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BW/T/9/4 Little Hulton

  • 1774 - William Tonge of Truro, Cornwall, Yeoman to the Duke of Bridgewater
  • Nicholas Starkie of Preston, Gent.
  • John Gilbert of Worsley, Gent.
  • William Tonge of Truro, ???? and heir at law of John Tonge late of Little Hulton, husbandman, who was the grandson of Abraham Tonge, late of Little Hulton, yeoman.
  • Cottages and garden in Little Hulton + 8 perches of land at Walkden Moor, formerly in the holding of William Tonge, grandfather of the said William Tonge.

BW/T/8/12 Albert Place, Farnworth

  • 1856 Abstract of Title – late Thomas Tong
  • In 1815 Thomas Tong of Farnworth, chapman, paid £121 to John Gilbert the younger, of Clough Hall, Audley, Staffs, for land in Newbury, Farnworth. The area was 3R + 2p (perches?) of land (at 8 yards to the perch). Currently in the occupation of James Parkinson, tenant.
  • In 1836, the estate was conveyed to James Tong, Giles Tong, Samuel Tong and Martha, widow of late son Thomas Tong.
  • Grandchildren, children of late son Thomas Tong; Thomas, William, Giles, Charles, Emanuel, Solomon, Joshua and Alice.
  • Thomas’ three sons Samuel, James and Giles were all of Farnworth
  • Thomas died 25th Dec 1838, and was buries at Farnworth-cum-Kearsley
  • 1839 Probate granted
  • 29th July 1856 – Sons widow Martha died
  • 3rd June 1847 – Joshua, youngest grandson attained the age of 21
  • 13th June 1857 – Samuel Tonge (son) died
  • 16th Aug 1857 – Giles Tonge (son) died
  • 1857 – Indenture. James Tonge (son of Thomas Tong the elder). Thomas Tonge of Liverpool, eldest son and heir at law of Thomas Tonge the younger, late of Farnworth, oldest son and heir of Thomas Tonge the elder.
  • Conveyance from James Tonge to the Trustees of the late Duke of Bridgewater.
  • Below: Plan of Albert Place

Albert Place, Farnworth - plan


BW/T/8/4 Farnworth

  • 7th Dec 1786 Indenture between James Tong of Farnworth, yeoman, and Ralph Tong of Farnworth, yeoman.
  • £160 paid to James by Ralph.
  • 3 cottages + garden + meadow known as “Longshaw Meadow” + 1 rood and 20 perches
  • Ralph Tonge recently built cottage at his own expense
  • Also John & Ann Markland and their children John & Ann

James Tong and Ralph Tongue - signatures

7th July 1788 – Mortgage Bond. Ralph Tonge of Farnworth, yeoman, £100 to be paid back to John Browne of Bolton, yeoman, and Richard Aspinden and Peter Rothwell, executors of James Thweat, late of Bolton, deceased, chapman.

22nd Aug 1789 – Final agreement, between John Cross, gent., (plaintiff), and Ralph Tonge and Jane his wife, and Thomas Bassett and Mary his wife. 2 messuages, 3 cottages, 3 gardens, 1 orchard, 2 acres of land

1789 Indenture. Ralph Tonge & wife Jane. Longshaw Meadow. Lease for a year to the Duke of Bridgewater

12th Sept 1789 Indenture of Six Parts. Ralph Tonge to Duke of Bridgewater for £250. Release and conveyance of lands in Farnworth and declaration of uses of a fine levied and assignment of mortgage terms to attend the inherdiance.

BW/T/5/21 Boothstown

  • 1801 – Release from Thomas Dickson to Henry Tonge, farmer of Booths Bank, Worsley
  • 1815 – Probate of Henry Tong of Boothstown. Wife Mary. Children; William, James, Betty Mee, wife of Benjamin Mee, Mary & Martha. Land in Boothstown and Hope Hey in Little Hulton
  • 1818 – Grant and Release from William Tonge (labourer) to R. H. Bradshaw, Esq.
  • 1818 – Grant and Release from Mary Tonge, widow of Henry, to Robert Haldane Bradshaw. Mentions William Tonge, labourer, James Tonge of Leigh, shopkeeper, Thomas Tonge of Boothstown, labourer, Benjamin Mee of Stetford, labourer, and Betty his wife (nee Tonge), William Monks of Monton, farmer, and wife of Mary (nee Tonge), Martha Tonge, spinster.
  • 1826 – Release from William Tonge to Trustees of Duke of Bridgewater

BW/T/9/5 Little Hulton

  • 1783 Conveyance of two closes of land in Little Hulton by Henry Tonge, and Martha his mother to Mr. Jonathan Dorning.
  • Henry Tonge of Litte Hulton, yeoman, eldest son of William Tonge of Little Hulton, who died intestate.
  • Various other documents cited:
    • 1628 – Indenture from Sir Ralph Assheton and Ralph Assheton Esq., to Henry Tonge and Richard Bullough
    • 1695 – Articles of Agreement between William Tonge, great grandson of Henry Tonge, and Ellen Seddon, widow, and her daughter Mary Seddon, on marriage of William and Mary.
    • 1696 – Indentures of lease settled on William Tonge; Hope Hey Estate.
    • 1703 – Indentures of lease William Tonge
    • 1727 – William & Martha his wife – indentures to son Henry
    • 1731 – Williams will
    • 1763 – Henry Tonge’s will – estate to son William.