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  Simon de TONGE : Simon DE TONGE, Will 14 November 1414: Medieval Kent Wills at Lambeth - Book 21 Page 64. A translation into English from Latin / French transcriptions made by Leland L. Duncan. Taken from Kent Archaeological Society web site

Family tree: Simon de Tonge of Faversham, will 1414

SEMAN DE TONGE of the Town of Feuersham [ Faversham ], 14 November 1414. To be buried in the chancel of the Holy Trinity of the parish church of Feuersham. To the fabric (fabrice) of the said church 20s. To the light of the Holy Trinity 40s. To the light of Blessed Mary 20s. I leave to nine other lights in the said church to each 3s. 4d. To each priest of the said church 2s. I leave to the deacon (diacono) of the said church 3s. 4d. To the sacrist 3s. 4d. and to the other clerk of the said church 3s. 4d. I leave to three chaplains for 10 years to celebrate in the aforesaid chancel of the Holy Trinity for my soul and the souls of Margaret my wife, Johanne and Alice late my wives and to have in memory the souls of Thomas Holbeam, Richard Eslynge, Nicholas Adam, Robert Bromston, and the souls of John and Mabil my parents, to each 10 marks viz in all £200.To each priest yearly 13s.4d. "pro hospicio eorum". I leave to Henry Pay and Isabel my daughter £40. I leave to Seman son of the said Isabel 40 marcs. 

To amending the Kings high way between the Town of Feuersham and Blobbers in the way towards Canterbury £5, and between Ospring and Feuersham 20s. 

I leave for three "Seint Gregory trentalls" to be celebrated for my soul and 11 faithful departed 9 marks. To the Friars Minors of Canterbury 5 marcs. To the fabric of the church of Throughlegh 20s. To the fabric of the church of Monketon next Eslynge (sic – no sum named). To the high altar of Preston next Feuersham 10s. of Ludenham for tithes etc. 13s. 4d. 

To each Hospital between Douore and London 12d. To John Tonge my brother £5. To Mariona Lounceford 20s. To William Barbor son of the said Mariona 5 marcs. Item I leave Lauterby 3s. 4d. (sic). To be distributed on the day of my burial £10. I leave £20 to be placed in a chest in the chancel of the Holy Trinity in the church of Feuersham to the honour of God and Saint Mary the Virgin in free and perpetual alms perpetually to remain as the wardens of the light of the Holy Trinity elected by the fraternity have the keys of the said chest, on condition that if any brother or sister of the said light have need of money I wish them to have the same, giving pledges, the same to be of greater value than the money lent them, and if the pledge be sold to a greater value, then the overplus to be paid to the brother, but so that £20 or pledges shall remain in the chest. I leave to Sir Arnold de Tonge, clerk, 10 marcs. 

To Richard Sentcler of Feuersham 5 marcs. To Johanne my sister 5 marcs. To John Baron 5 marcs. John Feuersham 5 marcs, Katherine wife of Wm. Walter 40s., Roger Reye 10 marcs, Margery his wife 20s. I leave to the sons of Johanne Okenfold 40s., and to Henry Pay £40 of the money in which he is held bound to me. To the Prior and convent of Walsyngham 20 marcs for a priest to celebrate in the chapel there of St. Mary the Virgin viz before the image of St. Mary, the first mass each week 6d. I leave to a certain woman who (cuidam mulieri) lately enfeoffed me the aforesaid Seman in the manor of Sholond 5 marcs. To Richard Combe 40s. To Philip Combe his father 40s. To Ralph Andrewe 20s. To Robert servant in the manor of Pyrie 6s. 8d. To Sir Richard Tonge clerk 40s. To the wife of Adam Sare 20s. To Robert my attendant (famulo meo) 6s. 8d. To Stephen Parker 3s. 4d. To John Botiller my attendant 6s. 8d. To John Walle 3s. 4d. To John Elyot 3s. 4d., John Hilton, Simon Erwell, John Cok my attendant. Alice my attendant (famule) 3s. 4d. each. To my attendant Katherine 6s. 8d. To Matilda my attendant 3s. 4d. I leave a vestment to the chapel of the Holy Trinity in the church of Feuersham and two chalices and a missal to remain in the said chapel for ever to the use of the said Seman and my heirs. To the church of Luddenham 3s. 4d. To the fabric of the church of Newynham 6s. 8d. I ordain 1000 masses to be celebrated between the day of my death and the month next following.

I leave my best bed to Isabel my daughter 12 silver spoons and a cup "de Mesour" the best with a cover called "Note", "ij xii de powterfessel" two brass pots a great and a small, 200 mother sheep etc. Item to Johanne late my attendant 100s now at Herteye. I leave Katherine my wife 100 marcs and chattels worth 100 marcs. I ordain the ‘plats de ferro’ standing in the hall and one ‘ketill’ in the kitchen remain in the said tenement for ever viz at Hogmarket and also "vnum fornacem de Plumbo". 

To John Steuen dwelling in the Abbey of Feuersham 20s. To Philip Benet 13s. 4d. To the high altar of Bokeland for tithes forgotten 3s. 4d. and of Newenham 3s. 4d. To Seman Howslord monk and my godson 6s. 8d. To the high altar of the church of Dauyngton 3s. 4d. To John Baron two of my best gowns with fur and a ‘Jac de Feluet unam loricam unum basnet cum vaumbras et reerbras’. To John Feuersham a "Jac de Wursted j basnet cum lorica. To Seman Chaumpayn a best ‘basnet cum vno ventello’. To the said John Baron ‘greves et quysseaux et glues de plat’. 

To the church of Eslynge viz to the fabric 13s. 4d. To the high altar of Ore 3s. 4d., and of Osprynge 3s. 4d. To John Baron brother of John Baron (sic) 40s. To be distributed amongst the poor each week on Friday in December next after my decease 6s. 4d., at the door of the church of Feuersham ‘in obulis’ for my soul. Residue to executors for pious uses. Executors Roger Reye, Arnald de Tonge clerk, John Feuersham, Wm. Barbour, Richard Seintcler and John Baron. 

No probate act. (267b Chichele I).