Notes on James Tong of Farnworth, Yeoman, and others...

James Tong, Yeoman of Farnworth - Key Dates

Where was Longshaw Meadow?

Above: Rough sketch of relevant section of the 1798 Enclosure plan, over laid onto a modern day map.  The pink area is the area on the 1798 map which is marked 19A/B/C.  C is the detached section on the right hand side of Albert Road (labelled as Worsley Road on the original map, Worsley Trust on 1840s OS map).  The two "Tonges" labels are on the original map.  Albert Place and Blindshill are not shown on the original map.


Extracts From Various Wills; Markland & Melling

Will of William Markland of Heaton, proved 1803
Sons: Thomas, John, William & James
Daughters: Ellen, wife of John Scowcroft and Jane, wife of Joseph Howarth
Brother: John Markland
Thos., 1 house and stable in Great Bolton known as the Hand & Banner
John, 3 dwelling houses in Spring Gardens, No. 84 pew at New Church in Little Bolton + other
William, 5 dwelling houses in Deansgate, 1 in possession of his brother John
James, house he lives in on Bolton Moor
Ellen, house she lives in on Bolton Moor
Admon of Ann Markland of Westhoughton, widow, d. 1817 intestate
Ann Marsh, niece, wife of Robert Marsh. Ann Markland died without parents, children, grand-children, brother or sister
John Markland of Heaton, Yeoman, 1779
Son Thomas; lands in Blackrod
Son William, lands in Deansgate Bolton, purchased from Thomas Draper
Brother Thomas Markland, £10
Son of late daughter, Betty Draper, under 21
Daughter Ann Byley? Two daughters
Daughter Ellen Byley?
Daughter Mary Seddon
Son James
Daughter Jane
Will of James Melling of Edgeworth, died c. 1805
Wife Mary (d. c. 1805)
Oldest son: Richard
Son: Edmund Melling (in his Majesty’s service)
Sons: Thomas, William, James, Robert
Daughters: Betty, Hannah & Mary
Properties; Windy Harbour in Edgeworth, leased from Samuel Haydock, New Smithy in Edgeworth, leased from Thomas Thomason, Cross Keys in Little Bolton, leased from Zacharias Rushforth