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  Tong(e) Wills & Admons 1900-1919 : Extracts of Tong(e) entries compiled and kindly contributed by Bill Tong of West Sussex (J. W. Tong):  abridged extracts taken from the Index held by the Probate Department of the Principle Registry Office of the Family Division Somerset House and latterly High Holborn.


Mary Ann Tong d. 5 December 1900, of Deptford, Kent, widow to Edwin Fishly Eddy, blacksmith and Arthur Bradley, customhouse officer.

Miriam Louisa Tong d. 7 November 1900, of Deptford, Kent, widow to Asa Tong, shipping clerk.

William Winford Tong d. 31 December 1899, of Faversham, Kent to Frank Crosoer, bank clerk and Charlotte, spinster.

Ann Tonge d. 8 May 1900, of Ramsbottom, Lancashire, widow to James Riley Tonge, grocer.

Frances Jane Tonge d. 11 December 1899, of Richmond Hill, Surrey, widow to Charles Francis Tonge, gentleman and Gilbert Augustus Tonge, provision dealer.

Hannah Tonge d. 12 December 1899, of Newton Heath, Manchester, wife of Edward Tonge to the said Edward Tonge, licensed victualler.

James Tonge d. 20 December 1899, of Great Lever, Bolton, gentleman to John Yates, pawnbroker, John Tonge, engine driver and Thomas Tonge, railway clerk.

John Tonge d. 15 July 1900, of Bolton, Lancashire, nightwatchman to Mary Ann Miller, widow.

John Wolfit Tonge d. 11 August 1900, of West Stockwith, Nottinghamshire, rope maker to Frank Bradford, schoolmaster.

Samuel Bardsley Tonge d. 5 March 1900, of Greenfield, Yorkshire, butler to Samuel Bardsley Tonge, grocer.

Sarah Hare Tonge d. 22 March 1900, of Felixstowe, Suffolk, widow to Rosalie Sarah Allen, wife of Robert Allen.

Stanley Tonge d. 17 December 1899, of Bury, Lancashire, iron moulder to Margaret Tonge, widow.

Thomas Tonge d. 9 May 1900 (at sea), of Liverpool to Elizabeth Tonge, widow.

William Tonge d. 22 October 1887, of Birkenhead, Cheshire, shipbroker to Lavinia Ellen Tonge, widow.


Edward Tong d. 13 June 1901, of Romsey, Hampshire, gentleman to William Edward Manning, naval pensioner.

Jane Tong d. 6 December 1900, of Rochester Kent, widow to Matilda Jane Beaumont, wife of Thomas Beaumont.

John Tong d. 22 November 1901, of Nottingham to Fancy Wells, wife of William Wells.

Charles Richard Tonge d. 12 September 1901, of New Silksworth, County Durham, miner to Mary Ann Tonge, widow.

Elizabeth Tonge d. 15 April 1901 in Cape Colony, South Africa, of Longsight, Manchester, spinster to Alfred Tonge, shipping clerk.

Hannah Tonge d. 22 July 1901, of Stockport, Cheshire, wife of Alfred Tonge to the said Alfred Tonge, coal merchant.

James Henry Tonge d. 18 July 1900, of Leigh, Lancashire, gentleman to Thomas Darwell Harrison, agricultural engineer, Edwin Kay, brewers traveller and John William Unsworth, solicitor.

John Joshua Tonge d. 13 September 1901, of Farringdon Road, Middlesex, gilder to Mary Ann Tonge, widow.


Ellen Tong d. 19 May 1902, of Dewsbury, Yorkshire, spinster to Mary Ellen Taylor, spinster and the Reverend Thomas Edward Taylor.

John Tong d. 19 December 1901, of Farnsworth, Lancashire, corn merchant to Livsey Tong, licentiate of the society of apothecaries and Herbert Tong, leather factor.

Margaret Tong d. 18 March 1902, of Lytham, Lancashire, widow to John Williams, painter and decorator.

Mary Ann Tong d. 11 February 1902, of Handsworth, Staffordshire, widow to Hannah Agnes Tong, spinster.

Betty Tonge d. 6 October 1902, of Bolton, Lancashire, widow to Margaret Ann Tonge, spinster and Ralph Tonge, self-actor-minder.

Charles Tonge d. 18 April 1902, of Ashton on Mersey, Cheshire to Wilbraham Tonge, sanitary inspector and Joseph Tonge, builder.

Frederick Matthew Tonge d. 22 July 1902, of Warrington, Cheshire, wire drawer to Lizzie Tonge, widow.

Joseph Ashworth Tonge 6 November 1902, of Radcliffe, Lancashire, carter to Sarah Tonge, widow.


Alice Tong d. 4 July 1903, of Over Hulton, Lancashire, wife of William Tong to the said William Tong, colliery engine winder.

John Tong d. 9 November 1903, of Blackpool, Lancashire to Sarah Tong,widow.

George Tonge d. 18 March 1903, of Brighton, Sussex and Grovesnor Place, London to Charles Francis Tong and Gilbert Augustus Tong, esquires.

John Norton Tonge d. 8 July 1903, of Chevening, Kent to Anna Penelope Tonge, widow and William Corrie Tonge, army major.

Richard Tonge d. 9 February 1903, of Misterton, Nottinghamshire, farm labourer to William Tonge, labourer.

Thomas Tonge d. 6 July 1897, of Sydney, Australia, gentleman to Arthur James Sullivan.

William Tonge d. 21 August 1903, of West Gorton, Manchester to Richard Tonge, pattern card maker and Joseph Bagshaw, warehouse clerk.


Hannah Tong d. 7 June 1904, of Smethwick, Staffordshire, spinster to Maria Aston, widow and Thomas Henry Richards, bookkeeper.

James Tong d. 12 March 1904, of Enfield, Middlesex to Frank John Tong, carpenter and James Tong, gardener.

Thomas Tong d. 12 January 1904, of Kearsley, Lancashire, timber dealer to William Tong, wheelwright.

Edward Tonge d. 22 December 1903, of Newton Heath, Lancashire, licensed victualler to Martha Alice Tonge, widow and Hamlet Wright, grocer.

Elizabeth Tonge d. 20 March 1904, of Spalding, Lincolnshire, widow to Betsy Proctor, widow.

Gervase Woodhouse Tonge d. 12 February 1904, of Gravesend, Kent to Gervase England Tonge, tea merchant and George Bursall Tonge, chemist.

James Tonge d. 18 May 1904, of Southport, Lancashire to Mary Emma Tonge, widow.

Mary Ann Tonge d. 25 December 1903, of Bolton, Lancashire, widow to Edwin Tonge, commercial clerk.

William Tonge d. 12 April 1904, of Rixton with Glazebrook, Lancashire, farmer to John Tonge, farmer.


Annie Tong d. 19 June 1905, of Lincoln, wife of David Tong to David Tong, cattle dealer and farmer, Catherine Elizabeth Annie Tong and Grace Asman Tong, spinsters.

Charlotte Tong d. 20 May 1905, of Faversham, Kent, spinster to Frank Crosoer, bank manager.

George Tong d. 16 October 1905, of Brandesburton, Yorkshire to William Tong, farmer and George Dobson Bassingdale, blacksmith.

Jane Tong d. 10 November 1905, of Bristol, widow to William John Lowrie Lewis, artist.

William Tong d. 8 October 1905, of Bromley, Kent to William Thomas Tong, horse flesh dealer, James Tong, cheesemonger and Anne Amelia Quilter, wife of Frederick Henry Quilter.

Elizabeth Tonge d. 2 August 1902, of Southport, Lancashire, wife of James Tonge to Mary Emma Tonge, widow.

Hannah Tonge d. 6 April 1905, of Swinton, Lancashire, widow to Joseph Hall, colliery engine man.

James Catlett Tonge d. 22 June 1904, of West Kirby, Cheshire to James Birch, farmer and James Williamson, gentleman.

Joseph Tonge d. 14 September 1905, of East Castleton, Lancashire to Mary Ann Tonge, widow and Samuel Kay, leather worker.

Mary Ellen Tonge d. 30 November 1904, of West Kirby, Cheshire, spinster to Amy Birch, wife of James Birch.

Robert Crompton Tonge d. 20 February 1905, of Bolton, Lancashire to Edith Annie Tonge, widow.


Emma Tong d. 9 October 1906, of Bolton, Lancashire, widow to Arthur Tong, cotton mill manager and Thomas Conway, commercial traveller.

William Tong d. 23 September 1905, of North Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia, squire to St Barbe Russell Sladen, solicitor and attorney of the trustees.

James Tonge d. 24 January 1906, of Oldham, Lancashire, labourer to Thomas Tonge, iron moulder and Charles Tonge, labourer.

James Ashton Tonge d. 25 December 1905, of Atherton, Lancashire, licensed victualler and vetinary surgeon to George Shaw, brewer.

John Tonge d. 5 April 1906, of Horwich, Lancashire to Joseph Tonge, miner, Christopher Tonge, tile maker and Walter Tonge, fitter.

Joseph Tonge d. 28 June 1906, of Grainsby, Lincolnshire to George Tonge and William Hosea Campion, farmers and Samuel Mackerill, builder.

Louisa Margaret Tonge d. 2 April 1906, of Didsbury, Lancashire, widow to Agnes Margaret Gough, wife of the Reverend Walter Ralph Gough.

Mark Tonge d. 22 August 1905, of Rixton, Lancashire, farmer to John Tonge the younger , farmer.

The Reverend Robert Burchall Tonge d. 1 January 1906, of Gnossall, Staffordshire to Emma Rice Tonge, spinster.

Sarah Tonge d. 12 May 1906, of Golborne, Lancashire, wife of John Tonge to the said John Tonge, warper.

Thomas Tonge d. 18 August 1905, of Rixton, Lancashire, farmer to John Tonge, farmer.


James Tong d. 4 July 1907, of Bolton Lancashire, carter to Rosinna Tong, widow.

Joseph Tong d. 17 January 1907, of Mylor, Cornwall, carpenter to Joseph Roseman Tong, carpenter.

William Potter Tong d. 24 November 1907, of Deptford, Kent to Frank Tong and John Tong, bricklayers.

Henry Dacre Tonge d. 19 March 1907, of Manchester and Disley, Cheshire, merchant to William Asheton Tonge, merchant.

James Tonge d. 16 March 1907, of Eccles, Lancashire, foreman mechanic to Joseph Tonge, foreman mechanic.

Margaret Tonge d. 12 May 1907, of Bolton, Lancashire, widow to David Kirkman, joiner.

Mary Ann Tonge d. 3 April 1907, of Heywood, Lancashire, widow to Samuel Kay, leather worker, Mary Houghton, widow and Thomas Hutchison, beer seller.

Sarah Ann Tonge d. 21 September 1906, of Kearsley, Lancashire, spinster to Ann Tonge, spinster.

William Stork Tonge 17 November 1906, of Manchester, bricklayer to Hannah Tonge, widow.


Frederick Tong d. 2 February 1908, of Helford St Martin, Cornwall to Mary Elizabeth Tong, widow.

Samuel Tong d. 9 February 1908, of Failsworth, Lancashire to William Tong, silk manufacturer, Alfred Tong, cotton mill secretary, Walter Tong, analyst and Mary Sinkinson, wife of Robert Louis Sinkinson.

William Charles Tong d. 20 March 1908, of Kirton in Lindsay, Lincolnshire to Harold Charles Haselwood Tong, land agent.

Elizabeth Mary Tonge d. 3 June 1897, of Manchester, widow to Alfred Tonge, commercial clerk.

James Tonge d. 2 July 1908, of Whitefield, Lancashire, stonemason to Alice Tonge, widow.

Mary Ann Tonge d. 25 February 1907, of Cardiff, widow to Tom Cliffe, wharfinger.

William Tonge d. 27 November 1908, of Farnworth, Lancashire to Nancy Healey, wife of George Healey and William Darbyshire, pawnbroker.


Charlotte Ann Johnson Tonge d. 6 January 1909, of Crowle, Lincolnshire, spinster to William Harold Lee, printer.

Hannah Tonge d. 20 April 1909, of Sale, Cheshire, widow to Edward Hardman, printer and Henry Hardman, furniture remover.

Hezekiah Tonge d. 24 August 1909, of Blackpool, Lancashire to Emma Pennington, wife of Harry Pennington.

Robert Tonge d. 27 February 1909, of Farnworth, Lancashire, colliery check weighman to Sarah Ann Tonge, widow.

Thomas Tonge d. 8 May 1909, of Bolton, Lancashire, foundry labourer to James Tonge, collier.


Betsy Tong d. 8 August 1910, of Blackpool, Lancashire, spinster to Livsey Tong MD and Herbert Tong, leather factor.

Eunice Martha Tong d. 22 March 1910, of Leytonstone, Essex, widow to Walter Edmondson, electrotyper.

John Tong d. 5 February 1910, of Ashford, Kent, bricklayer to Ellen Tong, widow.

Sarah Ann Tong d. 8 January 1910, of Binfield, Berkshire, spinster to Alice Mary Yates, wife of Charles William Yates.

Thomas Tong d. 25 February 1910, of Bolton, Lancashire, spindle and fly maker to Mary Ann Tong, widow.

William Harry Tong d. 16 February 1910, of Harringey, Middlesex to Harriett Ann Tong, widow.

Arthur Wellington Tonge d. 17 April 1910, of South Norwood, Surrey to Minnie Caroline Tonge, spinster.

Joseph Allen Tonge d. 11 April 1910, of Kearsley, Lancashire, dataller in a coalmine - to Mary Ellen Tonge, widow.

Percival Tonge d. 24 October 1910, of Birkdale, Lancashire, gentleman to Bertha Emily Tonge, spinster, Mabel Leicester Coventry, wife of George Coventry and Thomas Coventry, bank manager.

Robert Tonge d. 16 February 1910, of York to Edward Tonge, esquire MBBS and Edith Tonge, spinster.

Thomas Tonge d. 8 November 1909, of Swinton, Lancashire, gentleman to Peter Tonge, painter and Jane Tonge, spinster.


Eliza Tong d. 9 April 1911, of Bracebridge, Lincolnshire, widow to George Watson, nurseryman.

George Tong d. 12 November 1910, of Eardisland, Herefordshire to Elizabeth Tong, widow.

Jane Tong d. 5 February 1906, of Lambourn, Berkshire, widow to Edward Brooks Ormond, solicitor and John William Kent, ironmonger.

Charles Tonge d. 11 February, of Brighton, Sussex to Elizabeth Tonge, widow.

The Reverend George Tonge d. 25 December 1910, of Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire - to the Reverend George Preston Tonge.

John Tonge d. 18 October 1910, of Epworth, Lincolnshire to Annie Tonge, widow.

Mary Ann Tonge d. 18 July 1911, of Llandudno, Carnarvonshire, wife of Robert Tonge to Frederick Charles Tonge, bank accountant and Joseph Edward Tonge, chartered accountant.

Sophia Tonge d. 12 March 1911, of Altringham, Cheshire, widow to Margaret Annie Wall, spinster.


Frederick Charles Tonge d. 10 April 1912, of Flixton, Lancashire to Lucy Tonge, widow and Joseph Edward Tonge, accountant.

John Tonge d. 4 May 1912, of Rixton, near Warrington, retired farmer to Adam Horrocks, shopkeeper.

John Broyden Tonge d. 20 September 1912, of Barrow in Furness, Lancashire to Mary Tonge, widow.


Frederick Tong d. 19 August 1913, of Faversham, Kent to Ellen Tong, widow and John Barnet Eldridge, fruit grower.

Mary Elizabeth Tong d. 8 May 1913, of Manaccan, Cornwall, widow to Marian Lucy Westhead, spinster.

Phoebe Tong 12 April 1913, of Michelmersh, Hampshire, spinster to Joseph Tong, labourer and Phoebe Stevenson, wife of Walter Stevenson.

William Tong d. 12 May 1913, of Michelmersh, Hampshire, labourer to Alfred Henry Tong, bricklayer.

William Tong d. 28 July 1913, of Middle Hulton, Bolton, Lancashire, colliery engine winder to James Linton Green Tong, stationary engine driver and Richard Bickerstaff, coal miner.

Alice Tonge d. 9 April 1913, of Heswall, Cheshire, spinster to Thomas Birch, Clerk to the Board of Guardians.

Ann Tonge d. 17 March 1913, of Stowe, Shropshire, widow to Henry Edgar Hamer, railway signalman and William Evans, gardener.

Annie Tonge d. 28 September 1913, of Langham Place, London, wife of Christopher Tonge to Harold Asheton Tonge, esquire.

Elizabeth Tonge d. 21 November 1912, of Kearsley, Lancashire, widow to Mary Gerrard Chapman, wife of Edwin James Chapman.

George Tonge d. 7 January 1888, of Bury, Lancashire to Martha Townend, wife of Alfred Townend.

James Tonge d. 21 October 1913, of Bolton, Lancashire to Robert Tonge, operative cotton spinner and James Tonge, carter.

Jane Tonge d. 9 April 1913, of Prestwich, Lancashire, widow to Albert Tyldsly, assistant magistrates clerk.

John Tonge d. 8 October 1912, of East Markham, Nottinghamshire - to Frances Tonge, widow.

Mary Ann Tonge d. 29 October 1913, of Stockport, Cheshire, wife of James Tonge to Steven Stafford Wood, commission agent, Ann Barton Wood, wife of Steven Stafford Wood and Florence Emily Tonge, spinster.

Peter Jones Tonge d. 3 November 1912, of Freemantle, Western Australia to Adam Monks, blacksmith, attorney of Margaret Tonge, widow.


George Edwin Tong d. 23 April 1913, of Dewsbury, Yorkshire to Edwin Boocock, warehouseman.

James Tong d. 2 April 1914, of Forest Hill, Kent to William James Tong, brewer and Carrie Horatia Collier, wife of Rupert Edward Collier.

Thomas Tong d. 6 June 1914, of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, provision dealer to Harry Tong, commercial traveller.

Eliza Tonge d. 2 February 1913, of Hull, Yorkshire,widow to William Cornelius Tonge, engine driver.

Isaac Smith Tonge d. 21 May 1905, of Hull, Yorkshire to William Cornelius Tonge, engine driver.

John Tonge d. 7 August 1914, of Bolton, Lancashire to Harry Tonge, draper.

Maud Tonge d. 27 June 1914, of Farnworth, Lancashire, wife of Thomas Tonge to the said Thomas Tonge, a cooperative society audit clerk.


Charles Tong d. 30 May 1915, of Hackney, Middlesex to Alfred Tong, brushmaker.

Elizabeth Tong d. 16 November 1914, of Newton Abbot, Devon, widow to Albert John Tong, insurance agent.

John Tong d. 12 October 1911, of Rochester, Kent to Sarah Tong, widow.

Martha Tong d. 23 November 1915, of Ravensthorpe, Yorkshire, wife of James Tonge to Ralph Kershaw and Henry Kershaw, french polishers.

Beatrice Mary Tonge d. 25 July 1915, of Fulwood, near Preston, Lancashire, wife of John Henry Tonge to the said John Henry Tonge, engineer.

Charles Francis Tonge d. 11 June 1915, of Richmond, Surrey to Gilbert Augustus Tonge, merchant.

Edwin Tonge d. 26 February 1915, of Astley, Lancashire, farmer to Selina Tonge, widow.

George Tonge d. 10 May 1915, of Stockport, Cheshire to Florence Tonge, widow.

Sarah Tonge d. 11 July 1915, of Farnsworth, Lancashire, wife of Rupert Tonge to the said Rupert Tonge, herbalist.


Annie Tong d. 27 July 1916, of Bolton, Lancashire, wife of Thomas Barlow Tong to the said Thomas Barlow Tong, brewer, Walter Greenwood, secretary of a company and James Grimes Silvester Thornley, auctioner and valuer.

Joseph Kingsmill Tong d. 11 May 1915, of Faversham, Kent to Richard John Sankey, retired merchant.

Susanna Tong d. 21 June 1915, of Keyingham, Yorkshire, wife of Joseph Tong to Frank Tong, market gardener and Arthur Lockey, solicitors managing clerk.

Agnes Tonge d. 19 February 1916, of Chadderton, Lancashire, wife of William Tonge to Lena Ogden, wife of Ernest Ogden and the Reverend William Tonge.

Alfred Burnaby Tonge d. 26 September 1916, of Forest Hill, Kent, Private 4th London Regiment to Alfred William Tonge, printers assistant.

John Tonge d. 24 July 1916, of Rochdale, Lancashire to Ernest Henry Sanders, precious stone dealer, James Edward Ormerod, eyelet maker and Robert Henry Smithies, iron merchant.

Margaret Annie Scawin Tonge d. 27 August 1916, of York, spinster to Thomas James Tomlinson, retired tea merchant, Daniel James Burden Tonge, bank clerk and Arthur Stanley Tonge, engineer.

Maria Sarah Tonge d. 3 June 1915, of Balls Pond, Middlesex, spinster to Sarah Ann Sculthorp, spinster.

Robert Tonge d. 19 July 1916, of Ossett, Yorkshire to Jessie Tonge, widow.

Samuel Thomas Tonge d. 27 February 1916, of Staleybridge, Cheshire to Mary Elizabeth Tonge, widow.

Selina Tonge d. 3 June 1916, of Astley, Lancashire, widow to Ellis Tonge and John Tonge, farmers.

William Russell Tonge d. 13 January 1916, of Knutsford, Cheshire, 2nd Lieutenant, 17th Battalion, The Manchester Regiment to Anna Tonge, widow.


Betty Tong d. 13 March 1917, of Bolton, Lancashire, widow to Eliza Jane Edmondson, wife of John Stephen Edmondson.

George William Tong d. 3 May 1917, of Wrawley, Lincolnshire to Robert Tong, farmer and George Ernest Tong, solicitor.

Mary Ann Tong d. 17 December 1916, of Bolton, Lancashire, widow to Peter Watson, clogger.

Sarah Alice Tong d. 25 February 1917, of Bolton, Lancashire, wife of Thomas Albert Tong to the said Thomas Albert Tong, licensed victualler.

Thomas Barlow Tong d. 30 June 1917, of Bolton, Lancashire to Peter Tong and William Tong, brewers.

William Edward Tong d. 9 October 1917, of Bolton, Lancashire, hotel manager to Susanna Tong, widow.

William Scott Tong d. 29 November 1916, of Norwood, Surrey to Mary Jane Tong, widow.

Anna Penelope Tonge d. 27 April 1917, of Cowfold, Sussex, widow to William Corrie Tonge, colonel HM army.

Charles Tonge d. 27 March 1917, of Rochdale, Lancashire, beer retailer to Margaret Tonge, widow.

Daniel Tonge d. 26 May 1917, of Stockwith, Nottinghamshire to John Richard Holgate, farmer.

Ellen Tonge d. 13 December 1916, of Swinton, Lancashire, widow to William Thomas Atkinson, collier.

Gervas Tonge d. 14 February 1916, of Epworth, Lincolnshire to Barbara Ann Tonge, widow.

John Tonge d. 21 December 1916, of Shagglethorpe, Lincolnshire to Richard Ingall Tonge, farmer and Gertrude Annie Tonge, spinster.

John Tonge d. 19 April 1917, of Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire, lieutenant colonel, North Midland Brigade RFA to Cecil Roland Stephen, county court registrar, John Denton Marsden, managing director and Frederick Tonge, solicitors clerk.

Joseph Tonge d. 1 January 1917, of Bury, Lancashire, spindle and fly maker in a foundry to Arthur John Wilson, trade union secretary.

Mary Tonge d. 20 December 1916, of Putney, Surrey, widow to Mary Alice Tonge, spinster.


George Tong d. 16 January 1918, of Portsmouth, Hampshire, retired boot shop manager to Louisa Martha Tong, widow.

William Tong d. 20 June 1918, of Heaton, Bolton, Lancashire to Bertha Tong, widow and Walter Wharton Tong, brewer.

Henry Tonge d. 18 February 1918, of Great Lever, Bolton, Lancashire to John Tonge, shell turner and Walter Wane, head carder.

Hindle Crompton Tonge d. 18 February 1918, of Farnworth, Lancashire, private 67th Labour Company to Elizabeth Ann Tonge, widow.

Horace Seymour Tonge d. 1 June 1918, of Twickenham, Middlesex to Beatrice Ada Tonge, widow.

Jessie Tonge d. 23 September 1918, of Maidstone, Kent, spinster to Daniel James Burden Tonge, bank clerk and Emily Tonge, spinster.

John Edward Tonge d. 26 April 1918, of Forest Hill, Kent, private, 2/4th Battalion, Royal West Surrey Regiment to Alfred William Tonge, printers labourer.

John Richard Tonge d. 16 December 1917, of Eccles, Lancashire, temporary lieutenant, 15th (Service) Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers to John Tonge, cotton spinner.

Robert Crompton Tonge d. 17 February 1918, of Horwich, Lancashire to Mary Catherine Taylor Tonge, widow.

Septimus Tonge d. 9 May 1918, of Llandudno, Carnarvonshire, major, MGC to Roland Tonge, bleach works secretary.

Seth Tonge d. 11 June 1918, of Farnworth, Bolton, Lancashire, cotton mill manager to Jane Tonge, widow.


Arthur Frederick Tong d. 28 September 1918, of Harrietsham, Kent, flight lieutenant RAF to Arthur Tong, builder.

George Tong d. 16 August 1918, of Bolton, Lancashire, lieutenant 422 Field Company RE to Alice Jane Tong, widow.

Sam Tong d. 12 February 1919, of Dewsbury, Yorkshire to Elizabeth Tong, widow.

Vernon Tong d. 16 December 1918, of Bolton, Lancashire, lance corporal RASC to Jane Tong, widow.

William Tong d. 20 June 1918, of Heaton, Bolton, Lancashire to Thomas Barlow Tong, brewer, William Tong, gentleman and Mary Victoria Tong, spinster.

Charles George Tonge d. 11 March 1919, of Highams Park, Essex to Robert Tonge, fruit buyer.

Elizabeth Ann Tonge d. 25 January 1919, of Farnworth, Bolton, Lancashire, widow to Mary Hannah Tonge, spinster.

Harry Tonge d. 25 October 1918, of Eccles, Lancashire, temporary lieutenant, 2nd Garrison Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers to Ethel Browne Tonge, widow and Charles William Tonge, accountant.

James Tonge d. 22 March 1919, of Hale, Westmoreland to Harry James Blundell, accountant.

Jane Tonge d. 6 May 1919, of Staleybridge, Cheshire, widow to William Lacon Tonge, methodist minister and George Harry Tonge, incorporated accountant.

Lavinia Ellen Tonge d. 5 October 1918, of Broseley, Shropshire, widow to Evelyn Percival Tyndale, wife of Robert Tyndale.

Martha Tonge d. 26 February 1919, of Bolton, Lancashire, widow - to Charles Tonge Bradley, beam carrier and Ellen Orrell, wife of James Orrell.

Richard Tonge 24 April 1919, of Disley, Cheshire to Richard Asheton Tonge, merchant.

Sarah Ann Tonge d. 4 November 1919, of Boston, Lincolnshire, wife of Charles Tonge to the said Charles Tonge, inspector of weights and measures.

Walter Tonge d. 29 October 1918, of Southport, Lancashire, railway porter to Selina Tonge, widow.