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TONGES of Ainsworth : Ainsworth Methodist Church Archives (902.287) - Trustee Minutes, (1887 - 1900) and Sunday School Minute Books (1847 - 1977) 

Ainsworth Methodist New Connexion Sunday School Rules & Minute Book

Library Ref: NMUS/3/2/1


March 29th 1872

"Teachers Meeting March 29th 1872, Moved by Robert Brooks & Second by John Howard that Mary Tong becomes a Teacher in this school.  Unanimous."

June 22nd 1872

"Moved by Robert Brooks jnr. second by Lucy Walker that John Brooks secy., Joseph Firth Treasure, W. Brooks Hey Club Row, Isaac Walker, George Firth, Mary Tong, Nancy Shaw, Mary Tootill, Leah Walker acts as a Missionary Committee"

February 16th 1873

"Moved by George Firth sec. by Mary Tong that we have Mrs. John to give an address on the forenoon"

Saturday, April 8th 1876

"10. Moved by Joseph Firth & sec. Mary Tong that we have a Prayer Meeting in the morning at 9 oclock (carried)"

Sunday, February 18th 1877 

"Teachers Meeting Sunday Feb 18th 1877.  Moved by R. Brooks jnr. & secd. by Mary Tong that we get the Revd. John Hudton of Liverpool for our Sermons in May.  Carried.  Resolved that T. Smith of Bolton be our second man."

Saturday, October 6th 1877 

"Resolved that we have a fresh stone pipe & that R. Brooks jnr., William Holker & Chapel Keeper see to it being made right (carried by Joseph Firth & seconded by Mary Tong that we have 6 new forms with backs to." 

Tuesday, November 12th 1878

"Teachers Meeting Tuesday Nov. 12th 1878 Reolved that the following persons be admitted as Monitors in the school: Joseph Tong, Wm. Firth, Ellen Ormerod, Margt. Walker, Rebecca Woodhead...

...Resolved that Messer. Joseph Tong, Walter Brooks & John Brooks along with Misses M. A. Heys, Emily Firth & Alice Walker have the management of  Decorations...."


List of names for the Methodist New Connexion For Circulars:

  • Mr. Peter Tong, Ainsworth

  • Mr Joseph Tong, Ainsworth

Names for the circulars for the Annual School Sermony Ainsworth

  • Peter Tong

  • Joseph Tong (not required)


Need to check NMUS/3/2/3




Ainsworth Methodists Trustee Minutes, 1887 - 1900

In a meeting held May 14th 1889, the trustees resolved that they would meet for a previously planned tea-party at 3 o' clock. Tea was to be at 4.30pm. Josh. [Joseph] Tong was to have charge of the male waiters. In another meeting, the trustees planned a bazaar, through which they planned to raise enough money to put stone drains in the churches grave yard. Joseph Tong was on the Bazaar Committee. On the 10th February 1891, the Bazaar Committee held a meeting, at which various duties were assigned to the people in attendance. Wm. Brooks, Albert Tong, Josiah Haslam and Jas. Dawson were named as ticket-sellers.