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  Lancashire Tonges : Misc. extracts from The Victoria History of the Counties of England: Lancashire (1966, University of London), and various volumes published by the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society (L&CAS), and the Chetham Society (CS).


In 1292 Richard son of Robert de Turton unsuccessfully claimed one tenement in Alt against Margery daughter of Robert de Alt and Robert son of Robert de Tong, and another (by writ consanguinitate) against Thomas de Ashton; Assize R. 408, m. 32, 30d

[note: Alt is in the parish of Ashton Under Lyne, and borders with Oldham)

VHCE Vol. V p38

Henry Tong of Farnworth died about [1614] seised of messuages and lands held of the lord of Manchester; John his brother and heir was twenty-six year of age. Lanc. Inq. p.m. (Rec. Soc. Lancs. & Ches.) i, 28)

VHCE Vol. V p292n

Adam de Knoll in 1347 held half a messuage by charter of his father Roger, on Adam's marriage with Alice d. Roger de Tonge; Assize R. 1435, m. 18. 252-255

VHCE Vol. V p150

William de Tonge was parker (of Musbury) in 1346; Cal. Close, 1346-9, p50

L&CAS Vol. XVII p??

Between the years 1235 and 1260, Sir. Geoffrey de Chetham released to Roger, son of Robert de Middleton, and his heirs, all the right in the homage and service of Robert, son of Elias de le Holt and his heirs, of land held of him, which is called Longley, with the appurtences. Witnesses:

  • Thomas de Prestwich
  • Alexander de Pilkington
  • Roger de Pendlebury
  • David de Hulton
  • Elias de Tonge
  • Adam de Lever
  • William de Radcliffe
Dodsworth's MS. cxlii, f1296

L&CAS Vol. XXXII p29

The minister of Hindley Chapel in 1646 was Thomas Tonge. He is said to have been the first settled minister and to have used the Prayer Book at first.

L&CAS Vol. XXXI p147

30th January 1694. Two church lays being taxed upon the township of Openshaw: Peter Tonge 3s 0d, Mathew Tonge 0s 4d

L&CAS Vol. XXXI p193

Rentaile of William Worthington Esq., Robert Tong - 8d, George Tong 8d


1732 - Beacon at Rivington. 3 paid to James Tong for goeing to Warrington for boards and for horse hire makeing 2 boxes for lime and the boards and nails.

L&CAS Vol. LXVII p58

John Tong was the father of Richard Tong(e) and William Rycroft the father of Thomas Rycroft, two Presbyterian trustees of 1685. [p47] Richard Tonge listed as Presbyterian trustee [p46] Thomas Tonge was there in 1643 [at Hindley Chapel] and left some time after 1646.

CS Vol. XIV p16n

[John Holt's] will is dated 1622 and he appoints his nephew, Edmund Hopwood Esq., and his uterine brother Sir George Tonge, (knighted at Durham 23rd April 1617), supervisors

CS Vol. XIX p65n

Robert Tonge and Ralphe Tonge are two of twenty people charged rents for land in Manchester, Harwood, Brightmeade, Bolton and Bexwicke.  2nd September 1552. Deed.

CS Vol. X p51 - Coucher Book of Whalley Abbey

Carta Gilberti de Barton de Monithornes.  Title de Eccles, present at the signing:-

  • dno Ric capello
  • dno Rogero vicario de Eccles
  • Rob. de Hulton
  • Ric. de Trafford
  • Rob. de Stokeport
  • Will. de Eccles
  • Elia de Tonge
  • Ad. de Keyan
  • Joh. de Oriel
  • Ric. le Rimour

CS Vol. X p67 - Coucher Book of Whalley Abbey

Carta Ricardi de Pendhulbury facta Ricardo de Biron de terra Westhaulghton

  • dno Galfr. de Chetham
  • dno Ad. de Bury
  • Hug. de Haseln
  • Ric. de Trafford
  • Will. Norrese
  • Rob. de Redich
  • Ric. de Perpount
  • Elia de Tonge
  • Thom. de Hulm
  • Thom. de Quikleswyk
  • Ric clerico

Record Society - Lancs. & Ches. Miscellanies

Freeholders in Lancashire in 1600

Chrus Tonge de Tonge


Subsidy Roll, Salford Hundred, 1622, Prestwich

Richard Tonge, g. in lands


Compositions for Knighthood, 1631, Hundred of Salford

Richard Tounge of Tounge, gent.


Exchquer Lay Subsidy 1332, Hundred of Blackburn

Pleasington, Alex de Thoonge


Exchequer Lay Subsudy, 1332, Hundred of Salford, Boulton

Johe de Thonge, ij s. viij d.

Will de Thonge xx d.

Chetam Soc. Lancs Inq. Henry VI - Charles Pt. 2, Vol 99

p98 Wilii de Tongg, Inq. on Sir Robert de Langton, from Mr. Hills Book, p22 (latin)

The Norris Deeds, Rec. Soc., Vol. 93, The Norris Deeds: Tockholes (abstract)

No. 1127.  3rd June 1303 - Adam de Tocholl grants to John de Tonge a plot of land in Lyvesey in Tocholl, named Hulkar.  Render an iron barbed arrow.  Elias de Tonge is one of the witnesses.

No 1127. John de Pleasington grants to John de Tonge the other half of Hulkar.  Render 7d silver

No 1128.  John de Tonge grants all land in Hulkar to Geoff de Kierdale

Lancashire Fines, Pt. 1, 1196-1307, Rec. Soc. Vol. 39, p52.

No. 25. - At Lancaster, on the Octave of St. Hilary, I I Henry III. [20th January 1227]

Between Roger de Bowelton, plaintiff, and Syward de Dukesbiri, tenant of one carucate of land with the appurtenances in Dukesbiri.

Syward acknowledged the land to be the right of Roger.  For this acknowledgement Roger granted it to him, to hold to him and his heirs, of Roger and his heirs, in perpetuity, rendering 6s. 4d. at the feast of St. Martin, for all service and demand, saving forinsec belonging to that land.  And Roger and his heirs shall aquit Syward and his heirs every year from forty pence to the chief lords of that fee forever.  Elias de Tonge was present when this concord was made, and agreed thereto.  And Roger granted to him and his heirs in perpetuity, eighteen pence of the said rent, to be received yearly at the feast of St. Martin.  And if escheats, relief or wardship shall accrue from this land, the profit so arising shall be divided between Roger and Elias and their heirs. 

Lancashire Fines, Pt. 2, 1307 - 1377, Rec. Soc., Vol. 46, p87-88

At Westminster , on the Octave of St. John the Baptist, 6 Edward III. [1st July 1332], and afterwards recorded on the Octave of St. Michael , in the said year [6th Octobver, 1332].

Between John de Tonge and Roger de Boulton, chaplain, plaintiffs, and Robert, son of Alice Deyneth, of Boulton, deforciant of 6 messuages, 2 mills, 100 acres of land, and 60 acres of meadow, 80 acres of pasture, 30 acres of wood, and 18d of rent in Great Boulton on the Moors.

John acknowledged the said tenements to be the right of Robert, for which Robert granted them to John, to have and to hold to him and the heirs of his body, of Robert and his heirs, rendering a rose at the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, in default of John's issue to remain to William del Halgh, and his issue male, in default to remain to Alexander del Halgh and his issue male, in default to remain to William, son of John de Holand, of Boulton, and his issue male, in default to to remain to Adam del Halgh and his issue male, in default to remain to Henry del Halgh and his issue male, in default to revert to Robert and his heirs.


Lancashire Assize Rolls, Pt. 1, Vol. 47, Rec. Soc., p74-75


Of persons indicted:- They say that John son of Henry de Castleton [erased], Elias de Akeden, Eva Kardunel, Henry Maynard of Tottmerden, Dobbe Macus, Simon le Piper of Chadwych, William Schayf, Hull Hudidan of Hatherwyk, Dobbe son of Thomas de Wude, John son of William de Perpunt, Adecok son of Martilia, John son of Henry Nubbe [erased], John Spadeberd, Uthred de Wereford, Pipot de Turtun, Digge de Torot, Henry le Mazun [erased], Adam de Dunandesgreue, William son of Peter de Middleton [erased], Auecok de Leuer, Roger Drake of Elleton, Adecok Orkoc, Adam Wynternot, Robert de Wydal [erased], Scaine de Elleton, Alexander his brother [erased], Dowe de Bothemes, William Springmare, Adecok Bradefot, Gouun de Asselawe [erased], Brun de Lewyneshulm, Thomas son of Matilda de Blakerode in Haselenden, Thomas Wynterm, Jordan de Quickenlawe, Geoffrey his brother [erased], Richard Hildigrim, Geoffrey de Haworth, Leucok Schayf, John Bradere of Crumpton, Alecok Boloc, Roger de Folenhurst [erased], Henry Glore, Annot de Bromihirst, Henry son of Award Bart, Roger Blacker [erased], John de Crikelston son-in-law of Peter Charite, John de Hernesden and Elecok son-in-law of Gilbert de Tonge, suspected a larcency, absconded: so all but Elecock exigent and outlawed, and Elecok to return if he will, but his chattels forfeited by his flight. 

The chattels of John son of Henry 2 marks, for which the Sherriff is to account; of Elias de Aggeden 30s. for which etc., and he had lands whence the King's year day and waste 11d.: of Dobbe Marcus 20s. etc.; of John son of Henry Nubbe mark [erased]; of Henry le Mazun 5 marks; of Adam de Dunandesgreue 2 marks; of John Spideberd 22s; of Uthred de Wereford 5 marks; of Pipot de Turtun 30s.; Dogge de Turrot had lands whereof the King's year etc. 3s.; of Luvecok Schayf 1 mark and lands whereof etc. 12d; of Auecok de Lever mark; of Ellecok 40s.; of Adecok Orecok 2s; of Adam Wynternote 1 mark; of Robert de Wydal mark; of William Springemare 40s.; of Gouin de Assele 50s.; of Roger de Falenhirst 5s.; of Annot de Bromhurst 4 marks, and lands whereof, etc. 3s [erased].  All the others had no chattels.  Later comes Richard de Butiller and pays fine 20s for William son of Peter de Radecluie to return to the peace; surety, Elias de Tonge.

Later comes Henry Torboc and pays find 2 marks for Pipot de Turtun, Dogge de Toret and Henry son of Award that they may return to the peace; surety Adam de Byri.

Lancashire Assize Rolls, Pt. 1, Vol. 47, Rec. Soc.

Andrew Thoong on p6 & p10

1246 - Elias de Tonge sworn in as juror in , and acts as a surety in the same year

1238 - Henry de Tonge, listed as juror (p155)

1285 - 22nd September, Elyas de Tonge, fined 20d for absence

p116 Alexander de Tonge, sureties fined

Pipe Roll, 41 Henry III, 1256-57, No 101

Elias de Tonge, acts as surety for William de Bradshaw

Lancashire Court Rolls, A.D. 1323-24, Vol. 41, Rec. Soc.

19 October 1325 - Perquisites of the Wapentake of Salford: Elcok de Breghtmete, because he did not have John de Tonge there, fined 4d