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Tong(e) Burials at Deane By Bolton : James (31 entries), Ralph (15 entries) & Robert (14 entries) only.  The Registers of the Parish of Deane, Marriage, Baptisms and Burials 1751 - 1812, Index 1604 : 1613 -1812


James Tonge

Pg. No. Entry Abode Date
957 Margaret w. James Tonge Farnworth 02-Sep-1751
960 Hanna w. James Tonge Halliwell 13-Dec-1753
967 James s. Ralph Tonge Farnworth 02-Oct-1757
970 Robert s. James Tonge Farnworth 12-Jun-1759
975 Robert s. James Tonge Farnworth 18-Nov-1760
975 James s. James Tonge Farnworth 18-Nov-1760
978 Alice d. James Tonge Farnworth 19-Jan-1763
989 James s. Thomas Tonge Farnworth 05-Nov-1767
992 James Tonge Farnworth 02-Jan-1769
993 Samuel s. James Tongue Middle Hulton 23-May-1769
998 Betty d. James Tonge Farnworth 30-Jan-1771
1006 Esther d. James Tonge Farnworth 13-Mar-1774
1008 James s. Wm. Tonge Farnworth 18-Dec-1774
1016 Esther w. James Tonge Farnworth 23-Sep-1777
1020 James Tonge Farnworth 29-Apr-1779
1045 James Tonge Farnworth 15-Jun-1787
1052 James Tonge Halliwell 13-Mar-1789
1061 Thomas s. James Tong Great Lever 30-Mar-1791
1060 Thomas s. James Tong Bolton 06-Feb-1791
1062 John s. James Tong Bolton 01-Sep-1791
1067 Jenny d. James Tong Bolton 02-Dec-1792
1074 Nancy d. James Tonge Bolton 01-Nov-1794
1078 Ann d. James Tonge Bolton 12-Sep-1795
1081 Alice d. James Tonge Bolton 03-May-1796
1104 Nancy d. James Tonge Kearsley 26-Oct-1801
1113 Jane d. James Tonge Bolton 29-Sep-1803
1116 James d. [blank] Tonge Bolton 05-Mar-1804
1120 Mary d. James Tonge Farnworth 09-May-1809
1133 Ann d. James Tonge Great Lever 04-Nov-1809
1136 Thomas s. James Tonge Middle Hulton 19-Jul-1809
1149 James s. Thomas Tonge Farnworth 05-Jul-1812



Ralph Tonge

Pg. No. Entry Abode Date
967 Ralph Tonge Farnworth 10-Aug-1757
967 James s. Ralph Tong Farnworth 02-Oct-1757
979 Mary d. Ralph Tonge Halliwell 22-Aug-1763
984 Ann d. Ralph Tonge Halliwell 21-Sep-1765
989 John s. Ralph Tonge Farnworth 08-Nov-1767
994 William s. Ralph Tonge Farnworth 03-Jan -1770
995 Betty d. Ralph Tonge Halliwell 22-Feb-1770
1014 Ralph s. Ralph Tonge Farnworth 26-Mar-1777
1050 John s. Ralph Tong Halliwell 23-Aug-1788
1061 Ann w. Ralph Tonge Halliwell 21-May-1791
1065 Ralph Tong Farnworth 02-Jul-1792
1111 Phillis d. Ralph Tong Bolton 22-May-1803
1120 Ralph Tong Halliwell 11-Jun-1803
1142 Ralph Tong Bolton 29-Oct-1810
1150 Adam s. Ralph Tong Bolton 13-Dec-1812


Robert Tonge

Pg. No.

Entry Abode Date
1014 Robert Tonge Bolton 20-Feb-1777
1040 Robert s. Samuel Tonge Farnworth 29-Dec-1785
1053 Jenny w. Robert Tong Farnworth 04-Jun-1789
1058 Robt. s. Thos. Tong Farnworth 01-Nov-1790
1059 Robt. s. John Tong Farnworth 01-Dec-1790
1063 Jno. s Robt. Tong Tyldesley 22-Sep-1791
1084 Robt. s. Thos. Tong Farnworth 12-Jan-1797
1088 Jno. s. Robt. Tonge Tyldesley 02-Apr-1798
1092 Robt. s. Saml. Tonge Farnworth 19-Mar-1799
1107 Robert Tong Farnworth 13-Jun-1802
1112 John s. Robt. Tonge Farnworth 22-Jul-1803
1134 Robert s. Robert Tonge Horwich 10-Mar-1808
1142 Samuel s. Robert Tonge Horwich 30-Sep-1810
1146 Robt. Tonge Farnworth 07-Dec-1811