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  Great Bolton Poor Rate - 1805 : All Tong(e) entries in the Great Bolton Poor Rate Assessment Book Index - Bolton Library Ref: B901.BOL


Alice, Schofield Lane, Pg. 46
Elizabeth, Bradshawgate, Pg. 35
George, New Row, Pg. 34
H. [Henry], Crook Street, Pg. 118
James, Gaffer Street, Pg. 122
James, New Row, Pg. 45
James, Nine Houses, Pg. 24
James, Rothwell Row, Pg. 19
James, Union Buildings, Pg. 45
John, Bradshawgate, Pg. 35
John, Churchgate, Pg. 5
John, Crook Street, Pg. 81
John, New Row, Pg. 33
Mary, Begal Square, Pg. 79
Mary, Bradshaw Gate, Pg. 19
Samuel, Howell Croft, Pg. 60
Thomas, Flash Street, Pg. 82
Thomas, Old Acres, Pg. 32
William, New Row, Pg. 34