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  St. Peters, Bolton-le-Moors, Marriages, 1573 - 1660 : 1573-4, 1590-1660, extracted from The Registers of the Parish Church of Bolton, edited and indexed by Archibald Sparke, 1914.
  • p239, Ellis Tonge & Margerie Lever, nup fuernt, 10-Aug-1573
  • p241, Elys Tonnge & Marye Radclyffe de Radclyffe, 20-Apr-1589
  • p241, Henrye Tonnge & Katheren Crompton, 28-Jun-1590
  • p244, John Crompton & Anne Tonnge, 20-Aug-1593
  • p244, Thomas Lever & Jonye Tonnge, 09-Jul-1593
  • p244, Rychard Tonnge Mydleton & Alys Crompton, 13-May-1593
  • p245, Willm Tongue & Jhone Jonian, 10-Jan-1595
  • p249, Edware Tonngue of Eccles Pish & Margreatt Grundie of this pish, 04-May-1602
  • p250, Richard Tonge & Marie Harpur, both of this parish, 26-Apr-1603
  • p252, John Crompton of Middleton pish & Marie Tonngue of this parish, 11-Jun-1604
  • p252, Ralph Tonngue & Jane Hilton, both of this parish, 22-Apr-1604
  • p255, Lawrence Bradshawe & Issabell Tonngue, both of this parish, 21-Dec-1605
  • p258, Rauph Tonngue & Jane Bradley, both of Middleton pish, 21-Sep-1607
  • p259, Peter Tonngue of Eccles pish & Elline Seddon of Boulton pish, 31-May-1608
  • p260, Ellis Tonngue of Boulton pish & Dorethie Brooke of Radcliffe pish, 25-Jan-1608
  • p264, James Tonngue & Margaret Crompton, both of Boulton pish, 24-Dec-1611
  • p265, Ellize Bromeley of Middleton pish & Elizabeth Tonngue of Boulton pish, 11-Dec-1612
  • p265, Richard Mazonne & Marie Tonngue, both of this parish, 31-Aug-1612
  • p271, Ellize Tongue & Issabell Entwissell, both of this parish, 16-April 1623
  • p277, Richard Tonge & Jennitt Heald, both of this parish, 27-May-1628
  • p280, Ellis Tonge & Elizabeth Robbinson, both of this parish, 29-Dec-1629
  • p282, Roger Barlow de Ratcliffe pish & Elline Tonge de Bolton pish, 27-Dec-1631
  • p286, John Cross & Alice Tonge, both of this parish, 09-Dec-1633
  • p286, Robert Halgh & Marey Tonge, both of this parish, 11-Feb-1633
  • p289, Thomas Tonge & Elline Widdow Eckells pish, lysence, 19-Jan-1635
  • p290, Thomas Tonge de Ecckells pish & Margarett Crompton de Deane pish, 5-May-1636
  • p292, James Tong & Ann Booth, this parish, 01-Nov-1638
  • p293, John Loe Berrey pish & Margarett Tonge de Deane pish, 22-Aug-1639
  • p294, Ellis Tonge & Alice Smith, this parish, 08-Apr-1640
  • p296, Wm Hulton & Marey Tonge, this parish, 27-Apr-1642
  • p297, Willyam Tonge & Alice Tunstow, this parish, 18-Jul-1643
  • p298, Henery Tong & Elizabeth Walworth, Deane pish, 04-Nov-1644
  • p298, Abraham Mather Ratliff pish & Hester Tong, this parish, 18-Nov-1644
  • p299, John Leadbetter & Alice Tong, this parish, 21-Jul-1645
  • p300, Tho: Horwich & Marey Tonge, this parish, 14-Dec-1646
  • p301, John Holliday & Marey Tonge, de Deane pish, 30-Dec-1646
  • p306, Thomas Bromiley of Breightmet & Mary Tong of the same Towne, published in the pish Church of Boulton on three sev'rall Lords dayes (viz.) on the 20th and 27th December 1657, And on the 3rd of January 1657, And were married by Mr. John Harpur (minister of gsd word) & , 06-Jan-1657