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  GMCRO Documents : Deeds, quitclaims and grants witnessed by Gilbert de Tonge, Ellis de Tonge and Henry de Tonge, held at Greater Manchester County Record Office - E4 Wilton Family of Heaton Hall and E7 Assheton of Middleton

E4/3/l1/29 QUITCLAIM (no date)
(1) Adam de Berewike
(2) Henry, son of(l)
(1) quitclaims to (2) all land held of William de Radcliff and of William the son of Margery in the township of (Haynisword) in (Morbethehaselum) , except (1) will hold for his lifetime the house in which (2) lived, half of 2 yards and half of one acre of land lying next to the said house. After the decease of(1) the said house with lands and yards to revert to (2)
Witnesses: John de Hanisworde
Jordan de Bosco
Thomas de Berewike
Alan his son
Ellis, son of Gilbert de Tonge
Tag and Seal

E4/3/11/30 GRANT (no date)
(1) William, son of Peter de Radeclive
(2) Adam, son of Adam of Berewic
(1) grants to (2) all his land which (I) and Peter de Radclive, his father, holds
in Aynesworth, beginning at the ditch at (Blatchahewid), and leading to
(Gorewallechahefethe) and le Brunehul, including wood, pasture and marsh
Consideration: 8 pence worth of silver annually at the Feast of St. Oswald the
Witnesses: Master Adam de Bury
Adam de Levir
Roger de Midilton
Robert de Radeclive
Alexander de Pilkinton
Thomas de Prestewiche
(Ellis), son of Adam de (Levir)
Henry de Tonghe

E4/3/1 1/33 QUITCLAIM (no date)
(1) Adam de Berewek
(2) Nicholas de Halywelle
(1) to (2) land in Paddoclathe
Witnesses: Roger de Boulton
Ellis de Tonge
Jordan de Bosco
? de Bradeshawe
Richard de Halywell
William de Bosco
Latin Tag, seal missing
Tag, seal missing
Small hole in parchment

E4/3/11/36 DEED OF GIFT (no date)
(1) Henry, son of Adam de Berwek
(2) Nicholas de Halywelle
(1) to (2) all mesne land lying between the boundary of Roger son of
Ellis de Haynysworth as far as the boundary of Roger de Medilton, and
then following that boundary as far as the ditch of Hugh de Haselum,
and thus following as far as the aforesaid boundary of the said Roger
son of Ellis; excluding the moiety of 1 acre of land which Adam, father
of (1), demised to Adam de Haselum for a term of 30 years. After 30
years half the moiety of that acre shall revert to (2) or his assigns
Consideration: 1 peppercorn at the Feast of St. Oswald the King
Witnesses: Roger de Boulton
Robert de Bradeshawe
Ellis de Tonge
Jordan de Bosco
William de Wode
Richard de Halywell Latin
Tag, seal missing

E7/7/1/1 QUITCLAIM n.d.[c.1270]
1) Lord Geoffrey de Chetham
2) Roger, son of Robert de Middleton
Of the homage and service of Robert son of Ellis de Holt and his
Heirs of the land they held of (1) in Langley.
Witnesses: Thomas de Prestwich, Alexander de Pilkington,
Roger de Pendlebury, David de Hulton, Ellis de Tong,
Adam de Lever, William de Radcliffe

E7/9/1/12 QUITCLAIM 25 Aug 1336
1) Thomas, son of Adam, son of Jordan de Birtle
2) Matilda, daughter of Roger de Middleton, formerly wife of
Thomas de Barton of Fryton
Premises: All the lands and tenements held by Adam, (1)'s
Father, in Birtle in the vill of Middleton
Witnesses: Richard de Radlciffe, Roger de Pilkington, John de
Entwhistle, John de Tong

E7/11/1/1 GIFT n.d. [c 13th cent.]
1) Adam de Berwike 
2) Henry, son of (1)
Premises: Half his lands in the vills of Harwood and Ainsworth,
Together with the house and grange he has built, for
(1)'s life, and all his lands after his death
Rent: 22d p.a. for half, 3s 9d p.a. for the whole
Consideration: 7 marks
Witnesses: Roger de Middleton, Alexander de Cuerdale, Henry
De Tong
, William de Middleton, John de Ainsworth,
Robert, brother of Eve
Endorsed "Adam de Birtle to Henry his son for his land in Birtle
And Ainsworth"