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TONGES of TONGE : Notes and Queries, The Bolton Journal, 6th March 1909.

At the survey of 1212 it was found that Gilbert de Tonge held an oxgang in Tonge. Elias de Tonge occurs in 1254 and 1288; in the latter year he held 60 acres in Tonge in socage by the ancient rent of 4s. Later it was divided, one-half being held by the Haugh or Haulgh family by a tenure variously described, and the remainder by the Hiltons, of Brindle. In later moiety was the house known as Hall in the Wood, held in the 16th century by one Brownlow, and later by a Norris. John de Tonge occurs in 1288; Ellis son of Henry de Tonge, in 1292. In 1310 John son of Ellis de Tonge, was pardoned for the death of William de Sharples. John and William de Tonge contributed towards the subsidy in 1332. In 1445-6 John Haugh and Hugh de Hilton, heirs of William Tonge, held 40 acres in socage, each rendering 2s. yearly.