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  Deane Marriages 1604 - 1750 :  Marriage entries for the surname Tonge (and variants) extracted from the parish registers of St. Mary, Deane-by-Bolton.

 Extracted from a transcription of the entire register made  Lynn Ransom Burton in 2005, see the web site (link now broken).

18 Jul 1613†Wilhelmus Warton et Margareta Toounge de Lowesthulton
27 Dec 1614†Johanes Toonnge et Maria Tonnge de Fw: 27 Dec 1614
19 Jan 1619†Wilhelmus Toonnge et Maria Lighe de Fw:
2 Jan 1626†Johannes Rothwell de Farneworth et Jeneta Tonge vidua
1 Nov 1637†Johannes Haughe et Jana Tongue Boultonienses
2 Jul 1639†Radulphus Tongue et Margreta Spakeman de Farneworth
9 Mar 1640†Jacobus Tongue de Farneworth et Obedience Scowcroft, Boul:
17 Jan 1653†Wm. Partington of Lowest Hulton and Ellen Tong of Farnworth
7 Nov 1654†Thomas Tonge de Farneworth et Hannah Erlom de Litle Hulton pochia de Deane
14 May 1656†Richard Alred s. of Richard Alred of Farneworth, blacksmith, and Ester Tonge of Kirsley, both of them w'thin the pish of Deane and County of Lancr, were married by Law: Rawstorne of Newhall in the said County, Esqr., vpon the said day (According to late A
11 Jun 1665†Johannes Kay de Tongue e poch: de Bolton et Phoebe Rigby de e‚dem
5 Jul 1666†Edmundus Rishton et Anna Tongue
19 Feb 1666†Thomas Tongue et Anna Tongue de Fw:
2 Nov 1641†Nicholas Longworth et Alicia Tongue de Fw:
8 Nov 1655†Johanes Sharples de Tonge pochia de Bolton et Elizabeta Hurste de Midlehulton
20 Jul 1660†Peter Tong and Ellen Whittle both of Farneworth, married by Mr. Tilsley
22 Jul 1661†Henock Tonge and Ellen Talior of the parish of Boulton
11 Jun 1666†Johannes Tongue et Arbottle Aynsworth de Farnworth
5 Nov 1667†Petrus Tongue et Maria Grundy
17 Dec 1668†Johannes Burton et Maria Tongue
4 Oct 1669†Jacobus Alred et Elizabetha Tongue
29 Dec 1669†AEgidius Aynsworth et Margareta Tongue
2 May 1670†Johannes Higson et Margareta Tongue
27 Feb 1670†Johannes Tongue et Alicia Flitcroft de Fw:
21 May 1673†AEgidius Marsh et Elizabetha Tonge de magn‚ Bolton
26 May 1673†Johannes Tong et Maria Smethurst de Fw:
17 Aug 1673†Jacobus Tong et Anna Greene
1 Mar 1673†Johannes Taylor et Britcheta Tonge de Fw:
15 Jun 1663†Robert Parr of Worsley p: of Eckles and Elin Tonge of Litell Hulton p: of Deane
18 May 1680†Johannes Tonge et Anna Crompton
20 Apr 1681†Thomas Seddon et Izabela Tong
18 Oct 1681†Richardus Halliley et Anna Tong
27 Apr 1682†Richardus Tonge et Margareta Cookson
10 Feb 1684†Thomas Grundy et Maria Tong
27 Feb 1692†Gulielmus Hindley et Hannah Tonge paroch de Wigan
26 Jun 1693†Johannes Tonge et Anna Burgesse paroch de Eccles
5 Nov 1694†Robertus Tong et Jana Tong
28 Apr 1698†Richardus Tong et Elizabetha Baron
10 Apr 1699†Johannes Tongue et Jana Wharmby
12 Nov 1700†AEgidius Higson et Anna Tonge
11 Dec 1700†Robertus Hulme et Margareta Tonge paroch de Bolton
20 Aug 1701†Henricus Sharples et Jana Tonge
4 Nov 1701†Jacobus Tonge magn‚ de Bolton et Susanna Turner parv‚ de Bolton, paroch de Bolton
21 Jul 1702†Thomas Tonge et Martha Rigby
5 Feb 1704†Jacobus Tong et Elizabetha Aspin
23 Jul 1705†Robertus Boardman par: de Eccles et Alicia Tong
27 Aug 1705†Nathaniel Ormishaw par: de Bolton et Ann Tong
25 May 1708†Johannes Man par: de Leigh et Maria Tong
17 Aug 1708†Radulphus Tong et Margareta Morris
27 Jan 1708†Thomas Biby par de Wigan et Elizabetha Tong
10 Nov 1712†Daniel Stones et Alicia Tongue
10 Jul 1714†Thomas Aspinall et Elianor Tongue
28 Oct 1714†Gulielmus Tongue et Jana Lesiter
7 Sep 1716†Johannes Green et Eliz: Tonge
10 Nov 1720†Alexander Tonge et Alicia Greenhalgh
5 Jan 1720†Jacobus Hampson par: de Leigh et Ellena Tonge
11 Apr 1721†Thomas Worsley par: de Eccles et Margareta Tonge
11 Apr 1721†Johannes Watson et Alicia Tonge
17 Apr 1704†Johannes France et Alicia Tong
17 Feb 1707†Jacobus Marsh par: de Leigh et Ellena Tong
13 Apr 1710†Rogerus Gregory et Rebecca Tonge
16 Feb 1712†Henricus Tongue et Margareta Mason
4 Jun 1713†Richardus Garnet et Maria Tongue
3 Jul 1715†Radus Tongue et Anna Cheetham
1 Jan 1718†Gulielmus Tonge et Alicia Aldred
31 Mar 1719†Johnathan Tonge et Christian Fletcher
5 May 1719†Johannes Carlel et Margreta Tonge
13 Feb 1719†Gulielmus Irlam et Alicia Tonge
19 Apr 1720†Johannes Tonge et Jana Aldred
9 Jul 1722†Jacobus Tonge et Anna Roscoe
13 Aug 1723†Henricus Crooke et Maria Tonge
8 Aug 1726†Radus Halliwell et Christiana Tonge
22 Sep 1726†Adamus Walkden et Anna Tonge
21 Aug 1727†Gabriel Watson et Ellena Tonge
5 Dec 1727†Johannes Yate et Catherina Tonge par: de Bolton
5 Mar 1727†Robertus Edge et Elisabetha Tonge
27 Oct 1730†Johes Tonge et Maria Cockerill
6 May 1731†Thomas Tonge et Anna Peele
8 Jun 1731†Robtus Tonge et Elizabetha Smith
27 Apr 1732†Jacobus Tonge et Esthera Tonge
29 Dec 1735†John Tonge et Ann Grundy
29 Jan 1735†Wm. Cook of Eccles parish et Eliz: Tongue
6 Jun 1737†John Parkingson of Bolton parish and Margaret Tonge
8 Feb 1738†Oliver Stones and Jane Tonge
10 Jul 1739†Robert Derbyshire and Jennet Tonge
14 Sep 1740†Thomas Ridgway of Eccles parish and Ann Tonge
10 Jan 1742†James Tonge and Margaret Tilsley
15 May 1743†Laurance Grundy and Margaret Tonge
12 Jan 1743†Richard Tonge and Martha Chadwick
26 Mar 1744†George Sharples and Elizabeth Tonge
14 May 1744†Allin Boardman and Ann Tonge
21 Aug 1744†James Doodson and Isabell Tonge
25 Dec 1747†Ralph Tonge and Martha Fletcher
2 Jan 1748†Thomas Watson and Alice Tonge
5 Jan 1748†Ralph Tonge and Mary Livesey
26 Mar 1749†William Pendlebury and Sarah Tonge
19 Oct 1749†Abraham Tonge and Jane Longworth
31 Dec 1744†Thomas Tonge and Alice Stones
1 Nov 1748†James Pendlebury and Mary Tonge
28 Dec 1749†John Tonge and Sarah Watson