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TONGE of Bradshawgate, Great Bolton:  Speculative family tree and notes about Tonge family who owned property in Union Buildings and New Row, Great Bolton in the early 19th century.

Family tree: Tonge of Bradshawgate, Great Bolton

The following children were baptised at St. Peters, their parents listed as either "William & Hannah" or "William & Anna".

In his 1802 will, John left three cottages in Bradshawgate.  In 1809, his son John left four cottages in Bradshawgate called "New Row", and also owned property in Union Buildings, occupied by James Tonge and Thomas Rosthone.  William Tonge in his 1847 will left property in Union Buildings.  Both Union Buildings and New Row were residences of the Tonge family, and they can be found there in various census and tax returns as follows:

    1796 1804 1811 1821 1831 1841
James Tonge New Row   Yes        
George Tonge New Row Yes Yes        
John Tonge New Row Yes Yes        
William Tonge New Row Yes Yes        
James Tonge Union Buildings Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
William Tonge Union Buildings         Yes  

Search words: William Tonge, Hannah Gledhill. John Tonge, Ann Rothwell, Mary Barrot.