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  Rights Over Tonge Moor, 1720 : Pierce Starkie, esq. v John Mosse, gent.  Papers of the Kenyon Family of Peel Hall, Little Hulton.  Lancashire Record Office, Ref: DDKE/acc. 7840 HMC/1184

Pierce Starkie, esq. v John Mosse, gent.

 This document relates to a dispute with regards to rights over Tonge Moor for digging sods, turves, marl and clay.  The document really deserves to be transcribed in full, but I had not the time.  It mentions an earlier document of 1673, relating to Alice Starkie, grandmother of “the said P.S.”  It also mentions Thomas Marsden and William Crook. 

 “Within Tonge there is a large Common or piece of land called Tonge Moor”

 “P.S. gives out that he is Lord of the Manor of Tonge”

 “Little Bolton in a manor, and (?) John is Lord thereof, and he and those [???] whom he [???] have time immorial held a court as Lord of the same.  But in Tonge, there never was any court held, nor any person ever claimed to be Lord of the Manor there.”

 “About 34 years ago [1686] P.S. Esq. exhibited his bill in the Chancery of the County Palentine of Lancaster ag. J.M. Lord of the Manor of Little Bolton whereby he setforth that he was seized in the demesne of fee of a capital messuage called Hall of Wood, in Tonge, and all of, or most of the messuages lands and heredities[?] in Tonge and of and in Tonge Moor within Tonge.”