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Clap Row, Darcy Lever : Information relating to the row of cottages in Darcy Lever where Peter and Mary Tonge resided in 1841, including a photograph and maps of the area.

Clap Row, Darcy Lever in the 1920s

Clap Row was a row of cottages in Darcy Lever, which was demolished some time around the 1960s, and had stood there since before 1841. They were on what used to be called Moss Lane, which by the late 1800's had been renamed to Radcliffe Road. 747 Radcliffe Road now stands where Clap Row used to be.

There appear to have been 8 cottages, as shown in the 1893 ordinance survey map.

Clap Row, Darcy Lever, Occupants on Census in 1841

In 1841 there were 8 families living in Clap Row, presumably one family per house, many of the families related to each other:

  1. Joseph & Sarah Hale, with Ann Openshaw and Robert Openshaw
  2. Peter & Mary Tonge, with their two children John & Elizabeth.
  3. Robert & Nancy Tongue, with their two children Sarah & Robert. Their other son Thomas was two doors away with his grandparents at (6).
  4. Nathaniel & Mary Warburton, parents of Betty at (5), and grandparents of Mary at (2)
  5. Joseph & Betty Horrabin, with their children Nathaniel, Martha, Joseph, William, Sarah, Hannah, Thomas, Eunice and Elizabeth. Parents of Mary at (2)
  6. Thomas & Sarah Mather, with grandson Thomas. Parents of Nancy at (3)
  7. James, Amelia, Nancy, Alice and Charlotte Fletcher
  8. John & Ann Fletcher, with children Margaret and Hannah, and Martha Crompton aged 85.

By the 1851, the housing appears to have become more cramped, with 11 families living there. This continued in 1861, with 61 people in total living in Clap Row, and one family recorded as living in the cellar.

Maps of Clap Row Site: 1847, 1893 and 2013

Below: 1847 Ordinance Survey Map
Clap Row, Darcy Lever - 1847 OS Map

Below: 1893 Ordinance Survey Map
Clap Row, Darcy Lever - 1893 OS Map

Below: 2013 Google Maps
Clap Row, Darcy Lever - Location 2013

Auction of Cottage in Clap Row Darcy Lever, 1841

Bolton Chronicle - Saturday 28 August 1841


By the order of the Assignee of the Estate and Effects of Henry Warburton, late of Sharples, in the County of Lancaster, Bleacher and Insolvent Debtor

By Mr. Hayhurst
at the house of Mr. John Brown Holden, known by the Sign of the George and Dragon, situate in Oxford Street, in Bolton-le-Moors in the said county, on Monday, the 6th day of September next, at Six o'Clock in the Evening, the undermentioned property in the following or in such other lots as may be agreed on at the time and place of sale, and subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced.

LOT I. [Property in Water Street, Little Bolton. Description not reproduced here]


All that MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE situate in Clap Row, in Darcy Lever, in the said County now in the occupation of Ann Openshaw.

This Lot is held for the residue of a term of 99 years, determinable on the death of a person now aged about 40 years.

The property may be viewed on application to the respective tenants, and further particulars obrained at our Office.

Solicitor to the Assignee.
Bolton-le-Moors, August 17th, 1841

Gas Lighting at Clap Row and Dove Bank in 1871

Extracts from a report in the Bolton Chronicle on Saturday 13 May 1871.


A meeting of the ratepayers of Darcy Lever was held at Mr. Philip Smoth's, the Farmer's Arms, for the purpose of determining whether the Lighting Act (3 and 4 Wm. IV, eap. 90) should be adopted for the township.

Darcy Lever was described as "remarkably dark township" and "dangerous to walk through the lower part of it after dark".  The gas mains did not extend into the township.  The Gas Company had declined to extend the mains to Dove-bank.

"The rate payers themselves would not like to put their hands in their pockets to extend the mains to Dove-bank and all those places where there were few inhabitants."

"Mr. BROWN said he thoroughly sympathised with the sentiments of the people from Dove-bank and Clap-row.  If they could get the mains to Dove-bank, they would light it up; but he was quite sure they would not get the township of Darcy Lever to put the mains down for the Gas Company.  Because they could not have the district lighted up from there to Dove-bank, would they not have any light at all? (Cries of "No")"

Sanitary Conditions at Clap Row in 1873

Bolton Evening News - Thursday 02 October 1873


The nuisance inspector reported the following property owners having nuisances upon their premises, namely James Mather, bleacher, Pilkington, what of privy accommodation at Dove-bank, John Livesey, labourer, Clap-row, Darcy Lever, keeping hens in his dwelling house; Robert Dundersale, tea dealer, Bolton, want of ashpit to a house in Clap-row, Darcy Lever; Nancy Tong, Clap-row, insufficient privy accommodation to house in Clap-row; William Yates, painter, Little Lever, want ot ashpits at Dove Bank; John Humle, farmer, Radcliffe, a petty at the gable end of a dwelling house at Moss-lane, Darcy Lever, and slop water undrained; Matthew Fletcher, Little Lever, want of ashpits at Dove Bank.

Bolton Evening News - Friday 25 April 1873


The acreage of Darcy Lever was 499, and the population 2,048.  Since his report in March, Mr. King stated that he had visited several other places.  As to Clap Row, the privy accomodation was insufficient, and the people said the water to be obtained was not good.  At Dove Bank the privies were in a bad state and insufficient, and the water supply deficient.  A foul midden-hole full of water from privies was to be found at Stone-row Dove Bank

Title Register in 2017

Land Registry Title Number : GM92225

1 (06.12.1976) The Leasehold land shown edged with red on the plan of the above Title filed at the Registry and being 747 Radcliffe Road, Darcy Lever, (BL3 1AN).

2 The mines and minerals excepted by the lease are excluded from this registration.

3 Short particulars of the lease(s) (or under-lease(s)) under which the land is held:

Date : 5 March 1907
Term : 999 years from 29 September 1906
Rent : 7 9s. 7d
Parties : (1) Peter Graham Gow
 (2) Job Barlow
NOTE: The lease comprises also other land

4 By an Assignment of the land in this title dated 13 May 1908 made between (1) Job Barlow and (2) Thomas Barlow the rent of 7 9s. 7d. reserved by the lease was informally apportioned as to 1 0s. 0d. to the land in this title.