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  Miscellaneous marriages 1902-1929:  Tonge extracts from the St. Catherines House Index for the names Mary, Betsy, Frederick, Lily, John and Rose [Contributed by Alan Tonge of Bristol - Added 23rd November 2003]
  • TONGE Mary Jane, Mar-02, 24 years, Bolton, James Gilbert, 8C 627, Father was Henry Tonge, a Lily Tonge was a witness
  • TONGE Frederick, Sep-03, Chorlton
  • TONGE Mary Jane, Dec-03, Bury, 8C 1012
  • TONGE Mary, Jun-1904, Bolton, 8C 572
  • TONGE Betsy, Sep-1904, Bolton, 8C 684
  • TONGE Mary, Sep-1904, Bolton, 8C 605
  • TONGE Frederick, Dec-1904, Walsall
  • TONGE Frederick, Dec-1907, 34 years, Bolton, Rosannah Neville(?), 8C 697, Father was James Tonge, Grocer (Deceased)
  • TONGE Fred, Dec-1908, Bolton, 8C 485
  • TONGE Frederick, Dec-1909, Salford
  • TONGE Lily, Sep-1910, Bolton, 8C 575
  • TONGE John, Jun-1913, Sutton
  • TONGE Fred, Mar-1915, Bolton, Aspinall, 8C 507
  • TONGE Lily, Sep-1915, 24 years, Bolton, Walter Foreman, 8C 665, Father was Thomas Tonge (Deceased), Packing Case Maker
  • TONGE Mary Jane, Dec-1915, Bury, Rothwell, 8C 1262
  • TONGE Rose, Mar-1916, Dewsbury, Harrison
  • TONGE Fred, Jun-1916, Bolton, Hurst, 8C 775
  • TONGE John, Mar-1918, Bolton Goulding, 8C 602
  • TONGE Mary Jane, Jun-1918, Chorlton, Scoe?, 8C 1219
  • TONGE Lily, Mar-1920, 27 years, Bolton, William Roscoe, 8C 788, Father was Joseph Tonge who was a winess as was Ethel Tonge
  • TONGE John, Jun-1920, 27 years, Bolton, Annie Fitzsimmons, 8C 978, Father was James Edward Tonge
  • TONGE Lily, Jun-1920, Salford, Gandy, 8D 348
  • TONGE John, Dec-1921, Bolton, Pollard, 8C 672
  • TONGE John, Sep-1922, Bolton, Greenhalgh, 8C 860
  • TONGE Lily, Jun-1923, Bolton, Berry, 8C 681
  • TONGE Lily, Dec-1923, Bolton, Worsdale, 8C 681(621?)
  • TONGE Betsy, Mar-1927, Bury, Openshaw, 8C 745
  • TONGE John, Mar-1927, Bolton, Whittle, 8C 574
  • TONGE Lily, Sep-1928, Bolton, Clayton, 8C 887
  • TONGE John, Jun-29, Bolton, Wardle, 8C 894