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TONGES of AINSWORTH : Geneological information extracted from the wills of Susan Hardman (1729), Mary Tonge (1729), Thomas Tong (1720) and the Admon. of John Tong (1734).

Susan Hardman of Ainsworth, left a will dated 1729. In it she divided all her posessions amongst friends and relatives, even her knife and fork, pocket watch and some silver studs. The will names several people and states their relationships. They are as follows: George Hardman - brother, James Hardman of Roads - cousin, Samuel Taylor of Moston - cousin, Margaret Rosco wife of John - sister, Samuel Taylor the younger - cousin, Mary Tongue - sister, Samuell Tongue - cousin, Mary Sandiforth (who is under 21 at the writing of the will) - cousin, George Hardman - 'little' cousin, Elizabeth Kay and her husband Robert - cousin and M. Hiles? of Penbury (no relationship stated). There is also a donation to the Presbyterian Church, which has recently been built in Ainsworth.

Mary Tonge of Ainsworth, Widow, leaves bequests to the following people: her two sons Samuell and John, her brother-in-law William Tonge, her brother George Hardman, son-in-law William Sandiforth husband of her deceased daughter Catherine, and their daughter Mary Sandiforth. Samuell and John Tonge are appointed as executors and the will is witnessed by Thomas Wolley, Susannah Hardman and Samll. Taylor.

John Tong of Ainsworth, Husbandman. Only brother and next of kin, Samuell Tong, Husbandman of Ainsworth is appointed as administrator, together with Samuel Taylor of Mostyn, Yeoman. The document is signed in the presence of Alice Dickenson and Adam Banks, and signed and sealed by Semua [Samuel] Tong and Samll Taylor.

Thomas Tong of Ainsworth, Husbandman, leaves everything to his wife Mary. Inventory of goods dated 20th April 1720, made by William Tongue, George Hardman and Samuel Taylor. Witnessed by William Tong and Mary Tong.

Also see the wills of James Hardman of Ainsworth (1718) and John Hardman of Ainsworth (1715) and the tuition bond of Catherine Sandiforth (1735).

There appears to have been a dispute about the will of Mary Tonge, as the index contains the following reference: Mary Tong of Ainsworth, co. Lancs. widow Alleg. Dep. etc. 1735.  The allegation would state the case of either the plaintiff or defendant as a series of questions or allegations, while the deposition would be a sworn statement given in response to the allegations.   Unfortunately LRO can find no evidence that this document has survived (Feb 2017); the indexes were compiled from the original Act books rather than the surviving documents, long before the documents were deposited with LRO.

Notes on family tree of Tong, Hardman and Sandiforth families

(Originally drawn up in 2001 - additions in red in 2017)

Notes on Admon & Inventory of Thomas Tonge of Ainsworth (1720)

On re-examination of these documents (11th March 2017), I noted the following:-

Inventory includes:-
Money owing at Coldgreave

The only reference I can find to Coldgreave is a place in Newhey, Rochdale (township of Butterworth) about 11 miles east of Ainsworth.

Signature of William Tong on the admon:-

William Tong - Signature 1720

Other References to Samuel Taylor of Moston

Various references to Samuel Taylor of Moston on Bolton Genealogica
Tonge of Smithfold, Ainsworth
Wills of Zachariah (1662) & Samuel Taylor (1664) of Moston

Further Research

GMCRO - Egerton Family, Earls of Wilton, of Heaton Hall

E4/57/1 Ainsworth - Rental Ledgers of Tenants 1774-1786
E4/58/1 Ainsworth & Radcliffe c1778 - 1792
E4/4/18c/2 Three Right of Way Agreements - Ainsworth & Radcliffe - 1718,  1759, 1761
E4/10/1 Right of Way - Taylor Lane, 1702*

NB: Checked all the Ainsworth and Radcliffe  rentals in the E7/19/1 collection at GMCRO (1655 - 1779 incomplete) - no Tonges appear.

* not sure this is the same Taylor Lane near to Smithfold