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  TONGE, William : born c. 1785, of Manchester.  Genealogical details and census extracts relating to the descendents of William Tonge of Manchester, a family in the brick laying trade.

Researched after being contacted by Kevin Hall of Rockingham, Ontario, Canada, who was interested in Evelyn Tonge of Manchester, wife of William Haslam.  The details on this page should be viewed as tentative rather than fact - more research needed to be certain that the tree is correct.

Family tree of William Tonge of Manchester (born c. 1795)


Garratt Street, NE Manchester
Ecc. Psh. St. Johns
Ward: New Cross
RG13-3741 p20

William Tonge, Head, M, 35, Bricksetter? (Own Account), Liverpool, Lancs. (born c. 1866)
Alice Tonge, Wife, M, 35, Manchester, Lancs
Alfred Tonge, son, S, 4, Manchester, Lancs
Archie Tonge, son, S, 12 months, Manchester, Lancs (born 1899)
Alice Tonge, daur, S, 13, Manchester, Lancs
Eveline Tonge, daur, S, 8, Manchester, Lancs (born 1892)
Florence Tonge, daur, S, 6, Manchester, Lancs


87 Garratt Street, Manchester
RG12/3232 p34

William Tonge, Head, M, 25, Bricklayer's labourer, Liverpool, Lancs
Alice Tonge, Wife, M, 26, Manchester, Lancs
Alice Tonge, daur, S, 3, Manchester, Lancs
William C. Tonge, son, S, 1 month, Manchester, Lancs


36 Butler St., Manchester
RG11/3980/43 p3

Maria TONGE, Head, Wid., 57, Manchester, Bricklayer Employing 6 Men
William TONGE, Son, M, 38, Manchester, Carter
James TONGE, Son, U, 18, Manchester, Clerk
William TONGE, Grandson, U, 16, Liverpool, Bricklayers Labourer
Sarah Ann TONGE, Grand Daur, 12, Liverpool, Scholar
George TONGE, Grandson, Male, 10, Liverpool, Scholar
Wm. CUNNINGHAM, Boarder, U, 59, Manchester, Bricklayers Labourer
John Wm. HOUGH, Boarder, U, 16, Manchester, Bricklayers Labourer

14 Ward St, Manchester
RG11/3980/92 p23

Lucy TONGE, Head, W, 55, Manchester, Umbrella Maker
Edward TONGE, Son, U, 23, Manchester, Iron Moulder
William TONGE, Son, U, 15, Manchester, Umbrella Maker


7 The Potteries, Toxteth Park, Liverpool
RG10-3802 p56

William Tonge, Head, M, 29, Carter, Manchester
Sarah Tonge, Wife, M, 29, Factory operative, Manchester
John Tonge, Son, U, 7, Scholar, Manchester
William Tonge, Son, U, 5, Scholar, Liverpool
Sarah A. Tonge, Daur, U, 2, Liverpool
George Tonge, Son, U, 3 months, Liverpool

53 Howe Street, Everton, Liverpool
RG10-3815 p17 fol. 13

Maria Tonge, Head, Wid., 50, Housekeeper, Liverpool
Martha Tonge, daur, U, 18, Liverpool
Thomas Potter, Brother, U, 54, Painter, Liverpool
Samuel Tonge, Nephew, U, 20, Painter, Liverpool
Sarah Potter, Niece, 10, Servant, Liverpool

54 Richmond Street, Manchester
RG10/4029 - folio: 105 p25

Edward Tonge, Head, M, 55, Bricklayer, Manchester
Lucy Tonge, Wife, M, 44, Manchester
Elizabeth Tonge, Daur, U, 19, Cotton operative, Manchester
Edward Tonge, Son, 13, Apprentice to a moulder, Manchester
William Tonge, Son, 3, Manchester
Louisa Tonge, Daur, 15, Cotton operative, Manchester
Ann Bailey, Boarder, W, 34, Cotton piecer, Manchester
William Felmey, Son in law, M, 23, Mechanic for engineer, Manchester
Mary A. Felmey, Daur, M, 23, Manchester


50 Richmond Street, Manchester
RG9-2929 fol. 22

John Tonge, Head, M, 38, Brick layer labourer, Manchester
Maria Tonge, Wife, M, 37, Weaver cotton, Manchester
William Tonge, Son, U, 18, Carter, Manchester
Mary Jane Tonge, Daur, U, 17, Winder Cotton, Manchester
George Tonge, Son, 13, Lury? Lad Carter, Manchester
John Tonge, Son, 7, Scholar, Manchester
Elizabeth Tonge, Daur, 4, Scholar, Manchester
Margaret Tonge, Mother, Wid., 80, Housekeeper, Wales, Holyhead
William Cunningham, Lodger, U, 40, Labourer Brick Makers, Manchester

54 Richmond Street, Manchester

Edward Tonge, Head, M, 45, Brick layer, Manchester
Lucey Tonge, Wife, M, 45, Umberella maker, Preston
Mary Ann Tonge, Daur, U, 14, Weaver cotton, Manchester
Eliza Tonge, Daur, 11, Scholar, Manchester
Elizabeth Tonge, Daur, 10, Scholar, Manchester
Louisa Tonge, Daur, 5, Scholar, Manchester
Edward Tonge, Son, 3, Scholar, Manchester
Patrick Ra? Whelan, Lodger, M, 21, Printer, Dublin, Ireland
Elizabeth Ra? Whelan, Wife, M, Dublin, Ireland


52 Richmond Street, Ancoats, Manchester
HO107/2225 folio: 522 p36

John Tonge, Head, M, 28, Bricksetters Labourer, Manchester
Maria Tonge, Wife, M, 27, Steam loom weaver, Adrwick, Manchester
William Tonge, Son, U, 8, Scholar, Manchester
George Tonge, Son, U, 3, At home, Manchester

53 Leigh Street East, Ancoats, Manchester
HO107/2225, folio: 516, p25

Edward Tonge, Head, M, 36, Bricklayers labourer, Manchester
Lucy Tonge, Wife, M, 26, Domestic duties, Manchester
Mary Ann Tonge, Daur, U, 4, At home, Manchester
Eliza Tonge, daur, U, 1, At home, Manchester

Woolden Strand, Ancoats, Manchester
HO107/2226, folio: 219, p37

Joseph Bowker, Head, M, 30, Bobbin turner, Manchester
Martha Bowker, Wife, M, 30, Manchester
William Bowker, Son, U, 10, Manchester
Peter Bowker, Son, U, 9, Manchester
Jane Bowker, Daur, U, 5, Manchester
Henry Bowker, Wifes Brother?, 28, Fly Finish, Manchester
William Tonge, Relative, M, 66, Manchester
Margarat Tonge, Wife, M, 66, Wales