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  Tong Coat-of-Arms : Tong Tongue and Allied Families, 1974, Edited by Rear Admiral Herald F. Stout, p. x.

ARMS EVOLVED from a plan shield and were charged and differenced later by honors bestowed.  Basically, the Tongue arms have changed but little over the period of their existence.  These arms as shown in 1530 "Flower Visitations" to the North country by "Thomas Tonge, Noreye Kynge of armys." (Harleian Society Vol. 4).  This Thomas was a King's Herald ("Clarencieux Rex Armorum") who married Susanna White, lady in waiting to two queens.  His arms were similar to others, except in tincture: "Gules, a bend argent, cottised or, between six martlets of the third."  The crest was odd: "Three ravens in a nest, beaks open, receiving manna from a cloud supra, all proper."

John Tong of Maningham, County York: Azure, a bend cotissed argent between six martlets or, a mullet for difference.  Crest: A cubit arm.  vested argent, in the hand proper an anchor fessways or. About 1614 he quartered his arms with those of Illingsworth.

Tonge of Highway, County Kent: Azure, a bend cotissed or, between six martlets of the last.  Crest: On a rock proper, a martlet rising or.

William Tonge, Esquire, of Ekisall, County Durham:  Azure, on a bend cotissed argent, between six martlets or, for difference a crescent in dexter chief point.  In 1575, tinctures changed slightly: the bend was cotissed or, the martlets argent, and the crescent was replaced with a mullet gules.  At various times, the arms were quartered with various maternal arms.

Tonge of West Thickley, Durham:  Sable (1615 azure), a bend argent cotissed or, between six martlets, a mullet gules (1615 or.)

William Tonge of Tunstall, Kent: Azure, a bend coticed or between six martlets or. Crest: On a rock proper , a martlet rising or. In 1619 the arms were quartered with Barrow.

The arms illustrated are for Tonge of Chester (1390) : Azure, a bend invected plain, cottised or, between six martlets of the last, a lion passant between two grappling irons, flukes upwards of the first.  Crest: On a wreath of the colours, in front of an arm embowed in armor, the hand proper grasping a grappling iron in bend sinister sable, a lion sejant of the last pierced in the sinister shoulder by an arrow  proper.  The French branch of de Tonge carries similar arms.