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  Blindshill Release 1815 : Extracts from a document relating to the release of parts of the Blindhill estate in Farnworth, mentioning Henry Tonge, John Tonge and James Tonge.

Original document is at Bolton Town Hall, and is part of several packets of deeds relating to the Blindshill area, most of which is now owned by Bolton Council.

Cover Page

Dated 4th October 1815

The Devisees In Trust of the Late John Gilbert, Esquire
The Devisees In Trust of the Late Mr. Thomas Bury

RELEASE of several messuages and several closes of land in Farnworth, all (except the close called the Little Croft) being parcel of an estate called Blyndshill and the said excepted close being parcel of an Estate called New Bury.

Consideration Money - £644.

Attested Copy. 9th February, 1959. Town Clerk & Solicitor, Farnworth Corporation. Town Hall, Farnworth


Blindshill Plan 1815


  A R P . PT
Blinsell Fold     37 . 71
Great Croft 1 1   3 . 80
Little Croft     32 . 34
Dixon Green Field     21 . 23
Great Inlake     33         
Little Inlake     17 . 35
Total 3 2 24 . 42

Pages 9-10

[p9] … ALL those four messuages cottages or dwelling houses with the outbuildings gardens and appurtenances there unto belonging situate and being in Farnworth aforesaid and now or late in the possession or occupation of Ellis Crompton, John Norris, George Gray and Thomas Tonge AND ALSO ALL those five several closes fields or parcels of land or ground situate lying and being in Farnworth aforesaid and now or late in the several possessions or occupations of Thomas Tildesley, James Parkinson and Thomas Parkinson, and commonly called or known by the several name of the Great Croft and Little Croft, the Pea Field, the Dixon Green Field and the Great and Little Intack or by what other name or names the same or any of them now are or is or heretofore have or hath been called known and distinguished containing together and in the whole (including the gardens belonging to the said four messuages, cottages or dwelling houses) three acres two roods and twenty four perches of the large Cheshire Measure be the same more or less ALL which said herediments and premises hereinbefore mentioned and intended to be hearby released except the said close called the Little Croft and parcel of an Estate called Blyndhill and were (with other herediments) formerly in the possession of Henry Tonge and John Tonge or one of them and afterwards in the possession of James Tonge, who sold and conveyed the same to John Bullough, from whom the same descended to his son John Bullough and the same afterwards descended to the same John Bullough’s son John Bullough who sold and conveyed the same to the said John Gilbert the Elder, and the said excepted close called Little Croft is parcel of an estate called New Bury which was purchased from the heirs or devisees of the late Adam Davenport by the said John Gilbert the Elder, who by his last Will and Testament devised the whole to the said John Gilbert the Younger in fee and the said hereby conveyed hereditements and premises are parcel of the real estate by the said will and the said John Gilbert the Younger devised to the said James Royds Nathaniel Gould and David Birds IN TRUST to be sold as therein and hereinebefore is mentioned and are the same hereditaments and premesis which were purchased or agreed to be purchased by the said Thomas Bury subsequent to the date and execution of his said in part recited will of and from the said devisees in trust [p10] Of the said John Gilbert the Younger and the said hereby conveyed hereditaments are more particularly delineated and described in the plan affixed in the margin of these presents Together with all and singular outhouses adifices buildings barns stables shippons yards orchards gardens ways roads waters watercourses hedges ditches fences moors mosses crofts wastes commons common of pasture and turbary lights liberties easements privileges profits commodities advantages herediaments and appurtenances whatsoever to the said messuages cottages or dwellinghouses outbuildings gardens closes fields or parcels of land or ground herediments and premises hereby released or intended to be or any part or parcel thereof lying belonging or in any wise appertaining or therewith or with any part or parcel thereof was held used occupied or enjoyed or accepted reputed deemed taken or known to be part of parcel or member thereof or of any part thereof (SAVE AND EXCEPT as to the said lands and premises hereinbefore mentioned to be parcel of the Blyndshill Estate ALL mines of coal and cannel stone and other mines and minerals whatsoever as comprehended in the grant made to the late most noble Francis Duke of Bridgewater deceased his heirs and assigns for ever by certain Indentures of Lease and Release bearing the date respectively on or about the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth days of October One thousand seven hundred and sixty three and made between John Bullough of Farnworth aforesaid Chapman of the one part and the said Duke of Bridgewater of the other part