Tongue, William, Liverpool, grocer, will Mar 1839