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  St. James, Breightmet Marriages :  All Tong(u)(e) marriages between 1855 -1922 at St. James, Parish of Tonge, later Tonge-cum-Breightmet.   


Jan 1st 1859

  • Joseph Pollitt, Full, Bachelor, Bleacher, Great Lever, Father: Joseph Pollitt, Vitriol Maker
  • Elizabeth Tonge, Full, Spinster, Bleacher, Breightmet, Peter Tonge, Bleacher
  • Both sign with an X.  Witnesses Thomas Hodgson, Eliza Hodgson


Jun 25th 1864

  • John Tong, 23, Bachelor, Presser, Breightmet, Father: Peter Tong, Mangler
  • Betty Warburton, 26, Spinster, Weaver, Breightmet, Father: [blank]
  • Both sign names.  Witnesses James Tong, Martha Tong


Aug 31st 1876

  • David Cook Grandison, 25, Bachelor, Engineer, Folds Road , Little Bolton, Father: Peter Grandison, Shoemaker
  • Mary Ann Tonge, 31, Spinster, Tonge, Father: James Tonge, Painter
  • Both sign names.  Witnesses William Tonge, Sarah Ann Tonge


Apr 20th 1880

  • John Wainwright, 31?, Bachelor, Sailor, ?? Fold, Father: Stephen Wainwright, Baker
  • Mary Alice Tongue, 33?, Spinster, ?? Fold, Father: James Tongue, Carter
  • Both sign names: Samuel Marsh, Margaret Wainwright


Sept 26th 1891

  • Thomas Hargreaves, 44, Widower, Collier, Tonge, Father: John Hargreaves, Spinner
  • Nancy Tong, 41, Widow, Tonge, Father James B???, Engineer
  • Both sign names.  Witnesses: Ed. Hargreaves, Alice Holt X


June 19th 1895

  • James Worsley, 23, Bachelor, ???, Tonge Moor, James Worsley, Cabinet Maker
  • Eliza Jane Tonge, 21, Spinster, Breightmet, Father: John Tonge, Bleacher
  • Both sign names. Witnesses: Jethro Hamer, Maria Booth


Sep 19th 1896

  • Israel Tong, 44, Widower, ???, Tonge, Father: James Tong, Spinner
  • Ellen Snowden, 35, Widow, Tonge, Father: James Halstead, Greengrocer
  • Both sign names. Witnesses: John Hilton Horrocks, Desdomena Horrocks


Jun 12th 1897

  • Albert Ernest Tonge, 25, Bachelor, Packer, 39 Bury Old Road , Ainsworth, Father: Joseph Tonge, Packer
  • Elizabeth Jane Street Taylor , 22, Spinster, Top oth’ Moss Farm, Breightmet, Father: James Street Taylor , Farmer
  • Both sign names. Witnesses: Fred Tonge, Mary Annie Street Taylor


May 27th 1899

  • John Thomas Tong, 23, Bachelor, Minder, 45 Jethro Street , Tonge, Father: Israel Tong, Minder
  • Priscilla Pilkington, 22, Spinster, Weaver, 391 Bury New Road, Breightmet, Father: Richard Pilkington, Fitter
  • Both sign names.  Witnesses: Richard Nathaniel Pilkington, Sarah Acornley


Sep 15th 1906

  • Thomas Walkden, Full, Bachelor, Cotton Spinner, 60 Union Road , Tonge Moor, Father: Francis Walkden, Cotton spinner
  • Hannah Tonge, Full, Spinster, 5 Editch Grove, Father: Robert Tonge, Collier
  • Both sign names. Witnesses: J. Fisher, Jemima Pilling


Mar 26th 1910

  • Ernest Tong, 32, Bachelor, Piecer, 368 Bury Road, Father: Israel Tong, Spinner
  • Annie Urmston, 31, Spinner, 5 Kelsall Street , Father: William Urmston, deceased
  • Both sign names.  Witnesses: John William Urmston, Annie Tong


Aug 26th 1916

  • George Tong, 25, Bachelor, Soldier, Park Hall Camp, Oswetry, Father: Mathew Walsh Tong, Surveyor
  • Alice Jane Walker, 26, Spinster, 749 Bury Road, Father: James Coward Walker, Telegraphist
  • Both sign names.  Witnesses: Edgar Thornhill Bromiley, Alice Leach