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  Tempests of Broughton : Extracts relating to the Tong family from 'The Tempests of Broughton', by M. E. Lancaster, 1987

p. v. Tempest [Note the similarity between the Tonge & Tempest Coat-of-Arms]

Tempest of Broughton

p6 - The Tempest Family

  1. Roger [Tempest] 1098
  2. Richard [Tempest] 1124-1153
  3. Roger [Tempest] 1148-1216 = Alice de Rillaston
  4. Richard [Tempest] 1173-1237 = Elena de Tong

p14 - Richard had married Elena, daughter and co-heir with Richard de Tang (Tong), whose father gave her about 90 acres of land in Bracewell and Stock on her marriage.  Their son, Richard, born about 1201, became Sir Richard Tempest, of Bracewell, the earliest known knight.

p15 - In 1251 Sir Richard [Tempest] defended his title to certain land in Stock and Bracewell against Richard de Tong, who claimed from a common ancestor, but it was finally conceded as Tempest's right.