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  Tong(e) Wills & Admons 1880-1899 : Extracts of Tong(e) entries compiled and kindly contributed by Bill Tong of West Sussex (J. W. Tong):  abridged extracts taken from the Index held by the Probate Department of the Principle Registry Office of the Family Division Somerset House and latterly High Holborn.


Eliza Tong d. 10 April 1880, of Dewsbury, Yorkshire, spinster by Jane Taylor, widow and Ellen Tong, spinster, sisters and Thomas Denham, linen draper.

Samuel Tong d. 24 March 1880, otherwise Tonge, of Middleton, Lancashire, block printer by Priscilla Tonge, widow.

Ann Tonge d. 12 November 1878, of Chorlton on Medlock, Manchester, widow left unadministered by Elizabeth Ann Smyth, daughter, to Ellen Winward, granddaughter.

Betty Tonge d. 7 December 1880, of Stockport, Cheshire, widow to Thomas Pott, insurance agent, brother.

Robert Tonge d. 12 May 1880, of Timberland Dales, Lincolnshire, farmer to Ann Tonge, widow.


Jonathan Tong d. 5 June 1881,in Milan, Italy, of Salford, Lancashire, cotton yarn agent by Edward Broadhurst of Kearsal, flax spinner and Roger Rowson Ross of Greenheyes, Manchester, yarn agent.

Nancy Tong d. 4 march 1881, of Darcy Lever, Bolton, Lancashire, widow by William Tong of Heaton, Lancashire, coachman and Peter Tong of Darcy Lever, engine tenter, the sons.

Stephen Tong d. 19 November 1880, of Woodchurch, Kent, farmer by Charlotte Tong, widow and David Godden, wheelwright.

Betty Tonge d. 15 September 1881, of Bury, Lancashire, wife of George Tonge to the said George Tonge, labourer.

Daniel Edward Tonge d. 14 June 1879, of Chicago, Illinois,USA,machinist, bachelor to John Gordon of Stockport, Cheshire, lumber merchant, uncle and guardian of James Albert Gordon Tonge, a minor, brother, only next of kin.

Matilda Tonge d. 25 September 1861, of Beaufort, Victoria, Australia, wife of William Tonge to John Riley of Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, gentleman.

William Tonge d. 1 March 1866, of Beaufort, Victoria, Australia, chemist see Matilda above.


Edmund Tong d. 27 April 1881, in Bombay, India, of New Barnet, Hertfordshire to Caroline Tong, widow, mother and only next of kin.

Ashton Tonge d. 30 November, 1881, of St Leonards on Sea, Sussex to Harriet England, widow.

Elizabeth Tonge d. 20 May 1882, of Ingleby, Lincolnshire, spinster by Edward Paddison and Charles Foster Paddison, farmers.

George Tonge d. 10 January 1882, of Sittingbourne, Kent, gentleman by Alicia Stunt Tonge and John Henry Tonge, cornfactor, son.

John William Tonge d. 10 January 1882, of Bellfield, near Rochdale, Lancashire, cotton operator, widower to John Tonge of Rochdale, plumber, son.

Robert Tonge d. 28 July 1882, of Egerton, near Bolton, Lancashire, carder by Robert Tonge, son and Henry Kay, quarryman.

Sarah Adelaide Tonge d. 19 June 1882, of Stretford, Lancashire, wife of Robert Tonge to Nellie Hadfield of Manchester, spinster and Elizabeth Smith of Manchester.


Margaret Tong d. 3 October 1883, of Bolton, Lancashire, widow by Elizabeth Edge, wife of James Edge, the daughter, Adam Grundy of Bolton, master of the night soil men for Bolton Corporation and William Flitcroft of Bolton, beerseller.

Daniel Tonge d. 14 April 1879, late of Chicago, Illinois, USA, machinist to William Warburton of Manchester, solicitor, attorney to James Albert Gordon Tonge, son, residing in Chicago.

Frances Martha Tonge d. 6 April 1883 of Southampton, widow by John Cowdery, Officer of the Inland Revenue.

John Hopwood Tonge d. 2 October 1883, of Great Lever and Farnworth, Lancashire, gentleman by Edward Crompton of Birmingham, locomotive superintendent LNER and James Yardley of Farnworth, licensed victualler.


Ellen Tong d. 27 February 1884, of Rochdale , late of Oldham, Lancashire, widow by Ellen Tomlinson of Oldham, spinster, the granddaughter and Joseph Lees of Ramsbottam, cemetry registrar.

Alice Tonge d. 15 December 1883, of Farnworth. Lancashire, widow by John Ridyard Walkden, landagent and Thomas Shaw of Great Lever, shopkeeper.

James Tonge d. 6 December 1883, of Ramsbottom, Lancashire, coal dealer by Richard Tonge of Ramsbottom, cotton operator, brother and Emmanuel Houghton Ellison, estate agent clerk.

John Tonge d. 26 February 1884, of Middleton, Lancashire, shop keeper by Alice Tonge, widow.

Peter Tonge d. 6 August 1882, of Great Lever Hall Fold, gentleman by John Shuttleworth of Great Lever, underlooker.


Betty Tonge d. 29 November 1885, of Farnworth, Lancashire, widow by Joseph Lomax and William Lomax, engineers, brothers.

Elizabeth Tonge d. 15 May 1885, of Southport, Lancashire, spinster by Louisa Swindell of Southport, spinster and John Pendleton the younger of Cheetham, builder.


Betty Tong d. 8 August 1886, of Farnworth, Lancashire, widow by Daniel Bryers of Southport, formerly a mill manager.

Edmund Tong d. 10 October 1885, of Westgate, Lincoln, implement maker to Betsy Ann Tong, widow.

Mary Tong d. 19 March 1886, of Bolton, Lancashire, spinster to Elizabeth Stott, wife of Thomas Stott of Bolton, sister and one of the next of kin.

William Tong d. 4 January 1886, of Stoke Prior, Worcester, miller by Mary Ann Tong, widow and Sarah Ellen Tong, spinster, daughter.

John Tonge d. 24 July 1886, of Bolton Lancashire, bookkeeper by Emma Tonge, widow.

John Tonge d. 17 May 1886, of Radcliffe, Lancashire by Joseph Tonge and Thomas Tonge, carriers, sons.

Nancy Tonge d. 20 June 1885, of Rixton, Lancashire, widow by Thomas Tonge and Mark Tonge, farmers, sons.

Robert Tonge d. 11 January 1886, of Great Driffield, Yorkshire, solicitor by George Broderick Tonge, solicitor, son.

William Morton Tonge d. 12 December 1878, of Mildenhall, Suffolk, gentleman by Odden Frederick Read, solicitor.


Suddaby Tong d. 31 January 1887, of Keyingham, East Riding, Yorkshire, gentleman by Joseph Tong, tailor, nephew and Edward Wright, farmer of Sutton Ings, Holderness.

Harriet Tonge d. 16 April 1887, of Hereford, widow by George Cosbourn Davies, innkeeper and Charles Whiting, nurseryman.

James Tonge d. 7 December 1886, of Ashton on Mersey, Cheshire, labourer by Isaac Tonge of Carrington, retired railway officer and Job Tonge of Old Trafford, Manchester, railway officer, brothers.

John Tonge d. 8 January 1887, of Middle Hulton, Bolton, Lancashire, shop keeper by Margaret Tonge, widow and Alice Makin, niece.

John Tonge d. 10 January 1887, of Bolton Lancashire, carder by Mary Ann Tonge, widow.

John Tonge d. 2 July 1887, of Kingston upon Hull by Henry Tonge of Grimsby, Lincolnshire, joiner, son and Mary Jefferson Wedgewood, widow, daughter.

Mary Ann Tonge d. 10 April 1887, of Brinnington, Cheshire and Heaton Norris, Lancashire, widow by William Longton of Stockport, cashier, William Charlesworth of Stockport, accountant and Joseph Barlow of Heaton Norris, licensed victualler.

Rebecca Tonge d. 31 January 1887, of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, widow by Martha Todd Radway, wife of William Radway, sister.

Robert Tonge d. 24 May1887, of Liverpool, army agent, widower to William Tonge of Seaforth, Lancashire, army agent, son and one of the next of kin.

Robert Tonge d. 10 December 1886, of Epworth, Lincolnshire, yeoman by Sarah Tonge, widow.

Sarah Tonge d. 31 March 1887, of Little Hulton, Bolton, Lancashire, widow by Joseph Hall of Walkden, Lancashire, insurance agent and Charles Rushton of Little Hulton, draper.


Alice Tong d. 28 December 1887, of Bolton, Lancashire, widow by Hannah Tong and Alice Tong, spinsters, daughters.

Eliza Tong d. 31 January 1888, of Chorlton on Medlock, Lancashire, widow to William Forbes Hurst of Birmingham, army pensioner, brother, one of the next of kin.

John Tong d. 24 August 1888, of Gravesend, Kent, licensed victualler to Hannah Rebecca Tong, widow.

Joseph Tong d. 8 September 1888, of Dunkirk, Kent, farmer to Ann Tong, widow.

Henry Tonge d. 3 May 1888, of Oldham, Lancashire, joiner to Sarah Elizabeth Tonge, widow.

Noah Tonge d. 3 July 1888, of Bolton, Lancashire, brushmaker to Mary Ann Tonge, widow.

William Tonge d. 24 April 1888, of Walcot Dales, Lincolnshire, cottager to Frances Tonge, widow.


James Tong d. 7 June 1889, of Hoxton, Middlesex to Agnes Tong, widow.

Margaret Tong d. 8 November 1889, of Bolton, Lancashire, widow to Sarah Gerrard, wife of Miles Gerrard, of Bolton, daughter and only next of kin.

William Tong d. 17 August 1889, of Gillingham, Kent, bricklayer to Eliza Ann Tong, spinster and daughter.

Richard Tonge d. 25 March 1889, of Lincoln, gentleman by George John Widdicombe, gentleman and James Dixon Goy, dentist.

William Tonge d. 4 February 1889, of Timperley, Cheshire, publican by Elizabeth Tonge, widow and Samuel Lamb, gardener.


Walter Tong d. 5 November 1889, of Deptford, Kent by John Tong of Ashford, Kent, bricklayer, brother and John Hooker of Smarden, Kent, cattle dealer.

Ann Tonge d. 26 February 1890, of Haslington, Cheshire, widow by Ebenezer Shuker, joiner, nephew.

Rebecca Horner Tonge d. 6 December 1889, of Bath, Somerset, spinster by Lucy Blanche Bruce, wife of Robert Bruce.


George Tong d. 14 February 1889, of Shifnal, Shropshire, licensed victualler to Ann Tong, widow.

John Tong d. 30 May 1891, of Tottenham, Middlesex by Jane Elizabeth Winepress, wife of Thomas Winepress, daughter and John William Tong, builder, son.

Marion Tong d. 13 May 1887, of Regents Park, London, spinster to Frederick Tong, manager to a brush manufacturer, brother.

Ellen Tonge d. 6 October 1891, of Farnworth, Lancashire, spinster by Simeon Molyneux of Farnworth, goods guard.

Frances Ann Tonge d. 18 March 1888, of Bolton, Lancashire, widow to Amelia Emily Tonge of Bolton, spinster and only next of kin.

Gertrude Mary Tonge d. 11 September 1890, of Great Driffield, Yorkshire, spinster to George Broderick Tonge, solicitor, father.

James Tonge d. 8 March 1890, of South Reddish, Lancashire by Sarah Tonge, widow.

Morris Tonge MD d. 19 February 1891, of Harrow, Middlesex, widower to George Tonge, grandfather and guardian of Mary Isabel Tonge, spinster, George Ernest Morris Tonge and Charles Percival Tonge, minors, children and only next of kin.

Ralph Tonge d. 22 December 1890, of Leigh, Lancashire by James Yates, butcher and Thomas Rigby Greenough of Leigh, auctioneer.

Robert Tonge d. 6 June 1891, of Rochdale Lancashire to Emma Tonge, widow.

Sarah Tonge d. 29 January 1891, of Hulme, Manchester, spinster - by John Worthington of Hulme, labourer, great nephew.

Thomas Tonge d. 17 March 1891, of Epworth, Lincolnshire, carpenter to Mary Elizabeth Tonge, widow.

William John Tonge d. 17 April 1891, of Chevening, Kent by Anne Penelope Tonge, widow and Edward Newman Knocker, gentleman.


William Tong d. 27 May 1891, of Bolton, The Diamond Brewery, brewer to Peter Tong, Thomas Barlow Tong and William Tong, brewers.

James Christopher Scawin Tonge d. 8 August 1892, of Chorlton cum Hardy, Lancashire, stationer and dealer in fancy goods to Helen Tonge, widow.

John Tonge d. 13 January 1892, of Manchester, warehouseman to James Meadowcroft Hampson, merchants buyer.

John Tonge d. 26 March 1892, of Farnworth, Lancashire, provision dealer to John Tonge and John Young, colliers.

Margaret Tonge d. 25 May 1892, of Middlesex, widow to Ramsey Harman, colonel and Edward Stone, solicitor.

William Tonge d. 24 April 1888, of Walcot Dales, Lincolnshire, cottager to William Tonge, foreman. (Former grant 1888).

William Henry Tonge d. 28 January 1892, of Great Lever, Bolton, cashier to Jane Tonge, widow.


Ann Haselwood Tong d. 3 November 1892, of Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, widow to William Charles Tong, farmer.

Edward Greenhaulgh Tong(e) d. 6 April 1893, of Bolton, Lancashire, - to Martha Tong(e), widow.

James Stanford Tong d. 14 January 1893, of Sheerness, Kent, joiner to Charlotte Tong, widow.

Martha Emily Tong d. 29 April 1891, of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, wife of Thomas Tong to the said Thomas Tong, poulterer.

Ann Tonge d. 30 December 1891, of Rixton, Lancashire, wife of Joseph Tonge to the said Joseph Tonge.

Dinely Fowler Tonge d. 26 June 1893 (Calcutta, India), engineer to Gilbert Augustus Tonge, tea merchant.

Mary Isabel Tonge d. 12 April 1893, of Harrow, Middlesex, spinster to George Tonge esquire.

Morris Tonge MD d. 19 February 1891, of Harrow, Middlesex to George Tonge Tonge esquire and subsequently to George Ernest Morris Tonge, undergraduate.

Ralph Tonge d. 28 June 1893, of Bolton, Lancashire to Betty Tonge, widow.


Edwin Richards Tong d. 8 December 1893, of Bodmin, Cornwall, labourer to George Thomas Tong, retired steward.

George Thomas Tong d. 2 May 1894, of Falmouth, Cornwall, mariner to Elizabeth Ann Yeoman, spinster.

Hannah Rebecca Tong d. 6 May 1894, of Gravesend, Kent, widow to Frederick Charles Tong, barman.

Mary Tong d. 12 September 1894, of Bolton Lancashire, widow to Mary Ann Tong, spinster.

Ashton Tonge d. 26 April 1894, of Swinton, Lancashire to Thomas Tonge, colliery manager and William Greatrix, wheelwright.

Ellen Tonge d. 13 October 1894, of Tonge, Lancashire, wife of James Tonge to James Tonge, brassmoulder.

George Wilde Tonge d. 11 April 1894, of Stalybridge, Cheshire, butcher to Jane Tonge, widow.

Mary Tonge d. 28 May 1893, of Great Driffield, Yorkshire, wife of George Broderick Tonge to the said George Broderick Tonge, solicitor.

Mary Isabel Tonge d. 12 April 1893, of Harrow, Middlesex, spinster to George Ernest Morris Tonge, undergraduate.

Thomas Tonge d. 2 November 1894, of Carrington, Cheshire to Isaac Tonge, gentleman and Isaac Royle, farm labourer.

William Howarth Tonge d. 29 August 1894, of Tonge, Lancashire, iron turner to James Tonge, brass moulder.


Jane Tong d. 17 February 1895, of Tottenham, Middlesex, widow to Jane Elizabeth Winepress, wife of Thomas Winepress.

John Tong d. 13 March 1895, of Hull, Yorkshire, coal wharf foreman to Alice Tong, widow and William Smith, estate agent.

Mary Tong d. 21 June 1895, of Dewsbury, Yorkshire, widow to Joshua Dransfield, innkeeper.

Isaac Tonge d. 20 May 1895, of Carrington, Cheshire, farm labourer to Susannah Tonge, wife of Job Tonge.

James Crawshaw Tonge d. 21 December 1894, of Dukinfield, Cheshire to Sarah Tonge, widow.

Joseph Tonge d. 27 October 1894, of Ashton under Mersey, Cheshire, gentleman to Richard Tonge, gentleman and Hannah Tonge, widow.

Louis Charles Henry Tonge d. 9 January 1895, of Silchester, Berkshire, retired captain RN to Francis Henry Tonge, army captain (rtd).

Mary Tonge d. 14 November 1895, of Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire, wife of William Tonge to William Tonge, painter and Mary Emma Tonge, spinster.

Richard Tonge d. 30 January 1895, of Wigan, Lancashire to John Birchall, innkeeper.

The Reverend Richard Tonge d. 1 March 1895, of Chorlton cum Hardy, Lancashire to Louisa Margaret Tonge, widow.

Samuel Henry Tonge d. 12 February 1895, of Northop, Flintshire, cornmiller to Arthur Reginald Tonge, gentleman.

William Tonge d. 18 November 1894, of Manchester, warehouseman to William Henry Tonge and Charles Stanford Tonge, clerks to Messrs Ralli brothers, merchants and Alfred Tonge, clerk to Messrs Robert Barbour & Bros, merchant.


Cornelius Tong d. 29 February 1896, of Immingham, Lincolnshire, shepherd to Elizabeth Markham, wife of William Markham and to Charles Tong, shepherd.

David Garratt Tong d. 17 June 1896, of Pinner, Middlesex, carpenter to Sarah Letitia Tong, widow.

Edward Tong d. 28 August 1896, of Dewsbury, Yorkshire to Sarah Jane Spurr, wife of Watson Spurr.

Ellen Tong d. 13 November 1896, of Bolton, Lancashire, widow to Rachel Briercliffe, wife of Robert Briercliffe, to Ellen Cordingly, wife of John Cordingly, to Thomas Albert Tong, otherwise Thomas Albert Tong Ashton, innkeepeers manager and Walter John Redford, solicitors clerk.

James Albert Tong d. 24 February 1895, of Deptford, Kent, carpenter to Miriam Louisa Tong, widow.

John William Tong d. 17 July 1893, of Tottenham, Middlesex, builder to Emmeline Castleton Roebuck Tong, widow.

Mary Tong d. 15 January 1896, of Bolton, Lancashire, widow to Daniel Duke, licensed victualler.

Ann Tonge d. 1 May 1896, of Boston, Lincolnshire, widow to Jane Melbourne, widow.

James Tonge d. 23 November 1888, of Farnworth, Lancashire, locomotive driver to Mary Jane Tonge, widow.

Mary Tonge d. 17 November 1895, of Farnworth, Lancashire, widow to Ann Owen, widow and Elizabeth Bradshaw, wife of Henry Bradshaw and Lucy Holt, spinster.

Mary Ann Tonge d. 5 August 1896, of Bolton, Lancashire, widow to Mary Jane Howarth, wife of William Henry Howarth.

Thomas Tonge d. 14 June 1896, of Radcliffe, Lancashire to David Settle, collier.

Thomas Tonge d. 23 August 1895, of Bolton, Lancashire, engineer to Thomas Tonge, engineer.


Robert Leeson Tong d. 29 September 1897, of Riby, Lincolnshire, farmer to Susannah Smith Tong, widow, David Herbert Tong, farmer and Robert Tong, butcher.

William Tong d. 12 October 1896, of Hoxton, Middlesex to Lydia Ward, wife of Richard Ward.

Ann Tonge d. 1 October 1897, of Crowle, Lincolnshire to Alfred William Cundall, solicitor and George Cundall, merchant.

Maria Tonge d. 17 March 1897, of Manchester, widow to George Tonge, contractor and James Tonge, clerk and collector.

Richard Fletcher Christmas Tonge d. 24 February 1897, of Swinton, Manchester, engineer and machinist to Harry Entwhistle, secretary to Lancaster and Tonge Ltd and Joseph Butterworth, engineering works manager.

Sarah Tonge d. 26 May 1896, of South Reddish, Lancashire, widow to Joseph Potter, builders merchant.


Alfred Tong d. 28 November 1898, of Herne Hill, Kent, dealer to Benjamin Thomas, surveyor.

George Tong d. 24 February 1898, of Waddington, Lincolnshire, farmer to Robert Tong, farmer.

James Thomas Tong d. 25 May 1898, of Blackpool, Lancashire, commercial clerk to Jane Tong, widow.

William Tong d. 2 January 1898, of Harrietsham, Kent, dealer to Arthur Tong, bricklayer and William George Tong, dealer.

Alicia Stunt Tonge d. 18 February 1898, of Sittingbourne, Kent, widow to the Reverend George Tonge and George Wineh, solicitor.

Ann Tonge d. 8 December 1869, of Brighton, Sussex, wife of George Tonge to the said George Tonge, gentleman.

Charlotte Warwick Tonge d. 23 June 1898, of Stockport, Cheshire, wife of Joshua Tonge to the said Joshua Tonge, jeweller and licensed victualler.

Joshua William Tonge d. 8 February 1898, of Staleybridge, Cheshire, corn dealer to Maria Lavinia Tonge, widow.

Mary Tonge d. 22 December 1897, of Birkdale, Lancashire, wife of Percival Tonge to Alfred Leicester, corn merchant, Henry Percival Tonge, ship broker and Frank Woodhouse Tonge, gentleman.

Mary Ann Tonge d. 10 June 1898, of Kearsal, Lancashire, widow to James Tonge, grey cloth agent.

Lucy Tonge d. 22 February 1898, of London, widow to Elizabeth Ann Fenn, wife of Ephraim Thompson Fenn.

Sarah Tonge d. 18 August 1898, of Chadderton, Lancashire, wife of James Tonge to Charles Tonge, iron moulder.


Ann Tong d. 24 February 1899, of Shifnal, Shropshire, widow to Elizabeth Davies, widow and Benjamin Farmer, accountant.

George Tong d. 15 July 1899, of Deptford, Kent to Mary Ann Tong, widow.

John Tong d. 13 September 1899,of Faversham, Kent to William Winford Tong, gentleman and Frank Prosser, bankers clerk.

Sarah Tong d. 10 February 1899, of Bury, Lancashire, spinster to Joseph Bridle Wike, joiner and James Wike, mechanic.

Eleanor Elizabeth Tonge d. 22 March 1899, of Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, spinster to William Brown Barrie, esquire.

Elizabeth Tonge d. 24 May 1899, of Sale, Cheshire, widow to Thomas Tonge, cab driver.

George Tonge d. 18 April 1899, of Manchester, builder and contractor to Mary Ellen Tonge, widow.

Richard Tonge d. 26 July 1899, of Ramsbottom, Lancashire to Ann Tonge, widow and James Riley Tonge, grocer.

Sarah Ann Tonge d. 7 May 1899, of Manchester, wife of William Tonge to the said William Tonge, dairyman.