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  TONGE, John : Transcripts and extracts from various documents relating to the discharge of John Tonge of Darcy Lever, born c. 1810, from the 1st Dragoons, in 1836.  PRO Ref: WO/97/133

His Majesty's First Regt. of Dragoons

Whereof Lt. General Lord W. E. K. Somerset G.C.B. is Colonel.  No. B19 John Tonge Private, born in the Parish of Darcy Lever in or near the Town of Bolton in the County of Lancashire by Trade a Weaver.  Attested for the first Regiment of Dragoons at Manchester in the County of Lancashire on the 19th August 1829 at the Age of 19.

1st SERVICE.  AFTER the Age of 18 Years, which he is entitled to reckon up to the third of February 1836 is six years and one hundred and sixty nine days, the statement of which is as follows:

  • Regiment: 1st Dragoons
  • Promotions, Reductions, &c: [None]
  • Rank: Private
  • Period of service: 19th August 1829 - 3rd February 1836
  • Amount of service: 6 years, 169 days


2nd DISABILITY or cause of Discharge.  According to the Surgeon's report annexed it appears this is a case of lameness of the right leg succeeding to extensive ulceration attributable to constitutional causes and not the effects of military service.  The Board agrees with the opinion of the surgeon.  The conduct of this man when in Hospital has been good

3rd CHARACTER The Regimental Board is of opinion, that his conduct has been good.

4th Pay and CLOTHING.  He has received all just demands from his Entry into the Service, up to the 17th December 1835. John Tonge (signed)


General Military Hospital

Phoenix Park?



29th Jan 1836


Private John Tongue of the 1st Regiment of the Dragoons has been under my care in the General Hospital since the 19th December 1835 and has been considered unfit for services by the Surgeon General in consequence of contraction of of the muscles of the right leg, occasioned by extensive cicatrices from ulceration.  His conduct while in hospital has been good.


Henry Fisher, MD

Staff as Surgeon



Newbridge Barracks

February 3rd 1836


I certify that Private John Tonge of the Royal Dragoons is deemed unfit for further military service in consequence of lameness of the right leg succeeding to extensive ulceration.  This complaint commenced in March last at Newbridge Barracks without any known cause and is attributable to constitutional predisposition, not to the effects of military service.


His conduct while under treatment in the Regimental Hospital was at all times correct and there is no suspicion of his having aggravated his ailments or of his having used any means to impede the care.


D. Jameson M.D.

Surg. 1 Drags.



OPNION.  Of the Principal Medical Officer, at Dubiln, 16 Feb. 1836.  After a treatment of  one month in the General Hospital, I am of the opinion that Private John Tonge is unfit for service and likely to be permanently disqualified for military duty and I approve of the opinion of the surgeon.


[illegible signature]


Description of John Tonge at the time of discharge.


He is 25 Years of Age, 5 Feet, 9 Inches in Height, light Hair, Hazel Eyes, fair Complexion, By Trade a Weaver.  When he left the Regiment William Scott was the Major Serjeant of his troop.