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  Proclamation by the King 1775 : Members of the Tonge family who were listed in the 1775 Proclamation by the King in the London Gazette.
The London Gazette

Dec 5 - 9, 1775
Issue 11620

James Tonge (p1 col 5)
Thomas Tonge (p3 col 4)
Samuel Tonge (p3 col 6)

The Remainder of the Names of the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders, who signed the above Address, will be inserted in next Tuesday's Gazette, as will also the Addresses from Bolton in the Moor, and Blackburn, in the County Palatine of Lancaster. Several other Addresses have been presented to His Majesty, which are omitted for Want of Room, but will be inserted as soon as possible.

Dec 12 - 16, 1775
Issue 11022

Remainder of the Names of the Gentlemen, Clergy, Tradesmen, and Manufacturers, who signed the Address to His Majesty, from the Town and Neighbourhood of Bolton in the Moorse in the County Palatine of Lancaster, inserted in last Tuesday's Gazette.

William Tongue (p1 col 4)
James Tong (p2 col 1)
William Tong (p2 col 2)
Samuel Tonge (p2 col 2)
Thomas Tonge (p2 col 2)
John Tonge (p2 col 2)
Edward Tonge (p2 col 2)
James Tong (p2 col 2)
John Tongue (p3 col 2)
Peter Tongue (p3 col 3)