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  Chester Wills : Various abstracts of Tong(u)(e) wills proved at Chester.


TONGUE, William: of Bolton-le-Moors, Taylor, 1647

  • Inventory mentions: Nicolas? Grundy, Tho: Tongue, Edm? Clegg, Lawrence Kir???all, James Tongue, John Haslame?, Adam Crompton, Adam Smythe
  • Couldn’t read will; mentions Elizabeth Taylor
  • Beloved brother “Thomas Tongue”

TONGE, Robert: of Bolton-le-Moors, 1670, infra

  • An Tonge (her mark)
  • Daniell Bradshaw
  • Alexander Brashaw?
  • Peter Brookes
  • Henry Bridgeman
  • Difficult to read

TONGE, James: of Bolton-le-Moors, Butcher, 1673

  • Detailed inventory included; kitchen, parlour, slaughter house, house etc.
  • Land and inheritance in Bolton
  • Youngest children:  William and Marie "£12 to get them educated"
  • Son Robert, £5 to bind him as an apprentice
  • Alice? and Elizabeth my daughters £5
  • Remainder to eldest son James Tonge
  • Brother Raphe Tonge executor
  • Good friends; Robert Haulgh of Bolton, John ? Gentleman
  • James X Tonge his mark

TONGE, Alice: of Bolton-le-Moors, 1674

  • Inventory only, made by William Battersbey?, George Abbot, Richard Pomfret and William Goodyeare?

TONGE, Robert : of Bolton, infra & admon. 1715

  • Bro: James Tonge of Bolton
  • Seth Flitcroft of Bolton

TONGE, John : of Bolton, 1802, Carpenter, infra.

  • Owns three cottages in Bradshawgate, in occupation of Peter Ainsworth, Alice Bradley and himself
  • Son - John of Bolton, shopkeeper
  • Son - William of Bolton, weaver
  • Son-in-law - Robert Walker of Bolton, shopkeeper
  • Wife - Ann

Possible link with John Tonge, of Bolton, 1809, shopkeeper?

TONGE, John : of Bolton, 1809, Shopkeeper

  • Wife: Mary
  • Son: Thomas
  • Son: William
  • Daughter: Ann Hitchells or Kitchells
  • Daughter: Mary
  • Owns some of Union Buildings, Bradshawgate, now in the occupation of Thomas Rosthone and James Tonge
  • Own four cottages in New Row, Bradshawgate, in the occupation of McIntosh, Ann Crompton, James Holden and Maria Sutcliff

Possible link with John Tonge, of Bolton, 1802, carpenter

TONGUE, John: of Great Bolton, 1823, Cotton Manufacturer
  • Ann Tongue of Great Bolton, widow
  • John Tongue of Great Bolton, Cotton Manufacturer, died 3rd Feb 1806, intestate
  • Under the value of £600
  • Sworn 28th Oct 1824
  • Granted 3 June 1823


TONGE, James: of Breightmet, 1610 - inventory only

  • Inventory made by Wm. Greenhaulgh, Gyles Widowsone, Jeffrey Sandeson
  • Probate George Tonge and [illegible]

TONGUE, Ellys: of Breightmet, 1612

  • £3 owed by Henry Sweetelove als Waworth[?]
  • Laurence, John, Peter and Paul Tong my sons
  • Executors wife Margery and Thomas Leaver of Bolton-in-the-Moors gentleman
  • Witnesses Adam Greenhalgh[?], George Tong
  • Inventory appraised by Adam Greenhalgh[?] and George Tong, Feb 1611
  • Debts oweing to me: Mr Thomas Leyver of Little Leyver £4, Henry Swetlowe £3 3s 4d
  • Note: Burial of Ellis Tonngue of Breightmett at Bolton, 25th Feb 1611/12

TONGE, George : of Breightmet, 1683 - inventory only



TONGE, Thomas: of Farnworth, Husbandman, 1626

  • Robert Tonge, my late brother
  • Richard Leigh?
  • Nephews: John & Roger Tonge
  • Jennet Tonge "now my wife"
  • Sister Catherine, wife of John Barbin?
  • Sister Margaret, wife of Willy? Warton?
  • Dorotey Tonge, niece?
  • Thomas Brabbin? nephew?
  • Gyles Ainsworth, neighbour
  • Richard Marsh?, neighbour
  • John & Mary, children of nephew John Tonge

There is also a separate item with the same date for Thomas Tonge of Farnworth, presumably the same one.  This item is an inventory, and a list of debtors, which includes the following two lines:

  • John Tonge, nephew, £6-00-00
  • John Tonge of Blyndhill, £0-10-00

TONGE, Thomas: of Farnworth, 1637

  • Dated 15 May 1637
  • Brother: Ellis Tonge my best suit
  • Residue to Margaret my wife, nominated as sole executrix
  • Overseer brother in law William Allret of Pendleton
  • Item given to Thomas ye sonne of Jone Grundie
  • Witnesses: Robart Boulton,  John Tonnge
  • Inventory made 20th May by Robart Tonge, [ripped] Seddon, William Allret[?], James Widdowe
  • Twentie pound owinge by Richard Pollit the sonne of Richard Pollitt the elder in Barton, for  [???] payd in sixe severall partes year after yere yt is iij£ vis viijd by yeare
  • Nyne pounde nyne shillinges owing unto ye decesd depted and his executrix by Raph Crompton father unto the executrix
  • Notes:
    • Thomas Tonge of Eccles parish married Margaret Crompton of Deane parish on 5th May 1636 at St. Peter, Bolton
    • William Alred married Alis Tongue on 27 Oct 1625 and Eccles

TONGE, Christian: of Farnworth, 1610 (1670?), widow

  • (Inventory only)

TONGE, Thomas: of Farnworth, 1689 (infra)

  • Wife: Ann
  • Eight children (not named)
  • Witnesses: William Tonge and John Rishton
  • Inventory by: Peter Smite?, John Bullough & William Tonge

TONGE, John: of Farnworth, 1693, Yeoman (infra)

  • Wife Mary Tonge of Farnworth
  • Abraham Rosston? of Harwood

TONGE, Ann : of Farnworth, 1715, spinster, infra.

  • Spinster?
  • Requests burial at Deane
  • Grandchildren: Margaret and Elizabeth Makant (under 21), daughters of Henry Makant of Hilton, Husbandman (son-in-law)
  • Son James Tonge 1s
  • Son Ralph Tonge 1s
  • Son Thomas Tonge 1s
  • Son in law: James Risley 1s
  • Son Robert Tonge 1s
  • Will dated 1711, probate 1715
  • Exos: Henry Makant, Emanuell Marbrike of Hilton

TONGE, Thomas: of Farnworth, 1731, Husbandman, Infra & Admon.

  • Eldest son: Thomas Tonge

 TONGUE, Arabella:  of Farnworth, spinster, 1768, admon

  • Administration granted to nephew John Tongue of Farnworth, weaver

Great Lever

TONG, John: of Great Lever, 1693 (infra)

  • Wife: Alice or Aline



TONG, John: of Hindley, gentleman, 1819

  • Wife Margaret £50 annuity in accordance with marriage settlemwnt
  • Daughter Mary, under 21
  • Executors wife Margaret, and friends John Mather of Hindley, farmer, Isaac Dobson of Bolton le Moors, innkeeper
  • Annuity for JT's mother Betty Thomason (Tong crossed out)
  • If none of the heirs survive, then five equal shares to
  • - James Prescott, Alice Prescott, Mary Prescott all of Bolton
  • - the children of James Astley late of Bolton, deceased
  • - the children of William Astley late of Bolton, deceased
  • - the children of Mary Horrobin late of Tomblin Fold within Tong
  • - the children of George Barrow of Standish


TONGE, Raphe: of Middle Hulton, 1608

  • Couldn't read.  Maybe mentions Thomas.

TONGE, William:  of Little Hulton, Yeoman, 1680

  • Wife Ellinn Tonge
  • Children Thomas, Elizabeth, Mary and Annah
  • Executors brother-in-laws Thomas Crompton of Pilkington and Adam Garside of P/wich
  • Dated 10th June 1679
  • Inventory appraised by Adam Gartsyde of Prestwch., John Crompton of Clifton, Thomas Crompton of Pilkington, yeomen, total £101:19:2
  • Witnesses Hennery Williamson, Tho Crompton, Adam Gartside
  • Probate 21 May 1680
  • My body to be buried in church- yard of Eccles where my ancestors have been laid (see p14 Minutes of the Second Classis of the Province of Lancashire 1647, Chet. Soc. vol. 36 new, 1896)

TONGE, Ellin:  of Little Hulton, widow, 1681

  • Daughter; Elizabeth Tonge of Hilton Lane, Deane, spinster?
  • Inventory made by Adam Gartside, John Crompton and Thomas Crompton, yeoman of Lancs.

TONG, Hannah of Little Hulton, spinster, 1683

  • Thomas Crompton of Prestwich, Yeoman
  • Adam Garside of Prestwich

TONGE, John: of Middle Hulton, Collier, 1751

  • Alice Tonge, widow, of Great Lever, lately of Middle Hulton.
  • John Tonge of Farnworth, collier
  • Thomas Orrell of Bolton, joiner
  • Alice Tonge X, John Tongue and Thos. Orrell sign.


TONGUE, James: of Kearsley, Weaver, 1801

  • Son Thomas Tonge
  • Son in law Thomas Green
  • Friend William Richardson of Outwood
  • Wife Margaret (bed, bedding and spinning wheel)
  • 2 cottages in Kearsley, leased from William Hulton Esquire, one occupied by himself and the other by James Fallows
  • Daughter: Betty, wife of Richard Bowker
  • Sons: John, Robert and Thomas Tonge
  • Son Robert is in the army, and has four children: John, James, Catherine and Richard
  • Daughter: Martha, wife of Thomas Green
  • Daughter: Jane, wife of Thomas Darbyshire

TONGE, John : of Kearsley, Innkeeper, 1844, The Elder

  • Wife: Ann
  • Brother: Thomas Tonge
  • Son: Thomas Tonge
  • Daughter: Esther Ekersley has children; Nathan, Richard and Thomas
  • Owes Jospeh & Robert Lord (or Loid?) £500 for life insurance and deeds for house
  • Friend: Thomas Cross



TONG, Thomas:  of Linishe, 1687, infra.

  • Wife Em Tong, widow
  • William Baxter of Brueton
  • Inventory by Raph Boardman, Thomas Darbishire, Edward Munks

Lostock (Barton on Irwell)

TONGUE, Ellis:  of Lostock, 1679 Admon & Inv.

  • Inventory compiled by Robert Fildes[?], Hamlett[?] Gilbody[?] and Henry Knight
  • Elize: Tongue nuper de Lostocke intro Barton upon Irwell in Com, Lancs Livsey[?] Weaver defuncti
  • Ricardo Tong filio


Richard TONGE of Roads in Middleton, husbandman, 1797

  • Wife Elizabeth
  • Leasehold premesis in Roads held by lease for years under Sir Harbord Harbord Lord Suffield of Norfolk, occupied by myself and Adam Pendleton
  • My daughter Ann, wife of James Siddall of Westerly Cottage
  • My daughter Alice, wife of Adam Pendleton Easterly or corner cottage
  • Son in law Adam Pendelton, and my grandson John Tonge, son of daughter Alice, little cottage
  • Daughter Betty, wife of Jonathan Hardman
  • Grandaughter Betty Hardman, daughter of my daughter Betty
  • Executors Adam Pendleton and grandson John
  • Overseer brother Thomas Tonge
  • Witnesses Samuel Dearneley, Jonas Darneley
  • Dated 9 Apr 1796
  • Executors sworn 21 Dec 1796


TONGE, Jane: of Rusholme, Admon, 1774

  • Husband: Peter Tonge of Rushulme, weaver
  • Thomas Tonge of Rushulme, weaver
  • Peter Tonge of Rushulme, weaver
  • Witnesses: Peter X Tonge, Thomas Toune, Peter Tonge

TONGUE, Thomas: of Rusholme, husbandman, 1804

  • Wife: Susanna - cottages & gardens in Rushulme
  • Brother: Peter Tongue of Fallowfield £1 1s
  • Sister: Alice Pinington of Rushulme, £1 1s



TONGUE, Abraham: of Westhoughton, Alehouse keeper, 1705

  • Wm. Pimlot of Bolton, chapman
  • Chief creditor, John Bradley, yeoman of Bolton



TONGE, Thomas of Worsley, Husbandman, 1755

  • 3 youngest children by my late wife Sarah; Elizabeth, Sarah and Thomas
  • Stepson John Darbyshire
  • Will dated: 8th Feb 1737
  • Signed: Thomas Tonge
  • Witnesses: Uriah Cowper, Jas Barlow, Geo. Birch
  • Codicil dated 1755
  • Son: Thomas Tonge £10 above proportionable share
  • Daughters: Betty & Sarah
  • Daughter Alice Turner
  • Daughter Sarah, wife of Samuell Bowker, 40s
  • Witnesses: John Royle, John Tiledsly, Richd. Valentine
  • July 12th 1755 John Darbyshire sworn in

TONGE, Thomas of Hilltop, Worsley, Yeoman, 1769

  • Wife Alice; north part of the house
  • Son Thomas Tonge
  • Son William Tonge (has children)
  • Daughter Mary, wife of John Taylor, parish of Bolton, weaver; and daughter Mary’s daughter Alice
  • Daughter Sarah, wife of James Lord, of Middle Hulton, shoemaker
  • Executors: wife Alice and son Thomas
  • Witnesses: John Royle, Simon Hitton, William Cook
  • Signs: Thomas Tong
  • Will dated 11th April 1769
  • Probate issued 25th June 1769

TONGE, Ashton of Worsley, House Carpenter, 1772 Admon.

  • Widow Jane Tonge of Worsley, sworn in 28th Jan 1772 (signs)
  • James Cheatham, House Carpenter of Worsley (marks with X)
  • Richard Tonge of Worsley, House Carpenter (signs)

TONG, Thomas:  of Worsley, parish of Eccles, Yeoman, 1791

  • 31st Jan 1791 – Executors sworn in: William Cook and William Booth
  • Will dated 14th Dec 1790
  • Wife Betty Tong “north end of house I now live in”
  • £8 a year to Betty from estate called Hill Topp
  • Daughter Betty Cook wife of William, remainder of estate
  • Witnesses: Joseph Hallows jun., Joseph Hallows snr., William Cook
 TONGE, Jane: of Worsley, Widow, 1808
  • Executor named in the last will of the late Thomas Kent, deceased, for the benefit of his children, £20
  • John Varey, son-in-law, £20
  • John Kent, son of Thomas Kent, £10 when 21
  • Mary Tonge, widow of Christopher Tonge, late of Middleton, 2 guineas
  • Remainder divided between her 4 daughters or their heirs:
  • Mary, deceased, late wife of Thomas Bury
  • Nancy, wife of Joseph Dorning
  • Fanny, wife of Robert Hughes
  • Betty, wife of Samuel Burgess
  • Executors: Betty Sothern of Worsley, Thomas Bury and John Varey, son-in-laws
  • Shares already received to be deducted; Nancy £300, Fanny £200 upwards of.