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  Burials at St. Peter, Bolton-le-Moors : All Tong(e) entries extracted from the Bishops Transcripts for the period 1713 - 1745

B929 3 PET 1701 - 1720, Vol. 38 (started at 1712)

  • Dorothy Tong of L. Lever, 1-Dec-1713
  • Ann Tong of Breightmett, widow, 3-Mar-1714
  • Eliz. d. James & Ann Tong, G. Bolton, 20-Apr-1714
  • James s. James & Alice Tong, G. Bolton, 23-Jun-1715
  • Robert Tong of Great Bolton, 7-Oct-1715
  • John s. James Tong of G. Bolton, 7-Jun-1716
  • Brigett d. George Tong of Harwood, 25-Dec-1716
  • James Tong of Haulgh, 30-Oct-1717
  • Peter Tong of L. Bolton, 29-Nov-1717
  • Robert s. of Thomas & Katherine Tong of Breightmet, 31-Feb-1718
  • Rebekah, w. of Robert Tong of Harwood, 20-Nov-1718
  • Mary w. of James Tong of Breightmet, 24-Dec-1718
  • William s. of Ann Tong of G. Bolton, John Moor reputed father, 19-Jan-1719
  • Susanna w. of James Tong of G. Bolton, 25-Jan-1719
  • Thomas Tong of Breightmet, 8-Apr-1719
  • James Tong of Breightmet, 3-May-1719
  • James Tong of G. Bolton, 24-Jun-1719
  • John s. of William & Alice Tong of G. Bolton, 12-Oct-1720
  • Alice d. of Josiah & Dorothy Tong of G. Bolton, 30-Oct-1720
  • James s. James & Alice Tong of G. Bolton, 19-Apr-1721
  • Martha d. Robert & Elizabeth Tong of Harwood, 11-Oct-1721
  • Dorothy d. George & Dorothy Tong of Harwood, 25-Oct-1721

B929 3 PET 1721 - 1740

  • Peter s James & Ann Tong, weaver, of Halliwell, 8-Apr-1722
  • Alice w. William Tong, butcher, Great Bolton, 29-Apr-1722
  • Wm. s. Wm. Tong, butcher, Great Bolton, 6-Jun-1722
  • John Tong of Breightmet, weaver, 22-Nov-1722
  • Katherine Tong of Breightmet, widow, 16-Dec-1723
  • George Tong of Breightmet, Yeoman, 5-May-1725
  • Mary d. James & Alice Tong, carpenter, Great Bolton, 16-May-1725
  • Mary d. James & Alice Tong, carpenter, Great Bolton, 25-Apr-1725
  • Katherin d. Katherin Tong of Breightmet, widow, 16-Aug-1727
  • James Tong of Breightmet, weaver, 25-Aug-1727
  • John Tong of Great Bolton, weaver, 4-Sep-1727
  • Elizabeth Tong of Great Bolton, widow, 11-Sep-1727
  • Katherine w. of William Tong of Great Bolton, butcher, 22-Sep-1727
  • Elizabeth d. Robert & Elizabeth Tong, farmer of Turton, 29-Dec-1727
  • Ann Tong of Great Bolton, widow, 17-Mar-1727
  • George Tong of Harwood, weaver, 21-Aug-1728
  • Dorothy Tong of Harwood, widow, 11-Sep-1728
  • Ann Tong of Great Bolton, widow, 26-Sep-1728
  • James Tong s James & Alice Tong, carpenter, Great Bolton, 12-Nov-1728
  • Elizabeth d. Robert Tonge of Harwood, 10-Jan-1729
  • James Tong of Breight, weaver, 20-Sep-1729
  • George Tong of Breightmet, weaver, 15-Dec-1729
  • Ann Tong of Breightmet, widow, 12-Apr-1730
  • Katherin Tong of Breightmet, widow, 9-Sep-1730
  • Mary d. Robert Tong of Harwood, 4-Oct-1730
  • James s. James & Eliz. Tong, weaver, Haulgh, 19-Oct-1732
  • Robert Tong of Breightmet, mason, 22-Nov-1732
  • Ann d. Jane Tong of Breightmet, widow, 17-Feb-1732
  • Robert Tong of Elton, farmer, 1-Mar-1733
  • James, s. Jane Tong, Breightmet, widow, 28-Apr-1733
  • James Tong of Tong, wr., 20-Jul-1733
  • Seth Tong s. James & Alice Tong, carpenter, Great Bolton, 22-Jun-1735
  • Mary d. John & Mary Tong, butcher, Great Bolton, 10-Feb-1736
  • Mary w. John Tong, Great Bolton, butcher, 17-Apr-1736
  • James Tong of Harwood, 20-Jun-1736
  • Richard Tong of Tottington, Yeoman, 8-May-1737
  • John s. Thomas & Ann Tong, milnr. of Farnworth, 26-Feb-1738
  • Betty d. Alice Tong of Tong, 15-Oct-1739
  • Thos. s. James & Elizabeth Tong, wr., Great Bolton, 18-Nov-1739
  • Alice Tong, Great Bolton, widow, 16-Dec-1739
  • Margaret d. John & Eliz. Tong, wr., Great Bolton, 23-May-1740
  • Elizabeth Tong of Breightmet, 6-Mar-1741
  • John s. John Tong, soldier, Great Bolton, 6-Jun-1741

B929 3 PET 1741 - 1760 (finished at 1745)

  • Kat Tong, Breightmett, Widow, 20-Mar-1741
  • Ralph, s. Ann Tong of Haulgh, 10-Nov-1742
  • Esther, d. John & Eliz. Tong, Great Bolton, 25-Sep-1744
  • Josiah, s. John & Eliz. Tong, Great Bolton, 1-Oct-1744
  • Margaret, w. Jas. Tong of Harwood, 11-Jun-1745