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  Tonge of Tonge, Bolton-le-Moors : Extracts from 'A History of Lancashire' Vol. 5, Salford Hundred,  Bolton-le-Moors.


Henry Tong of Farnworth died about [1614] seised of messuages and lands held of the lord of Manchester; John his brother and heir was  twenty six years of age; Lancs. Inq. p.m. (Rec. Soc. Lancs. and Ches.), i, 283.


Ellis son of Henry de Tonge unsuccessfully claimed a tenement in Great Bolton against Roger de Bolton; Assize R.408 m8, 44

About [1324] Roger de Bolton was plaintiff and defendant in suits concerning Little Bolton and Tonge, his opponent being John de Tonge



Tange 1212; Tonge 1226 and usual; Tong 1284

In 1212 it was found that Gilbert de Tonge held an oxgang of land by 4s rent1.  The estate continued in the family for some time2, for in 1346 William de Tonge was holding 60 acres in Tonge in Bolton in socage by the ancient rent of 4s3.  Later it was divided; one half being held by the Haugh or Haulgh family by a tenure variously described, and the remainder by the Hiltons of Brindle.

1. Lancs. Inq. and Extents (Rec. Soc. Lancs. and Ches.), i, 71; see also pp137, 301

2. Elias de Tonge occurs in 1254 and 1288; Inq. and Extents, i, 193, 270; in the latter year he held a third part of Duxbury.  John de Tonge also occurs in 1288; ibid. 268.  Ellis son of Henry de Tonge occurs in 1292; Assize R. 408, m. 8, 44.

3. In 1310, John son of Ellis Tonge was pardoned for the death of William de Sharples; Cal. Pat. 1307-13, p298.  He in 1324 held an oxgang by 4s. for sakes fee; Dods. MSS cxxxi, fol. 37b.  John and William de Tonge contributed to the subsidy in 1332; Exch. Lay. Subs. (Rec. Soc. Lancs. and Ches.)


[In 1338] Roger de Bolton, chaplain, claimed the manor of Haulgh in Great Bolton against Roger de Little Bolton and others.  In defense it was alleged that John de Tonge had died holding it of Roger de Little Bolton by knight's service, and his son John being a minor Roger had taken possession; Assize R. 1425, m.5.d.


Adam de Knoll [of Rivington] in 1347 held half a messuage by charter of his father Roger, on Adam's marriage to Alice daughter of Roger de Tonge; Assize R. 1435, m.180