Documents concerning Adam Gartside of Prestwich and the Tonges of Little Hulton

Also see the wills of Tonge family of Little Hulton:  William Tonge (1680), Ellen Tonge (1681), Hannah Tonge (1683)

CRU/592 (20 Oct. 1670) Uni. of Mcr. Lib.
Similar lease to Adam Gartside of Prestwich, yeoman, for 3 lives. Counterpart.

DDKE/9/62/29 (23 Apr. 1689)
Adam Gartside, Prestwich - about William Tonng's business, Mr. Throppe the elder desires a meeting, and asks Roger Kenyon's advice, as DDKE/9/62/18

DDKE/9/62/14 (2 Feb. 1688/9)
Adam Gartside, Prestwich - enclosing the feoffee deed concerning Hennery Tounge and the payment of 70

DDKE/9/62/18 (19 Feb. 1688/9)
Adam Gartside, Prestwich - as DDKE/9/62/14, thanks for kindness to William Tounge in his dispute with Hennery Tounge over their inheritance

DDKE/Box 94/34 (3 Feb 1689)
Release of property in Little Hulton and Worsley
1) Roger Thropp of Bolton le Moors, gent
2) John Crompton of Clifton, yeoman
3) Henry Tonge of Little Hulton and William Tonge
Witnesses: Thomas Smith, Thomas Crompton, Adam Gartside, Thomas Rawstorne
Enclosed: Bond for 200 between Roger Thropp and John Crompton

DDKE/Box 94/35 (10 Oct 1691)
Release of the Hope Hey and closes in Little Hulton by John Crompton of Clifton, Eccles, yeoman to William Tonge, eldest son and heir of Henry Tonge of Little Hulton, yeoman
Witnesses: Nathaniell Crompton, Thomas Crompton, Adam Gartside

Burial: St Mary the Virgin, Prestwich (26 Dec 1692)
Adam Gartside de Fleames

WCW/Supra/C263/61 (29 Apl 1693)
Testator's name: Adam Gartside
Occupation/status: yeoman
Place: The Fleames,Irlam,Prestwich, Prestwich with Oldham
Contents: copy will, wrapper, recognizance, allegations, deposition