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  Tong(e) Wills & Admons 1858-1879 : Extracts of Tong(e) entries compiled and kindly contributed by Bill Tong of West Sussex (J. W. Tong):  abridged extracts taken from the Index held by the Probate Department of the Principle Registry Office of the Family Division – Somerset House and latterly High Holborn.


John Tong – d. 1 April 1858, of Hardwicke, Herefordshire, farmer – by the oaths of Richard Hawkins, farmer and James George Woodhouse, gentleman.


Charles Tonge – d. 16 March 1859, of Lincoln, farmer – by the oaths of Edward Paddison of Ingleby and Elizabeth Tonge, spinster and sister.

Catherine Tonge – d. 8 February 1853, of Great Lever, Lancashire, wife of John Tonge – to the said John Tonge.

Mary Tonge – d. 27 December 1858, of Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, wife of George Tonge – to the said George Tonge, gentleman.

William Tonge – d. 19 March 1859, of Crowle, Lincolnshire, widower – to Robert Tonge, solicitor of Great Driffield, Yorkshire, one of the sons.


Sarah Tong – d. 20 February 1860, of Dewsbury, Yorkshire, widow – by the oath of William Lockwood Hemingway, clothier, nephew.

Sarah Tong – d. 5 January 1860, of North Leverton, Nottinghamshire, spinster – to Thomas Tong of Beckingham, gentleman and William Nicholson of Eastville near Boston, Lincolnshire, gentleman, cousins-german.

Daniel Tonge – d. 28 July 1860, of Crowle, Lincolnshire, joiner – by the oath of Esther Tonge, widow.

John Tonge – d. 28 October 1859, of Lingfield, Surrey – by the oath of William John Tonge,son.


Elizabeth Maw Tonge – d. 21 October 1860, of Great Driffield, Yorkshire – by the oath of Mary Bursall Tonge, spinster and sister.

James Tonge – d. 3 May 1861, of Pendleton Lancashire, toll contractor – by the oaths of Edmund Holden of Bolton, Lancashire, coach proprietor and Robert Guest of Pendleton, Lancashire, commercial clerk and bookkeeper.

James Tonge – d. 21 June 1861, of Farnworth, Lancashire, shopkeeper- by the oaths of Samuel Tonge of Farnworth, sub postmaster, Giles Tonge, beer seller, James Tonge, locomotive foreman, the sons and Mary Tonge, spinster and daughter, all of Farnworth.

John Tonge – d. 23 March 1852, of Hoxton, Middlesex – left unadministered by Mary Tonge, widow – to Sarah Izzatt of Kennington Lane, Surrey, one of the children.

John Tonge – d. 3 September 1860, of Little Bolton, Lancashire, cotton waste dealer – by the oath of Elizabeth Kay Bolton, wife of Richard Bolton, mechanic, of Little Bolton, daughter.

Mary Tonge – d. 26 November 1860, of Liverpool, widow – by the oaths of Henry John Ward of Liverpool, steam boat proprietor and Henry Hulme, surgeon, nephew.


David Tong – d. 1 November 1862, of Keyingham, East Riding of Yorkshire, tailor – by the oath of Suddaby Tong of Sutton, East Riding, cowkeeper, brother.

John Tong – d. 28 September 1861, of Rixton, Lancashire, farmer – by the oaths of Nancy Tong, widow and Thomas Jones of Warburton, Cheshire.

Thomas Tong – d. 17 May 1852, late of Scarborough, formerly of Dewsbury, Yorkshire, gentleman – by the oaths of Joseph Tweedale Rawsthorne and Charles Edward Rhodes.

John Tonge – d. 23 February 1862, of Rumworth, Lancashire, shopkeeper and beerseller – by the oath of Esther Tonge, widow.

John Tonge – d. 28 April 1862, late of Shaldon, Devonshire, formerly of Manchester, engineer – by the oaths of Martha Hope Ireland of Shaldon, widow, sister and James Godfrey of Teignmouth.

Esther Tonge – d. 6 August 1862, of Rumworth, Lancashire, widow – to Alice Baxter of Rumworth, spinster, one of the children.


Anne Tonge – d. 12 May 1863, of Greenheyes, Manchester, widow – by the oath of Walter Richard Critchley, merchant.

Catherine Tonge – d. 5 June 1863, of Lincoln, widow – by the oaths of Morris Tonge, farmer and Susan Tonge, spinster.

John Tonge – d. 11 November 1862, of Lincoln, gentleman – by the oaths of Edward Paddison of Ingleby, farmer and Thurston George Dale, gentleman.

Richard Tonge – d. 3 January 1863, of Birmingham, wire worker – to Jane Tonge, widow.


Eliza Tonge – d. 3 November 1863, of Alford, Lincolnshire, widow – by the oaths of Robert Uredale West MD and Frederick Jackson Rhodes,solicitor.

Madeline Tonge – d. 8 October 1864, of Higher Broughton, Lancashire – by the oath of Frederick Ashe of Moss Side, Manchester, merchant’s clerk.

Martha Tonge – d. 15 January 1864, of Pendleton and Pendlebury and later Southport, all of Lancashire – by the oaths of Thomas Halton of Salford, grocer and Edward Rogers of Daveyhulme, farmer.

Mary Ann Tonge – d. 28 October 1864, of Camden Town, Middlesex, late of Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, widow – by the oath of Thomas William Forbes of Hampstead, esq.

William Tonge esq – d. 6 July 1863, of Chevening, Kent – by the oaths of James Lake of Teynham, Kent, esquire, Thomas Waring of Sundridge, Kent and George Lake, Lincolns Inn, Middlesex, gentleman.

Elijah Tonge – d. 14 August 1855, formerly of Heaton, Lancashire, late of New Jersey, USA, woodsman, widower – to Anne Tonge of Halliwell, Lancashire, spinster, daughter. (full transcipt)

George Tonge – d. 28 October 1863, of Stockport, Cheshire, innkeeper – to Mary Tonge, widow.


James Tong – d. 6 June 1865, of Farnworth, Lancashire, shopkeeper – by the oaths of John Tong, shopkeeper and Livsey Tong, shopkeeper, both of Farnworth, the sons.

Charles Tonge – d. 7 January 1865, of Branston, Lincolnshire, esquire – by the oaths of Frances Jane Tonge of Richmond, Surrey, widow and Joseph Tonge of Stapleford, Lincolnshire, farmer and brother and Edward Paddison of Ingleby, farmer.

Charles William Tonge – d. 9 August 1865, of Liverpool, beerseller – by the oath of Dennis Barker of Liverpool, printer.

Ellen Tonge – d. 27 November 1864, of Farnworth, Lancashire, widow – by the oath of Samuel Tonge, of the post office Farnworth, postmaster, nephew.

Joseph Tonge – d. 8 June 1865, of Stapleford, Lincolnshire, gentleman – by the oaths of Edward Tonge of North Collingham, Nottinghamshire, gentleman and George Tonge, of Hyde Park Gardens, Middlesex, merchant, brothers and Charles Foster Paddison of Stapleford, gentleman, nephew.

Nancy Tonge – d. 7 January 1865, of Tonge, Lancashire, widow – by the oath of James Tonge of Tonge, blacksmith.

Mary Tong(e) – d. 24 November 1848, of Queenborough, Kent, widow – to Stephen Tong(e) of Minster, looker, son.

Ann Tonge – d. 1 November 1862, of Hulme, Manchester, wife of John Tonge – to the said John Tonge, smith.


Hannah Tong – d. 21 July 1866, of Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, late of Barrow on Soar, Leicestershire – by the oaths of Benjamin Gray of Loughborough, gentleman and John Henry Gray, printer.

William Tong – d. 31 July 1866, of Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire – by the oaths of William Standring of Failsworth, Lancashire, farmer and John Taylor of Ashton under Lyne, provision dealer.

Betty Tonge – d. 18 September 1865, of Farnworth, Lancashire, widow – by the oaths of John Hopwood Tonge of Farnworth, Lancashire, innkeeper, the son and Lucy Sharp, wife of George Spencer Sharp, ironmonger, of Bolton, the daughter.


Sophia Tong – d. 16 September 1867, of Chartham, Kent, formerly Gidman, wife of Joseph Tong – to the said Joseph Tong, superannuated sawyer.

Augustus Henry Tonge – d. 4 February 1867, of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, esquire – by the oath of Louis Charles Henry Tonge, Captain RN.

Joshua Tonge – d. 21 November 1866, of Dukinfield, Cheshire, provision dealer – by the oath of Mary Tonge, widow.

Thomas Tonge – d.10 February 1867, of Newton, Manchester, gentleman – by the oaths of John Bradbury, beerhouse keeper, nephew and Alice Barnes, spinster.


Livsey Tong – d. 9 April 1868, of Farnworth, Lancashire, shopkeeper – by the oaths of John Tong of Farnworth, shopkeeper, the brother and Joseph Eckersley of Kearsley, cashier.

Thomas Tong – d. 17 November 1867, of Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, gentleman – by the oath of Ann Haselwood Tong, widow.

Charlotte Tonge – d. 7 January 1868, of New Sleaford, Lincolnshire, spinster – by the oaths of Charles Rodgers, solicitor and William Bell Baldwick, farmer.

Esther Tonge – d. 15 February 1868, of Holbeach, Lincolnshire, widow – by the oath of Mary Holah, wife of George Holah, gentleman, daughter.

Thomas Tonge – d. 31 March 1868, formally of South Beach, Blackpool, late of Bolton, Lancashire, gentleman – by the oath Thomas Tonge of Bolton, engineer, son.

William Tonge – d. 14 January 1868, of Hulme, Manchester, baker – by the oaths of Robert Poole of Manchester, baker and Robert Burns of Manchester, accountant.


Alice Tong – d. 28 January 1869, of Dean, Lancashire, spinster – by the oath of John William Frankland of Chowbent, Lancashire, student of arts.

David Tong – d. 1 June 1869, of Brigg, Lincolnshire, stock jobber – by the oaths of Robert Leeson Tong of Laceby, Lincolnshire, butcher and David Tong of Great Grimsby, butcher, sons.

Giles Tonge – d. 4 June 1869, of Farnworth, Lancashire, licensed victualler – by the oaths of James Fletcher of Farnworth, farmer and John Crompton of Farnworth, farmer.

Richard Tonge – 27 January 1869, of Ardwick, Manchester, silk finisher – to James Tonge, silk finisher, the son.

Sarah Tonge – d. 11 July 1869, late of Bowden, formerly of Baguley, Cheshire, spinster – by the oath of Richard Tonge, warehouseman.

William Tonge – d. 3 February 1869 – of Bedwardine, Worcestershire, bookseller – by the oath of Julia Tonge,widow.

Mary Tonge – d. 13 June 1855, of Stockwith, Nottinghamshire, wife of Richard Tonge – to John Woolfitt Tonge, ropemaker.

Richard Tonge – d. 4 June 1866, of Stockwith, Nottinghamshire, widower, baker – to John Woolfitt Tonge, ropemaker, son.

Robert Tonge – d. 7 April 1869, of Crayford Kent, widower, blockprinter – to James Tonge of Chadderton, near Manchester, son.


Peter Tong – d. 14 December 1869, of Deane, Lancashire, farmer – by the oaths of William Tong of Bolton, Lancashire, brewer, son and Thomas Wood of Deane, farmer.

Thomas Tong – d. 17 October 1870, of Lincoln, cattledealer – by the oaths of Richard Taylor of Lincoln, gentleman, William Manby of Lincoln, solicitor and James Quibell, baker.

James Scawin Tonge – d. 27 September 1870, of York, chemist and druggist – by the oaths of Robert Wilson of York, innkeeper, William Routledge of York, bankmanager and Frederick Bell of York, architect.

John Peter Tonge – d. 6 August 1870, of Wimbledon, Surrey – by the oath of Eleanor Elizabeth Tonge, spinster, sister.

Joseph Tonge – d. 1 December 1869, of Boston Lincolnshire, gentleman – by the oaths of William Tonge, farmer, son and George William Thomas, gentleman.


Charlotte Augusta Tonge – d. 21 May 1866, of Bournemouth, wife of Louis Charles Henry Tonge, Captain RN – to the said Louis Charles Henry Tonge.

George Tonge – d. 10 February 1871, of Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, yeoman – to Charles Tonge of Ahton under Mersey, labourer, son.

Ralph Tonge – d. 1 January 1871, of Chorlton upon Medlock, near Manchester – by Ralph Tonge, coachbuilder, son and Elizabeth Ann Roberts, daughter.


Mary Tong – d. 18 January 1872, of Bolton, Lancashire, draper, widow – to William Walsh of Hulme Manchester, warehouseman, the uncle and guardian of Lucy Alice Tong, spinster and Matthew Walsh Tong, minors and of Margaret Ellen Tong, spinster, an infant, the children and only next of kin.

Thomas Tong – d. 7 February 1872, formerly of Radcliffe, late of Elton both in Lancashire – by John Hill of Radcliffe, stripper and grinder and Lonsdale Eckersley of Elton, overlooker of mule spinners.

James Tonge – d. 16 July 1872, of Liverpool, engineer – to Margaret Tonge, widow.

Mary Bursall Tonge – d. 27 September 1872, of Great Driffield, Yorkshire, spinster – by William Tonge of Birkenhead, ship broker, nephew.

Robert Tonge – d. 8 November 1871, of Hull, grocer – by Ann Isabella Tonge, widow and Francis Jackson of Hull, seedcrusher.

Robert Tonge – d. 13 September 1872, of Stockport, Cheshire, gentleman – by Ann Tonge, widow and John Beswick of Stockport, painter and guilder.


Charles John Tong – d. 15 March 1873, of Walthamstow, Essex, bricklayer – by Eunice Martha Tong, widow.

James Tong – d. 12 March 1873, of Bolton, Lancashire, beerhouse keeper – by Margaret Tong, widow.

Edward Tonge – d. 19 March 1873, of North Cottingham, Nottinghamshire, gentleman – by George Tonge of Brighton, Sussex, brother, Lawrence Ridge of Grantham, Lincolnshire and Charles Foster Paddison of Stapleford, Lincolnshire, nephews.

James Fletcher Tonge – d. 24 May 1873, of Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire, esquire – by Richard Tonge of Manchester, manufacturer, Samuel Henry Tonge of Sowerby Bridge, cornmiller and Christopher Tonge, manufacturer, sons.

John Tonge – d. 14 October 1872, of Salford, Lancashire, foreman in a warehouse – by James Tonge of Ashton on Mersey, Cheshire, gardener, brother and Robert Hartley, dyer.

John Tonge – d. 20 January 1873, of Hulme, Manchester, smith and beerseller – by John Randle of Hulme, manager of smallware manufactory and Joseph Williams, contractor.

John Tonge – d. 16 February 1873, of Irlam, Lancashire, farmer – by William Taylor of Davyhulme, market gardener and John Barber of Chorlton upon Medlock, engraver.

John Tonge – d. 8 August 1873, of Farnworth, Lancashire, beer retailer – to Ann Tonge, widow.


Isaac Tong – d. 7 March 1874, of Armley, Leeds, commercial traveller – to David Tong of Dewsbury, weaver, grandfather and guardian of Annie Gertrude Tong, spinster and Arthur Tong, minors and of David William Stapleton Tong, an infant, the children and only next of kin.

James Ashton Tong – d. 17 December 1873, otherwise James Ashton, of Bolton Lancashire, licensed victualler – by Ellen Ashton Tong, widow,Thomas Heywood,beer seller and James Lord the younger of Bolton, iron founder.

Mary Tong – d. 27 August 1874, of Scarborough, Yorkshire, widow – by Edward Spink Midgley, gentleman, son.

Thomas Tong – d. 4 August 1874, of Wrawby, Lincolnshire, innkeeper – by Mary Tong, widow and George Tong, innkeeper, son.

William Tong – d. 17 March 1873, of Bolton, Lancashire, milliner – by Alice Tong, widow.

Charles Tonge – d. 11 December 1873, of Spalding, Lincolnshire – by Charles Rodgers, attorney and Henry Ingoldby, accountant.

Gervas Tonge – d. 24 April 1874, of Bottesford, Lincolnshire, ferryman – to Elizabeth Tonge, widow.

James Tonge – d. 25 April 1874, of Salford, Lancashire, pawnbroker – to Alice Tonge, the relict.

John Tonge – d. 31 December 1873, of Bugsworth, Derby, calico printer – by Elizabeth Smith, wife of Christopher Smith, papermaker of Chinley and John Smith of Hayfield, papermaker.

Morris Tonge – d. 27 April 1874, of Charlton Le Moorland, Lincolnshire, farmer – by James Burn, farmer and Poole Reynolds, chemist and druggist.

Samuel Tonge – d. 13 March 1874, of Kearsley, Lancashire, licensed victualler – by James Tonge of Farnworth, locomotive foreman, the brother and John Hopwood of Great Lever, yeoman.


John Tong – d. 12 January 1875, of Waltham, Lincolnshire, farmer – to Cecilia Tong, widow.

Robert Tong – d. 13 September 1875, of Farnworth, Lancashire, beer seller – to Mary Tong, widow.

Ann Tonge – d. 22 January 1875, of Farnworth, Lancashire, widow – to Thomas Tonge of Pendlebury, beer retailer.

Charles Edward Tonge – d. 21 May 1875, Carlton Le Moorland, Lincolnshire, draper’s assistant, bachelor – to Morris Tonge of Thrussington, farmer, brother.

Julia Tonge – d. 26 June 1874, of Withington, Lancashire, spinster – to Francis Whitaker of The Duchy of Lancaster office, solicitor.

Margaret Tonge – d. 3 July 1875, of Liverpool, widow – to Mary Anne Sheehan, widow, guardian of Margaret Alice Tonge, spinster, a minor, daughter.

Ralph Tonge – d. 6 March 1875, of Chorlton upon Medlock, Lancashire, gentleman – by John Smyth of Chorlton, bookkeeper and Elizabeth Ann Roberts, widow, sister.

Richard Tonge – d. 6 October 1874, of Hull and Newark upon Trent, gentleman – to Mary Ann Tonge, widow.

Edmund Tonge – d. 5 July 1875, of Preston, Lancashire, gentleman – to Alice Tonge, widow.


David Tong – d. 29 May 1876, of Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire, catttle dealer – by Ann Tong, widow.

Jonathan Tong – d.12 April 1875, of Great Bolton, Lancashire, gentleman – by Ralph Tong of Bedford Leigh Brewery, brother and Adam Grundy, Superintendent of the Night Scavenging Department, Bolton Corporation.

Ann Tonge – d. 14 February 1876, of Stockport, Cheshire, widow – to James Rigby of Doncaster, surgeon, brother.

Susan Tonge – d. 19 January 1876, of New Sleaford, Lincolnshire, spinster – by Charles Rodgers of New Sleaford, solicitor and William Bell Baldwick, farmer.

Thomas Tonge – d. 6 November 1876, of Pentonville, Middlesex – by Charles Tonge of Woolwich, carpenter, brother.


Benjamin Tonge – d. 20 August 1875, of Gravesend, Kent, gentleman – by Mary Ann Bursall Tonge, spinster, daughter.

Charles Tonge – d. 23 March 1877, of Southport, Lancashire, draper – by Benjamin Mullineux of Bolton, mule spinner and William Wright, labourer and Mercy Tonge, widow.

Edward Tonge – d. 13 March 1875, of the Strand, London, gentleman – by George Alcock, commission agent.

James Tonge – d. 8 April 1877, of Tonge, Lancashire, blacksmith – by Joseph Ashworth of Middleton, auctioneer and John Whitehead of Chadderton, planer.

Sarah Tonge – d. 29 March 1877, of Swinton, Lancashire, widow – to Thomas Williams of Manchester, police constable, the son.


Henry Tong – d. 4 December 1877, of Boughton under the Blean, Kent, sand dealer – by Mary Tong, widow.

John Rice Tong – d. 13 November 1877, of Flushing, Cornwall, Registrar of Births and Deaths – by Wallace John Tong, schoolmaster, son and Emma Jane Tong, spinster and daughter.

Ann Tonge – d. 12 November 1878, of Chorlton on Medlock, Manchester, widow – to Elizabeth Ann Smyth, wife of John Smyth, daughter.

Charles Tonge – d.20 July 1878, of Winton near Manchester, iron planer – by Ann Tonge of Patricroft near Manchester and Sarah Tonge, spinsters and daughters.

Elizabeth Tonge – d. 19 November 1878, of Maidstone, Kent, spinster – by George Tonge, gentleman, brother.

George Robert Tonge – d. 7 September 1878, formerly of Rotherhithe, Kent late of Christchurch, Hampshire, grocer and tea dealer – by Susan Caroline Tonge, widow.

James Scawin Tonge – d. 27 September 1870, of York, chemist and druggist – to Robert Tonge, bankers clerk, guardian of Margaret Annie Scawin Tonge, spinster and James Christopher Scawin Tonge, Robert Arthur Scawin Tonge, William Scawin Tonge, minors, children.

Thomas George Tonge – d. 23 November 1877, of Stratford, Essex, gentleman – by Sarah Hare Tonge, widow.


James Tong – d. 29 January 1876, of Prestwich cum Oldham, Lancashire, coalminer – to Sarah Grainger, wife of Joseph Grainger, formerly Tong, widow.

John Tong – d. 30 November 1878, of New Barnet, Hertfordshire, gentleman – by Caroline Tong, widow.

Mary Tong – d. 28 December 1878, of Wrawby, Lincolnshire – to George Tong, yeoman, son.