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  TONGE, Robert : of Heaton.  1803 Heaton Poor Law Assessment.

JHP records in the 1803 Poor Law Assessment for Heaton the following:

Occupier Residence Assessed Rated
Robt Tonge Farm 55-9-9 4-3-3
John Longworth Farm Old Harts 17-3-6 1-5-9

I've tried to find the original source document for this, but can't; the rate books for Heaton only start at the end of the 19th century.  I've checked the neighbouring townships of Halliwell, Rumworth (1786 - 1823) and Horwich (1801 - 1810), but didn't find the above entry.  I did find in the Horwich Poor Rate (UDHo 3/11), records of a Robert Tonge, occupying a house assessed at 1-13-4, and rated at 3s 4d.  The proprietor was John Eatock, and Robert Tonge lived there in 1801, 1802 and 1803, but by November 1803 was no longer there - Ann Roscoe or John Barloe being resident there in his place.