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  Partington Notebooks :  Partington Notebooks, B901-PAR: References to Elias de Tonge and Henry de Tonge. Research notes of John Heaton Partington.

Have checked through Vols. 6, 7, 8, 9 and part of vol. 4.  There are many more volumes.

The following extracts were from Volume 6.  I was unable to tell from the notebooks what the original sources of the documents were, they appeared to be local deeds relating mainly to land in Farnworth, and were possibly copied from the Towneley MSS at Chetham Library, Manchester. None of the transcripts were dated, but I estimate they are all between 1220 - 1300. I have noted down the names of other people mentioned in the documents to help approximate their dates. The number in brackets was written next to each entry, and is presumably the page number in the original data source.

Helia de Tonge
Vol. 6, p58
Adam de Farnworth, Roger de Little Bolton, William de Middleton, Adam de Little Lever, Lesingus de Lever

Henrico de Tonge
Vol. 6, p74 (771)
John de Great Lever, David de Hulton, Roger son of Richard de Worsley

Elia de Tonge
Vol. 6, p75 (773)
Robert de Bradshaghe, Jordano de Bosco, John son of Adam de Lever

Elia de Tonge
Omnibus fidel b venerit
Vol. 6, p76 (774)
Roger de Bolton, Richard de Redford, Adam son of John de Great Lever, John son of Adam de Kearsley

Elia de Tonge
Vol. 6, p77 (775)
Henrico de Workedley, Richard de Redford

Elia de Tonge
Vol. 6, p79 (775-776)
John de Bury, Adam de Hulton, Richard de Radcliffe, Elias de Lever, Richard son of David de Hulton, Richard son of John de Hulton

Elia de Tonge
Vol. 6, p81 (781)
Roger son of Meredith de Hulton, Elia de Lever, Robert de Bradshaw, Jordan de Bosco, John de Ainsworth

Vol. 8, p57; Wheelers Chronicle, abstract: Jane Tong, Innkeeper of Moses Gate, 13th January 1813, sold land on Halshaw Moor, New Bury Estate and Blindsele estate (Could mean Blindshill, Farnworth.  The whole entry needs double checking)